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Anti-Capitalist Happy Hour: The Scene Queen To Communist Pipeline

It’s time, girls and gays, for our anti-capitalist happy hour! We take your emails and hotline tips to discuss updates, questions, and insightful feedback on our recent episodes. We follow up on our Patreon-exclusive preachers n’ sneakers deep-dive, talk in length about the holes and other information regarding the GOOP/Wellness industry that we missed in our recent coverage, and read some (informative!) rants by our most dedicated listeners. Pour a glass of wine, roll a swisher, and settle...


ASMR With JoJo Siwa's Asbestos Laced Makeup Palettes

From Kylie Jenner’s "Handmaid's Tale" party to Amazon’s state-wide survellience system, we enter our second week of pride month with a bang! We talk Lisa Vanderpump’s big decision, ASMR icon LifeWithMak’s recent demonetization, JoJo Siwa’s asbestos outbreak, Jonathan Van Ness’ coming-out spon-con, and much more! Our listener letter happy hour also drops this Thursday, so leave us any tips and gossip on our brand new hotline! Call anytime, any day of the week, at 1-810-EAT-FREE. Unless you...


Through The Looking Glass Of The Cult Of Wellness (Part Two)

Get ready for the final part in our vitamin/Instagram diet/GOOP deep dive! We quickly summarize where we ended last week’s show, continuing on debunking the myths regarding detoxing, cleansing, and single-use health aids. We then deconstruct how the effects of the weight-loss supplement industry cause real pain and suffering in the communities their targeting—ending on GOOP and thereby Gwyneth Paltrow’s crusade to spread misinformation and exploit the American public for millions. From...


Does Taylor Swift Think We Forgot About The 2016 Election?

Joan and Matt cover a wide range of controversial issues from the last week regarding ‘pinkwashing’, capitalism, LGBT ‘allies’, and even YouTube drama, it’s a perfect way to kickoff pride month! We cover Jeffree Star working with Shane Dawson, Budweiser’s corporate presence at London Pride, fake Harvard degrees for celebrities, film crews protesting Georgia abortion-rights, Tony Robbins’ recent book deal, and much more! Strap in, and prepare for this week’s part-two special on our Instagram...


Through The Looking Glass Of The Cult Of Wellness (Part One)

Hello girls and gays, the time has finally arrived! Joan and Matt spend the next two weeks deconstructing and dissecting the incredibly shady, unsubstantiated, manipulative, expensive, and exploitative vitamin and ‘wellness’ industry so prolific on social media sites, specifically Instagram. We start with the controversial Sugar Bear Hair Care supplement, that was the center of last month’s James and Tati YouTube drama, then move on to the various like-scams the populate so many influencer...


Can We Please De-Platform Known Twitter Menace Alyssa Milano?

Hosts this week recover from last week’s beauty-guru drama to talk about the different ways corporations are ruining our lives (again!) We talk de-platforming Alyssa Milano, Burger King’s ‘mental-health inspired’ un-happy meals, Amazon’s hyper-exploitative employee-only video games, updates and new music from ‘The Curvy Wife Guy’, Uber’s secret plan to takeover public transit, Kanye’s (re)uprising of MAGA support, an update on James Charles, and much more! Tune in later this week for the...


Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook, and James Charles: Look At All These Dummies

Joan and Matt officially hit the edge of the internet, and what they found on the other side was something much darker. For an entire 90 minutes we break down everything that has happened throughout these last two weeks, and give you the capitalist take that needs to be acknowledged. From the Instagram stories preluding, we analyze every major player’s video response, including all the tweets and iOS press releases in between, and find out what’s really going on behind the scenes. It’s a...


A GoFundMe Border Wall, A Shady Private Plane, and a $600,000 Luxury Yacht Walk Into A Bar

Dive in this week as Joan and Matt spend an incessant amount time covering the absolute far edges of the internet. We asks this week... why is a polish instagrammer defacing historic statues? Why is Ariana Grande being sued by her paparazzi photographer? What’s going on Britney’s Instagram? Why is Boohoo so addicted to union busting? Who is Tony Robbins and what has he been accused of? What’s going on with the Floridian man who got $22million to build an illegal border wall? Also, join us...


Tati Westbrook Used The Downfall of James Charles To Sell Hair Vitamins

We break down the ongoing downfall of James Charles and the many capitalist manipulations of Tati Westbrook. We were sold a story about a predator to sell HAIR GUMMIES. HAIR GUMMIES! Who benefitted from this callout? What has the fallout been for the gay community in the international conservative press? What can we learn from the rise of influencers who’s moral compasses are guided by profits? Eating For Free is a bi-weekly gossip podcast reporting from the edge of the internet! We're a...


TMZ Made A Lot Of People Rich Portraying Britney Spears As "Crazy"

Did TMZ purposefully stage paparazzo photos of Britney Spears to make her look “crazy”? Did a “digital shopping mall” segregate a house of young Instagram influencers in the Coachella valley? Why is Miss Vanjie shilling Chips Ahoy on Twitter? What the fuck happened between a tech startup and rural computer scientists in West Virginia? Did Lisa Vanderpump reveal she’s finally quitting the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Is Alyssa Milano the most tone-deaf person on Twitter right now? Let’s...


Late Lunch: What The F*** Happened At Jake Paul’s House Last Weekend?

What happened at Jake Paul’s million-dollar Calabasas mansion that put eight different women in the hospital for suspected drugging? Joan and Matt go on a deep-dive investigating the short but controversial history of Jake Paul and the shady people he works with—we discover shocking facts surrounding the incident and make connections others aren’t willing to make, it’s a ride girls! Eating For Free is a bi-weekly gossip podcast reporting from the edge of the internet! We're a new wave of...


Surprise! A Bunch Of Rich People Misinterpreted The Met Gala Theme (Again)

Are we gonna talk about the Met Gala? I guess we have to talk about the Met Gala... Festivities aside, Joan and Matt stand to report on the edge of the internet, and reality. Sonic is getting a new bod; Kanye and Kim are starting a church; a YouTuber witnessed a murder; Louis CK is copyrighting his ‘XXX’ standup, Lori Laughlin is scrambling for good press, and James Charles is being conned (again?) Eating For Free is a bi-weekly gossip podcast reporting from the edge of the internet! We're...


Listener Letter Happy Hour: Gay Communists, Jojo Siwa, and Spotify-core!

It’s time for listener letters! We start with our favorite communist book recommendations,, turn towards a follow-up on the Noodles and Beef story, and bring up the historical significance of “shotgun” homes from the Fixer Upper deep-dive. We then cover JoJo Siwa sightings, clarification on the Korean Pop controversy, our Zodiac sings and the charts of the most famous celebs, biases on our coverage, the concept of “Netflix-Core”, and a blind item from Norway! Eating For Free is a bi-weekly...


What Does Buzzfeed Love More: Union Busting or Unpaid Labor?

What’s Tana Mongeau of Notorious ‘Tanacon’ up to? What has pop-culture critics up in a tizzy? Will BuzzFeed’s CEO ever allow his writers to unionize? Why is the Amazon-owned bluetooth-enabled doorbell company selling their user’s security camera footage? Who at Walmart decided to incorporate themselves into branded television content? Why does Gwyneth Paltrow continue to lie? All that and more on this week’s pop culture roundup, plus a very special announcement from Joan! Eating For Free is...


Fixer Upper Transformed Waco, Texas Into An Instagram-able Capitalist Nightmare

What happens when two reality television stars turn a former cult stronghold and out of the way Texas town into a mecca for the Instagram obsessed, Christian millennial? How have Chip & Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper empire, rebranded as Magnolia, changed the landscape of the American tourist industry? What does the future hold for the ravaged town of Waco as taxes rise, housing prices skyrocket, and their local industries cater to out of town investment bankers? We investigate! Eating For Free...


#FreeBritney Isn’t An Illuminati Conspiracy, It’s A Capitalist Tragedy

What is Big Pharma doing with social media influencers? What exactly is #FreeBritney? Why is Charlize Theron doing A DailyMail exclusive about her trans daughter? Who is anti-gay congressman Aaron Shock and why did he abuse government funds to build a ‘Downton Abbey’ themed office? Will Nicki Minaj ever stop working with sexual abusers? Joan and Matt sped 120mph out of the Los Angeles Valley, still hungover from their Vanderpump Bar Crawl to catchup on all the latest hot-garbage coming out...


Late Lunch: Looking Into The Korean Webcam Scandal

What is “Hell Joseon?” Why are women in South Korea being secretly filmed in public spaces? What does #MeToo look like outside of the U.S. in one of the most industrialized nations in the world? Why is a KPOP star accused of facilitating sex-work in popular Seoul nightclub? And how does this all connect together? This deep-dive Joan and Matt investigate the recent cases of spy-cam infiltration in multiple South Korean cities, which leads to the discovery of years-long social protest inspired...


Kim Kardashian Is A Relentless Chaos Merchant Desperate For Good Press

Trigger Warning: Hosts discuss eating disorders for the later part of the episode regarding Jack Dorsey. Dole Banana and Captain Marvel collab? Lori Loughlin is Going to Prison After Pulling Out of Plea Deal? Kim Kardashian is Becoming a Lawyer? Amazon Employees Are Witnessing Abuse Though Our Alexa Devices? Jack Dorsey Only Eats 5 Times A Week? Harvard Scientist Claim Jameela Jamil is Solving Body Image Issues? Jessie J Wrote An Essay On Why She’s A Heterosexual Woman? Hosts Joan and Matt...


The Aunt Becky Foundation For Influencers Who Can't Read

Our Patreon is officially live! Looking for behind the scenes content, an exclusive newsletter, and even monthly bonus episodes voted on by patrons? We've got you covered! Check it out here. Grimes is giving interviews in Florida? Aunt Becky launches her foundation for Instagram influencers with failing grades? Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a mental breakdown from prolonged exposure to Barbara Walters? Crime Scene Cleanup crews are the latest, trending Instagram stars? Wendy Williams was in a...


Late Lunch: Captain Marvel & The U.S. Military's Hollywood Propaganda Machine (Part Two)

For almost 100 years, the American Military has funded, controlled, and manipulated Hollywood’s image of the Armed Forces. With the release of Marvel’s Captain America, we investigate the disturbingly deep ties between the Pentagon and the biggest blockbusters the world has ever seen. Our government claims it isn’t recruitment or rehabilitation propaganda but the facts say otherwise! More than ever, we advise you to strap in tight- it’s gonna be a rough and dangerous ride. Eating For Free...