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Left On Read: The Joan Summers Story™ (Sponsored By The Gay Agenda)

Lawson had finals at the School For Fancy Boys™ this week so it's a light episode! Instead of the usual academic fare, we instead indulge 55 minutes of searing celebrity gossip. Lil Tay, Eureka O'Hara, Meghan (Duchess of Sussex) Markle, C (Speed of Light Grimes) Boucher, and Katy Perry's alleged nun killing antics. Enjoy! It's a fucking ride!


Beyoncé Warned The Girls About Kanye West and We Didn't Listen (with Chris!)

We're back from break with extra special guest Chris! Best Friend and Living Icon (@shutupchris on Instagram, @shuttupchris on Twitter) to discuss the cultural hurricane we've been vacationing through. The girls and gays needed a wakeup call and we were happy to provide! Soapboxes are stood on, things are yelled at full volume, Grindr hookups are exposed, and the forbidden tea flows in abundance. Why promo the actual material when you could just do the damn thing and listen? Enjoy bitches!


Raise Your Hand If You've Been Personally Victimized By Roseanne Barr

In a week where the news kept our phones buzzing in a chaotic chorus of Page Six push notifications, Joan and Matt are at a loss for where to even begin! The ongoing saga of the Beyoncé vs. Sanaa Lathan vs. Tiffany Haddish Mortal Kombat Showdown unfolded in unexpected ways as CW actresses were exposed as leaders of sex cults and rumors of Anna Wintour's departure from Vogue run rampant. Matthew dishes on Grindr's latest PR nightmare as Joan lets loose on reanimated corn field scarecrow...


American Crime Story: Beyonce's Face Bite

From Aubrey O' Day spoken word poetry about the third ugliest member of the Trump family to Malia Obama's one degree of separation from the Harvey Weinstein bankruptcy, there's definitely too much to discuss this week. The gays dragged Selena Gomez for being socially tone deaf, and yet again exposed Taylor swift for leveraging in activism to "Eat For Free". We also gagged over Tiffany Haddish revealing far too much about Beyonce (yet again). As expected Chrissy Teigen involved herself in...


Girls and Gays Demanding Justice for Shangela Laquifa Wadley

You see listeners, the gag is...all those celebrities we love gossiping about are currently vacationing on an expensive and obscure island somewhere in the Caribbean. Being chauffeured to various press appearances during awards season is the hardest job out there, after all! To take advantage of the slow news week, Joan and Matthew catch up on their two favorite things- venting feelings about rich people who don't know them and reading fanmail! Come on- who doesn't love discussing Rihanna,...


We Host Katy Perry's Haunted Convent Murder Mystery Party

!!!!!!!*** If you're finding audio issues (due to a previous iteration of this episode), re-download and it should be fixed! Also, we're renovating the studio so you might hear some bumps and echos and clinking- ignore that! Everything should return better than ever next week :) ***!!!!!!! If only it was as simple as Katy Perry murdering a nun! But alas, life never works out the way you want it. Instead, Joan and Matt investigate the allegations swirling around Stranger Things’ Duffer...


Bonus Ep - A Visit To The Interior Delusions Lounge

!!! UPDATE !!! Our next formal episode covering the Oscars will be delayed till Wednesday the 7th due to host birthday. But in the mean time... we thought a mini episode covering the latest delusions on RuPaul All Stars 3 would be a perfect way to pass the time before the award show recap, so grab a glass of red wine (and a swisher!) and join us in the first ever BONUS episode of Eating For Free ~~ P.S. Wish Joan a Happy Birthday :)