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Micro Brew: The Delvin Cox Experience

Delvin Cox joins the show to talk about his podcast "The Delvin Cox Experience". Delvin and Drew talk about podcasts, comics, third shift, and more. Follow Delvin Cox on Twitter @delvin_cox


Ep 56-The King Has Arrived

Casey joins Drew to talk about beer, Drew's hatred of Christmas, horror movies, and other things. This week's brew is Toppling Goliath's "King Sue", a double IPA. A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast


Ep. 55- Oh Poop

Amanda (of Lady Bitch Time) and her lover Kaven join Drew and drop some heavy bombs on him. They also talk mostly parenting, and poop. This week's brew is appropriately "The Brown Note" from Against the Grain Brewery, an American Brown Ale brewed in Louisville, KY. Follow Amanda on twitter @ladybitchtime, listen Lady Bitch Time every week on all podcatchers. A Pew Pew Audio Podcast


Ep.54- I'm Not Gonna Make It, Buddy!

Rob joins Drew to talk about the effects of high school on their adult life, high school reunions, how to make the podcast better, being P.C., and other things. This week's brew is 8 Wired Brewing Co. "iStout", an imperial stout from New Zealand.


Ep 53-Friday the 13th

It's a special Friday the 13th Strange Brew episode! Before the talk of weird stuff happens, Drew gives an update on his friend Alex. Then, Drew rolls solo to talk about Friday the 13th inspirations, murders, fun facts, and states what he's afraid of! This week's brew is Three Heads Brewing's "Tre Kind" and Triple IPA. Please consider helping Alex out by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/mphcy-all-for-alex any and all donation, shares, retweets, positive vibes are appreciated. We love...


Ep. 52- The Box Question

Rob joins Drew to discuss if they would press a button for a million dollars knowing someone in the world they don't know would die. They also discuss weird American Laws, being tired, and other things. This week's brew is Fifth Ward Brewing Company's Burl Brown, a brown ale. A Pew Pew Audio Podcast


Micro Brew-A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer/Beernuts Productions

Drew chats with writer, director, actor, comedian, and creator gough of Beernuts Production about his new film "A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer", a mockumentary comedy. They also talk about life in Australia, the creative process, and more. Beernuts Productions is a prolific producer of contemporary and cutting edge cinema, television, audio, books, and other forms of creative media. To watch "A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer" and all other Beernuts Productions, visit...


Ep. 51: Flight or Invisibility

Rob joins Drew to discuss what super power they would pick between flight and invisibility, what other people would pick, and why they would pick that power. This week's brew is Odd Side Ales "Bean Flicker". a blonde ale with coffee. A Pew Pew Audio podcast.


Ep 50-Smiley Face Murder Theory

It's a new Strange Brew episode! Anna returns to talk with Drew about the Smiley Face Murder Theory, a theory that has ties to a Wisconsin city. They also share some ghost stories, talk about why people are so interested in murders, and other things. This week's brews are Elevation Beer Company's "Apis IV", a Belgian Quad Honey Ale, and Monkless Belgian Ales "Peppercorn Imperial Wit", a Witbier. Promo from the podcast "Lady Bitch Time". A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast.


Ep 49-Outrage is the new Love

Trevor joins Drew for some brews! Drew tells a story about a half marathon and his nipples, they get into a "heated" debate about what order to watch Marvel movies, discuss how people use the word "outrage" a little too much, and other things. This week's brews are Blacklist Brewing's "Dark", a Stout, and Tin Whiskers Brewing Company's "Flip Switch IPA". Promo from the Podcast American Slacker. A Pew Pew Audio Podcast.


Micro Brew-BSP: The Idio[t]syncrasy Files

It's a Micro Brew episode! Drew chats with Chris and Cody, the hosts and creators of the podcast BSP: The Idio[t]syncrasy Files. They talk about one being a believer, and one being a skeptic when it comes to paranormal, conspiracies, etc.. They dive into podcasting, other projects, and just shoot the breeze a bit. Follow BSP on Twitter @BSPodPhx, Like them on Facebook, and listen to their show on any and all podcast apps.


Ep 47-Sleepwalking Killers

Drew rolls solo with a Strange Brew episode. He discusses being sleep deprived, gives an overall update on how balancing lack of sleep and life is going, then discusses cases of people who have killed and used sleep deprivation as a defense. This week's brew is Lupulin Brewing Company's "Blissful Ignorance", a double IPA. Promo by the podcast: BSP: The Idiotsyncrasy Files A Pew Pew Audio Podcast


Ep 46-Another Sour One

Drew is joined by Robert as they discuss the importance of listening to complete albums, Marvel movies, Batman, gaming, and other things. This week's brew is Brewery Vivant's Strawberry Rhubarb Sour. Promo by the podcast: Tuesday's with Mari


Ep 45- Dudes of Divination

Drew sits down with special host Ian and Branden to learn about the world of D&D. Ian and Branden are the hosts and creators of a YouTube series called "Dudes of Divination", a collection of nerds enjoying some good old fashioned tabletop gaming. They talk about playing games, Drew's hatred of the other kids at the park, and bring Drew into his first dungeon with his special character "Mother F***er", a rouge gnome. This week's brew is Fox River Brewing Company's "2 Dams", a Blonde...


Micro Brew-Winks Thinks

In this Micro Brew episode Drew talks to host of "The Winks Thinks" podcast, Bart Winkler. They talk podcasting, what type of apocalypse they would prefer, handling twitter trolls, and more. You can listen to The Winks Thinks Podcast on iTunes.


Micro Brew-Things Joe Hates

It's a Micro Brew episode with special guest Joe, creator and host of the podcast "Things Joe Hates". Drew and Joe talk about the origin of Joe's "Hate List", podcasting, working, beer, and more. New episodes of "Things Joe Hates" out every Monday, available anywhere you get your podcasts. Follow Joe on Twitter @ThingsJoeHates Like Things Joe Hates on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thingsjoehates/


Ep 42-Flat Earth Theory

It's a Strange Brew episode! Drew and special guests Matt and Sam talk Flat Earth Theory, NASA guarding the edge of the world, develop some of their own theories, and other things. This week's brews are Great Lakes Brewing Company's "Holy Moses White Ale" a Witber, Lakefront Brewery's "Happy Glamper" a Golden Ale, and Stone Brewing's "Ruination Double IPA". A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast


Ep 41-For Those Who Dont Know

Drew and special guest host Matt sit down and have some IPA's. They talk beer, how Drew received some criticism/hate, remember being stupid teenagers, and other things. This week's beers are Toppling Goliath Brewing Co Double Dry Hop Pseudo Sue, and Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA. Promo from the podcast "Lady Bitch Time". A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast.


Micro Brew: Brian King

It's a Micro Brew episode with Brian King! Brian King plays Detective Bill Wallace on Showtime's "The Chi". Brian and Drew talk growing up in the south side of Chicago, acting, auditions, Aaron Rodgers, and more! Catch up on Season 1 of The Chi now on the Showtime streaming app, on demand, or watch the pilot for free on YouTube. A "Pew Pew Audio" podcast.


Ep 39- Sometimes Geek

Drew and special guest Derek, host of The Sometimes Geek Podcast, have a talk about being a gamer, podcasting, comic books, and other things! This week's brew is Big Sky' Brewing "Moose Drool", a brown ale. Listen to "The Sometimes Geek" Podcast each and every week for all your gaming news and headlines. Subscribe on any pod catcher app. Follow the show on Twitter @sometimesgeek A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast.