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Elis James and John Robins with big laughs and top quality #content. Email: elisandjohn@bbc.co.uk #elisandjohn

Elis James and John Robins with big laughs and top quality #content. Email: elisandjohn@bbc.co.uk #elisandjohn


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Elis James and John Robins with big laughs and top quality #content. Email: elisandjohn@bbc.co.uk #elisandjohn




#195 - Plastic Pipes, Trouser Tantrums and Hip Hop Hodgson

John’s back is hurting. No, not because he’s been “carrying this show for nearly 3 years” as he so often claims, but because he’s been pumping iron at the gym again! Thankfully his trusty spotter Elis James is here to share the sheer amount of #content weighing down on them both, and hopefully help them record a PB in 'chat'. The guys hear from one of the most fearless Unsung Heroes of all time, John gets angry during a Made Up Game, Elis channels his inner preacher and Producer Dave rolls...


#194 - Gas Galore, Code Red Robins and Four Squats To The Wind

In radio, every once in a while you’ll spend hours coming up with a good idea only for a different idea to come out of nowhere that just captures the minds of the nation. That’s exactly what happened in today’s show, as Elis James once again demonstrated that he knows EXACTLY what the people of the UK want to talk about. Two texters at once?! What a treat! Thankfully Elis and John can handle multiple areas of discussion at once, and today they proved that they can play text topic tiki-taka...


#193 - Ben’s Bananas, JR MK13 and Ironic Ironing

‘New year new me’ is ringing out across the land, but that sort of statement just doesn’t apply to Elis and John. They’re the exact same capable broadcasters that took us through 2021 and they marked the start of 2022 the only way they know how: by providing you with lightning fast wit and chat so sharp you could set your watch to it. John teaches Producer Dave a brand new word (how useful it will be remains to be seen), Elis seeks advice on how he can save face in front of his 4 year old...


#192 - Elis James and John Robins: The Best of 2021

As we wave goodbye to 2021 it’s time for us to once again look back at some of Elis and John’s highlights from the past 12 months. It might not have been the year we all expected but that hasn’t stopped the guys from producing so many good moments that you couldn’t count them on one hand. We’ve whittled down the best bits from over 100 hours of audio for you to enjoy; so grab a Bucks Fizz and join us as we look back at some of the guys’ finest moments. From John bidding a fond farewell to...


#191 - Christmas Day with Elis and John

It’s Christmas Day, and after spending Christmas Eve together at John’s house Elis and Producer Dave are woken on Christmas morning by the most magical to the sounds; John having a night terror. But that’s not going to put a dampener on things, because the guys have a HUGE Christmas Day ahead of them. John will be cooking a special Christmas vindaloo, Producer Dave will be sharing another Christmas poem and the guys will be joined by a VERY special guest. So whether you’re opening your...


#190 - Christmas Eve with Elis and John

Clement Clarke Moore famously wrote "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." However, he couldn’t have been more wrong this year - because Elis and Producer Dave have ventured over to John’s house for the festive season and they’re stirring up a big old pot of Christmas #content. Yes, Elis and Dave become the 3rd and 4th people to enter John’s house this year and have brought with them all the things needed for a perfect...


#189 - Throuple Trouble, Big Sprout and Chip Bread

Today marked Elis and John’s final live show of 2021, and despite Producer Dave’s absence (he was at a flower arranging retreat in Suffolk) they were still able to hold it together to produce some vintage #content. John’s been having a real battle with his bad tooth and presented the show fresh from a tough root canal procedure, Elis told us about a massive business investment that he’s made and the guys discuss their plans for New Years Eve. Spoiler alert: everyone will be in bed before...


#188 - John Virgo, John Cooper-Clarke & John Vaughan

Elis and John, worried about meeting Dave's 'bigger boy' mates, were on top form as some of the world's hottest celebs (review the definition) get involved in the show. Someone drops in for a fiery Made Up Game and the quest to #savejohn is cranked up a notch as JR ropes in some of the biggest Js in the biz to correct Britain's moral decline.


#187 - Super Cans, Bagpipe Blues and Circling Sissons

Which of the following would you say are acceptable reasons to not travel down to London for a radio show? a) the birth of a child, b) every train from Manchester to London gets cancelled, c) to allow you to go on the mega lash? If you answered all of the above then you'd be correct - and that final reason is precisely why Producer Dave was up in Salford for today's show whilst Elis and John did all the heavy lifting in London. But despite being hundreds of miles apart they somehow felt...


#186 - Solid Swans, Fridge The Ridge and Salve João

‘Love Actually’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Boogie Nights’, ‘Pulp Fiction’. These are considered to be some of the best ensembles of all time, but did any of them win ‘Best Ensemble’ at the Audio Production Awards? Answer: no. But this week Elis James and John Robins certainly did, which you could argue ranks them higher than any other ensemble that came before them. And how does an award winning ensemble celebrate such a victory? By bringing you top quality #content that money just can’t buy....


#185 - Contentious Corrie, Dairy Eggs and Helpful Honks

It may be over a month until Christmas Day but Elis and John are more than happy to provide crackers - namely in the form of today’s show. Is that just a roundabout way of saying the guys were on top form? Yes. Will you be left disappointed? Absolutely not. Sporting their favourite band t-shirts because of 6 Music's #tshirtday (Beach Boys and Trevor Sensor respectively) the guys were joined by the person behind one of the most famous band logos of all time, there was a very nostalgic Made Up...


#184 - Totally Tom Toms, Blossoming Friendships and Oscar Whiskey Echo

As many of you will know Elis and John live their lives marching to the beat of their own drums, and in solidarity with Owain Wyn Evans during his 24 hour Drumathon the guys ventured up to Salford for their own drumming challenge. With the help of Joe Donovan from Blossoms they were put through their drumming paces, and were tasked with wielding their drum sticks LIVE on air. There were fills, there with trills, and there was even some untapped talent to be found. They also spoke to Owain as...


#183 - Chafing Challenges, Lager Sleeves and Convivial Ceilidhs

With John being absent from the show this week the venerable Lou Sanders joined Elis and Producer Dave in the studio to steady the ‘Good Ship 5 Live’; and there was so much fun to be had! In what was her hat-trick appearance on the show Lou revealed that she once invited Rick Edwards (the new co-host of 5 Live Breakfast) to a barn dance, Elis spoke on national radio for the first time since turning 41 years old, and to celebrate Bonfire Night an explosive Unsung Hero dropped by to tell us...


#182 - Supersized Sieves, Hot Eggs and a Festival of Landfill

In what was a very wet and windy day in London today two broadcasters arrived at Broadcasting House soaked in not just rain; but badinage too. Yes, the guys returned to present live radio to the nation once more, and there was a sense of spookiness in the air (much to Elis’s annoyance). They looked ahead to Halloween by speaking to a pumpkin farmer, there's a Made Up Game featuring some familiar voices and we have an update on the #SaveJohn campaign. Plus, Producer Dave gives us a recap of...


#181 - #SaveJohn, Pen Pilfering and Little Baby Dave

It might be hard to believe but Elis and John don’t spend every waking moment of their life creating cutting edge #content; sometimes they have other commitments to attend to, which is why this week’s show was pre-recorded so YOU don’t miss out on your EJJR fix. The guys are joined by James from the Office of National Statistics (easy for you to say) to talk about the sad decline in Johns, there’s an Unsung Hero familiar to millions of commuters, Dave details an upcoming pub crawl and a...


#180 - Club Mid 40s, Double Deacy and Jimmy’s Clean Hands

“Anything is possible if you wish hard enough”, and it appears that John has been wishing his evenings away. Because today the guys were joined on the show by one of John’s dream dinner guests (the others being Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Brian May): none other than cricketing legend Jimmy Anderson. Though Jimmy said he was unavailable to go for a pint after the show he did promise John that he’d try and work something out. Aside from John’s on-air gush-fest there was a...


#179 - Tog Talk, Wee Sheets and a Scouse Spaceman

The boys are back in town; and by town we mean Broadcasting House, as this week the guys returned to their spiritual home after a short sabbatical at Maida Vale. Despite having to get up extra early for the show (Elis at 6am, Producer Dave at 5am and John at 8am) they were full of beans that were ready to be cooked and put onto #content toast. Elis crumbles during a Made Up Game, there’s an acapella jingle due to some technical difficulties and John gives us an insight into some of the more...


#178 - The Maida Vale Sessions: Self Esteem

If you wander the fabled corridors of Maida Vale Studios you will walk past MV4: the studio where John Peel recorded his famous ‘Peel Sessions’, which is marked with a picture of the great presenter to celebrate his legacy. Just a few metres away is the now famous MV7, home to Elis and John’s Maida Vale Sessions. Though it is marked with a sign saying “Please wear ear protection during live sessions” and a portrait of James and Robins is absent it surely won’t be long until it is nicknamed...


#177 - The Maida Vale Sessions: Sexy Gum Disease

Today marked the start of the Ryder Cup, and with his golf cap turned backwards and a livestream of the tournament in his eye line John really demonstrated his love for golf throughout the show whilst Elis and Producer Dave scrambled to keep things on track. Aside from that, the guys chat to Greg James (the most handsome man on Earth), there’s an Unsung Hero who saves lives on the seven seas, Elis crumbles during a Made Up Game and John shows his age by helping some Radio 1 listeners in a...


#176 - Venturi Vagueness, Ambidextrous Pencils and John’s Missing Head

Poor old Robins. Not only did a misunderstanding lead to him having to broadcast from home, he also had to battle his way through a show whilst everything seemed hellbent on bringing him down. Thankfully Elis and Dave were on hand to keep him going which led to a (Mayor) humdinger of a show. Highlights include Paul McCartney texting into the show and a special trip to New York being planned by the guys. Low-lights include a caller telling John she knows he “does comedy” and Elis insulting...