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An audio scrapbook of the beloved and seminal sci-fi novel, "The War of the Worlds" by H.G.Wells. Each episode reads through a chapter of the book along with tangents of deep dives, inspired comedy songs and guests. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

An audio scrapbook of the beloved and seminal sci-fi novel, "The War of the Worlds" by H.G.Wells. Each episode reads through a chapter of the book along with tangents of deep dives, inspired comedy songs and guests. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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An audio scrapbook of the beloved and seminal sci-fi novel, "The War of the Worlds" by H.G.Wells. Each episode reads through a chapter of the book along with tangents of deep dives, inspired comedy songs and guests. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.








Chapter 8: Dead London feat. CHUNKS (Richard Brown, David Callaghan, Gabriel Featherstone)

Chapter 8! Dead London! Or should it be, dead? London? Or maybe dead! London. As you'll see, there's a bit of death, but is it the metaphorically beating heart of Victorian Englands beloved capital, or is it the as of yet un-identified hearts of the Martian invasion? There's only one way to find out!* Basically, there's a lot happening narratively, so what better excuse to have a lot happening on the guest list hey? We're joined, by not one! Not four! but three guests from the Glasgow...


Edy Hurst's Comedy Version of... AT BRIGHTON!

Just a quick little update to so that THIS WEEKEND I'll be bringing the live show to BRIGHTON! If you're a South Sussex dweller, or you want to go to a coast that the Martians failed to take in their invasion, why not come and enjoy everyone's favourite live show about War of the Worlds and also all the remakes of the War of the Worlds? Tickets: https://www.otherplaceticketing.co.uk/listprices.php?performanceId=3290:28684 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Chapter 7: The Man on Putney Hill Feat. Jack Lewis Evans

We're back! The Martians have gone no where! But whose this lurking around Putney Hill? Is it an old friend who we shared a meal with and gave us expert advice on looking for biscuits? I won't insult your ignorance with such leading questions. Alongside the ropiest cockernee accent this side of Dick Van Dyke, we're joined by the polymath comedian, producer and podcast Jack Evans to finally put to rest the age old question "is a sewer with a Nintendo Switch better than an Orwellian...


Happy Winter Slump 2021!

Hey! What a year! WHAT A YEAR. It's nearly over, but there's still time to say thanks to all of you for listening to the podcast over 2021. The final chapters are well underway and I can't wait to share them with you HOPEFULLY out before the first LIVE SHOWS! Come see me at Leciester Comedy Festival: https://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/edy-hursts-comedy-version-of-jeff-waynes-musical-version-of-hg-wells-literary-version-via-orson-welles-radio-version-of-the-war-of-the-worlds/ VAULT...



A little update about the next few chapters of the narration, with a delay from the usual regularity to make sure that we end it just as well, if not better than we've started and carried on this whole dang thing. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Chapter 6: The Work of Fifteen Days

What do you recon you could do in 15 days? Bring all your mates from Mars, take over the earth and accidentally plant some red weeds? The narrator is leaving the house where he's hunkered down, and checks out the local wildlife. Will he successfully eat a dog? Will the dogs successfully eat him? I doubt it, there's another 4 chapters. Plus, a deep dive on some of scifi finest deep dives. Please Subscribe and Review the podcast on Apple, or wherever you get your podz on. Follow Edy Hurst...


Intermission: Victorian Science Problem Panic Time feat. Subhadra Das

If there's one thing from Victorian Science that's aged about as well as a puddle of milk in a rain coat pocket, it's the theory of eugenics. We've talked a bit at the very start of the book about how much these ideas have been involved in H.G. Wells' writing, but to do it a little more justice, the fabulous Subhadra Das zoomed in to chat a little more about the history of these ideas, and how they still permeate through thinking and science (especially science fiction) today. Subhadra is a...


Chapter 5: The Stillness feat.The Delightful Sausage (Chris Cantrill & Amy Gledhill)

With the curate gone, and only the narrator home, what's the first thing he does? Drink dirty drain water and think about eating a dog? When the cat's away! This chapter we're joined by Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominated and telly bothering double act The Delightful Sausage. Amy Gledhill & Chris Cantrill are a hilarious grotty duo that you might have seen on Harry Hill's Club Nite on C4, Late Night Mash on Dave, or Alma's Not Normal on the BBC. They're all over the stations! And with a...


Chapter 4: The Death of the Curate feat. Tom Burgess

In what's been the biggest spoiler of a chapter title, and there's been a good few so far (I'm looking at you, destruction of Weybridge & Shepperton), we finally say good bye to our favourite frenemy, the Curate. We've laughed, we've cried, and now it's time to die. But how will it happen? At the hands of the narrator? Plus we've got a Greek-myth inspired deep dive, and the musical send off our favourite fair weakness deserves. Thanks to Tom Burgess for all his work as the Curate. You can...


Intermission: Break a Plate

We're taking an intermission from the story main this episode, but fear not! Banish fear, like an exorcised ghost or a used tissue, into the bin of courage. For whilst we don't have a chapter, we've got two very special songs. The first is an ode to carrots, as keen eyed listeners may have seen on Edy's Twitter, Instagram or Facebook And second is a *never before heard* song from the last series of Cultural Comedy Tours inspired by a favourite object in the Grnt Museum collections. Like...


Chapter 3: The Days of Imprisonment

In what must be the least relatable part of the book for our entire generation, we find the Narrator and the Curate still stuck unable to leave the house. A sort of lockdown I guess, only it's Martians, and I don't want to cast judgement, but I've not seen a single mask or hand sanitiser in sight. It's an Edy only episode! We've got a song about peepholes - of course! We've got a deep dive on colonialism and its impact on land - yes please! Once again, a big thank you to Jason Cooke of the...


Chapter 2: What We saw from the Ruined House feat. Rex Factor

Well, they're still stuck in the worst house share either of them have experienced, but don't worry, at least they've got a peephole to steal a glance out of. And what do they see? Well there's only one way to find out (excluding reading the book and all the other adaptations). This week we're joined by Graham and Ali from the British History podcast Rex Factor, a show that looks at every monarch and ranks them. What better guest to help advise on whether Queen Victoria or King Edward would...


Chapter 1: Underfoot feat. Tom Burgess

We're back! Book 2, Earth under Martians. Earth (by which in the book we mean the 75 mile radius of London) is well and truly knackered under the Martians. Hampton Court? Barely any visitors. Big Ben? Forget it. London Eye? Not created yet, but if it was, it'd also be knackered. We return to find the narrator still knocking around with that fair weakness of a man, the Curate, and what better way to celebrate that than with our beloved fair weakness, Tom Burgess? He's returned as the...


TRAILER - Book Two Starts 28th July!

We're back! Tell a friend! Tell an enemy! Tell an stranger! Set you calendar for Wednesday 28th July, where chapter one is going to be dropping! Follow Edy Hurst & The Podcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Chapter 17: The Thunder Child feat. Jen Ives

The Final of Book One is nigh! And let's go out of the half way point with a half way bang. Chapter 17 of The War of the Worlds sees us with the Narrator's Brother and the Ephinstone's at the end of the Country, in a desperate escape from an England invaded by Martians. We've got the ironclad Thunderchild, with it's sophisticated strategy of ramming 7 shades of shit out of the Martian Tripods. But is it enough to deter the army of Mars from taking down the would be refugees? Also...


Chapter 16: The Exodus From London feat. Bennet Kavanagh and Jen Ives

As the Martians are going, quite frankly, feral, across the South West of England towards London, we continue with the account of the Narrator's Brother (still no name) and his escape from London. We also take a look at revolvers and the UK gun laws, how come so many folks in the book have 'em willy AND nilly? Joining us this week is the fantastic Bennet Kavanagh and Jen Ives. Bennet recently won the Audience Choice award at the Amused Moose New Comedy Award, and has created an ace song...


Happy Christmas - New Year Slump!

Wishing you all the superlatives of the season with this brief message and an uplifting Carol for 2020. Thanks to everyone for listening, subscribing and your kind words for what has been an absurd premise for a podcast. The final two chapters of Book One will be out soon! And later in 2021 get ready for book two: The Earth Under Martians RATE | REVIEW | SHARE! Follow Edy Hurst on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the latest on Podcast news, songs and...


Interlude 4: Steam-Powered Nostradmus

In our fourth interlude we take a look at beloved futurist and socialist horndog H.G. Wells' slight misfires on predicting the future, and also air out a song inspired by the previous chapters, 'Black Smoke (it's no joke)' RATE | REVIEW | SHARE! Follow Edy Hurst on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the latest on Podcast news, songs and more! Credits: Produced by Edy Hurst Written by H.G.Wells and Edy Hurst Theme Song 'The Fall of Saigon' By Ichabod Wolf All others...


Chapter 15: What Happened in Surrey feat. The Loremen and Amelia Baylor

We're back in Surrey after a brief trip to London, but for how long? Not only have the Martians unleashed the heat-ray upon the county, but now they've got a strange new retaliation to earth's firepower. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was personal. As well as the chapter, we've got a fantastic guest song from Amelia Bayler, and a talk about all the sounds from monsters past with the Loremen themselves! RATE | REVIEW | SHARE! Follow Amelia on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and...


Chapter 14: In London feat. Frank Foucault

London, home of Big Ben, the underground and now the ever growing threat of a Martian invasion. As refugees from Woking and Surrey arrive, we join the narrator's brother to see his side of the story, and another of H.G. Wells' what's in the papers chapters. We also take a look at British exceptionalism - what is it? Why is it here? Has it ever led us into terrible decisions that still are unresolved today? This chapter I'm joined by the hugely talented Frank Foucault, a brilliant comedian...