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The tale of how a joke between friends on Twitter turned into an unexpectedly successful podcast

The tale of how a joke between friends on Twitter turned into an unexpectedly successful podcast
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The tale of how a joke between friends on Twitter turned into an unexpectedly successful podcast






Myq Kaplan is Funny (AND SMART)

Fantastic conversation with one of the funniest and smartest comedians out there today, Myq Kaplan. We talk about Myq's career as a stand-up, his background in Linguistics, his AMAZING podcast Broccoli and Ice Cream, and what type of comedy adds to the discourse and what type of comedy, to quote Gary Gulman, "bankrupts the discourse."


Go Fact Yourself with J Keith van Straaten

J Keith van Straaten joins us to talk about his fantastic podcast Go Fact Yourself, how Dylan was cheated but withheld his rage, and whether the J in J Keith does, in fact, stand for Jesus.


Outlaw Historian Trae Wisecarver

Dylan and I are joined by historian Trae Wisecarver. We discuss his interest in history, the Civil War, Southern culture and the Lost Cause, and wrap up with some talk about stand-up comedy and professional wrestling because we don't want to seem too cultured.


"Yes, and..." with Dan Pasternack and Rick Overton

Comedy Nerd Alert!! Do you love comedy? Like, in an almost unhealthy way? Then this show is for you. Guests this episode are writer, producer, and Historian of Comedy (TM) Dan Pasternack along with writer, actor, comedian and Renaissance Man of Comedy (TM) Rick Overton. This one is epic.


Robert Wuhl

Wide-ranging conversation with Mr. Robert Wuhl. It would almost be shorter to list the things we didn’t discuss. His career in stand-up comedy, his tv game show acumen, his apprehension about social media, Good Morning Vietnam, music in film, Cobb, Arliss, and Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl. Plus, a very funny exchange between Robert and Dylan regarding Dylan’s poor marketing skills. As a bonus, you get to hear the dialogue that Dylan wrote for Robin Williams that was discussed on the...


Just Write - Dylan Brody Gives Darren a Coaching Session

Dylan Brody provides coaching, encouragement and instruction to potential and existing writers through his company Active Voice Productions, which also co-produces this podcast. We thought it would be a good idea for Dylan to give Darren a session on the podcast. It ended up being pretty damn enlightening. Did Darren cry? You'll have to listen to find out.


Chris Bonno

Chris Bonno has been an actor, musician, and stand-up comic. He is currently a widely celebrated artist based out of Los Angeles. The animated image that accompanies this podcast was painted by Chris Bonno. In this episode, we talk about Chris's art, discuss stories from our interactions during the original podcast, and delve into the difficulties of unionizing stand-up comedy. And, as always, we touch on politics, political correctness, and comedic responsibility.


The Return of Bobby Slayton

Darren and Dylan explore the comedy career of Bobby Slayton, examining the world of stand-up comedy from the 1970s until today. We also expand on the recurring theme of political correctness, comedic intent, comedic content and its changes over time from the perspective of particular comedians. Also Bobby calls Darren "Goober."


Emery Emery Part One

Fantastic conversation with the exceptionally brilliant and talented performer Emery Emery. We discuss comedy in great detail, the current social climate and how comedy interacts with it, alternative and unconventional comedy, sleight of hand artist Johnny Thompson, and so much more. This is the first in a series that will continue throughout the life of the podcast. I would imagine at least three parts.


Cathy Ladman Revisited

Cathy Ladman returns to the Couch to discuss her initial appearance, acting, stand-up comedy past and present, her upcoming solo show, and everyone's favorite topic, presidential politics.


Outside the Green Room with Paul Provenza

In this episode we welcome the great Paul Provenza. It is a wide ranging discussion about comedy culture, the politics of cable television, and Paul’s brilliant show The Green Room, which massively influenced the original Couch podcast and continues to influence me today. You can find Paul on Twitter @PaulProvenza. Get episodes of The Green Room online. Clips of the episodes we discussed are below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le0vB1TgOjw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2pG4ET4jAk...


Late For Dinner With Phil Rosenthal And Lew Schneider

This was so much fun. Lew Schneider is a television writer and former stand-up comedian. Phil Rosenthal created a very funny show that Lew wrote on called Everybody Loves Raymond. Phil also has a great Netflix show, Somebody Feed Phil. We talk about the Raymond writer’s room, food, comedy, food, and just basically shoot the shit. Enjoy!


Dylan Brody and the Succotash Crew

Dylan Brody and I speak with Marc Hershon and Tyson Saner from the Succotash Show soundcast. Succotash was very supportive of the original podcast and I have always loved what they do. Following that, there is a recap of the first few episodes of Couch Revisited, the vision and evolution of Couch Revisited, and where it goes from here. If you are into the nuts and bolts of podcasting, a snippet from the Wild West of the comedy podcast days, hell, if you just want to hear some great...


Hammer Time with Patrick Carlin

There are fewer people in the world I enjoy talking to more than Patrick Carlin. There is a backstory in this episode from the original Couch podcast, which led to a conversation about music streaming and piracy. But really, it's all about Patrick. For those who are really big fans, please do a "fuck" count. We say it a lot. Did I mention that Couch Revisited is now a part of the Active Voice Productions world? Well I am mentioning it now! https://www.activevoiceproductions.com/couch Also,...


Craig Shoemaker Talks Comedy and PC Culture

Craig Shoemaker is one of the funniest stand-up comedians I have ever experienced live. His shows are always sold out. They all end with standing ovations. Craig is also an author, podcaster, radio personality, and tv writer. This was meant to be an interview about that. Apparently, Dylan and Craig had an altercation on social media years ago that touched on things like comedic authenticity, politically correct comedy, comedic intent. And it just rolled from there. This is one of those...


Couch History w Kelly Carlin and (Kinda) Patrick Carlin

So, my original upload of this post was total wrong. I see myself as a glass half broken kinda guy. There were some technical difficulties (par for the couch) after a fantastic and hilarious conversation with me, Kelly, Patrick, and Dylan. Recorder puked and I only got about half. My original promo was, yeah, sorry you missed the whole thing. Fuck it listen anyway. In reality, we really get into a lot of Couch history, booking guests, the devolution of Twitter, and address the rumor that...


Paul Myers Brings It!

This is a great episode. Paul and I talk about everything from politics, Kids In The Hall, Twitter culture, self-analysis, and of course his first visit to the Couch, when I had no clue what I was doing. The fact that there were technical issues also made it Classic Couch. Also read his book, One Dumb Guy, available everywhere.


Origin Story W Dylan Brody

Darren Staley and Dylan Brody talk about how the original podcast began and what will come next. From a Twitter joke, to a popular podcast, to no podcast, to a new podcast. Stay tuned!


Lew Schneider

I love Lew. Probably one of the funniest people on the planet for someone with my sense of humor. Only agreed to sit on the couch after listening to Bobby Slayton admonish me on a prior episode. Pity visit, but I'll take it.



These days, people have lots of opinions about Roseanne. But there was a time when her only controversy was admonishing her daughter for uncooked chicken and hating cats. Good times. #CouchIsComing