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A Dinner with Epizootics of the Blowhole

Tyler gave us a heads up that he would be providing dinner for us and what we initially thought was a good idea turned into our worst idea. Then it turned into sweet ASMR gold. Then we decided that we weren't going to salvage this episode and just commit to it. Once we did that we were pretty happy with the outcome. For those who don't want to rough it, we stuff our faces for about 23 minutes and after that we get to the good stuff which includes a steamy segment of Sunday School. Thanks...


Lil Xan, Prison Sex & Drug Smuggling, Dihydromyricetin, Squirrels

Lil Xan's recent overdose and subsequent anal blowout (we speculate) from flamin' hot cheetos is discussed up top. Warning right here, the next...let's just say good chunk of the podcast covers prison; prison rape, smuggling drugs in prison, survival tactics, and Tim dating Nick...in prison. Tim and Mark discuss the miracle pill known as Dihydromyricetin while Tyler and Nick take their normal stance as skeptics. Finally Tyler shares a hilarious story about a man attacked by squirrels and his...


Columbus Day, Tim Saves Mark's Life, Mansplaining, Sunday School The Wall of Jericho

Nobody cares about Columbus day except for Nick, apparently. Tim and Mark went hunting and true heroism was on display as Tim saved Mark from a copperhead. We mansplain how mansplaining isn't really a thing. Finally, Tyler brings Nick one step closer to salvation by telling him the story of the Wall of Jericho. Please continue to share the podcast and check out our friends of the show. Death Metal Dicks Podcast Trash Blood Podcast with Zac Slusher Local. Magazine of Little Rock


West End Closes, Kiss Sucks, Mumford Bands, Legos

Folks, we covered way too much in this episode so don't let the title fool you. That's just a snippet of this episode's nonsense. Cover bands, KISS, pop-punk, Ed Sheeran as a hobbit, John Mayer getting throat cancer from eating to much snatch, Dunkin' Donuts, and just about everything else in between is covered. Thanks so much for sharing and continuing to listen. You all are the best. Since you support us, give our friends a listen as well. We're just some folks trying to make cool shit in...


Jury Duty, Erotic Novels, Jiggle or Knock, TURP

Tim gets a special letter from the government. Apparently they haven't listened to this podcast and consider him suitable to serve on a jury, but Nick has a creative way to get out of it. Erotic novels, we pen one for your pleasure on this episode. Do you jiggle the handle and walk in or do you knock first at a public restroom? We had a poll on our facebook page for this question which ended in a tie so we sort it out. Finally, it has been brought to Mark's attention that there is a certain...


Cornbread, Best & Worst Soups, Hangover Cures, Hobo Orcas

As Chris Rock said "Cornbread, ain't nothin' wrong with that," and yet we find fault with it. We find even more fault with the fact that there is an entire festival dedicated to this...sponge. We dig in on a piece from our new partner/sponsor/whatever you'd like to call it, Local. Magazine of Little Rock, which covers the upcoming Cornbread Festival. Naturally this leads to some steamy soup talk. Which, of course, is a natural segue into hangover cures. We all weigh in on what we've used to...


Adult Diapers, Minnie Driver, Sunday School Samson Pt. 2

Tim has been "reading" Men's Health magazine or something like that and came across a very unique ad which leads into some hot takes on adult male diapers. Minnie Driver, yay or nay? We discuss and Nick quotes half of Good Will Hunting. We pepper in a little nonsense and then wrap up this episode with part 2 of the story of Samson in another segment of Sunday School. Thanks for sharing, telling a friend, interacting with us on social media and all that! Hit us up and if you've got a topic...


Glamping & Cultural Appropriation, Theme Cruises, Bad Movies Movies We've Lied About Seeing

Have you ever been glamping? You know, spending money to pretend like you're roughing it while you sleep in a tent that's nicer than your apartment. So if you glamp in a teepee is it cultural appropriation? Hot takes ahead. We hear there's a Kid Rock themed cruise and we're all onboard. Finally, we've all lied about seeing certain movies so we get into that and Mark professes his utter disgust for the movie Drive. Thanks so much for listening to us and telling folks about our podcast. We...


Little Debbie, Strip Clubs, Sunday School Samson Pt. 1

Favorite Little Debbie snack, what is it? Oatmeal Cream Pie? Fudge Round? Hit us up on facebook and let us know how wrong we were. Moving on we each share stories of gentlemens' clubs and it's about as dumb as you think it would be. Finally, Tyler brings up another segment of Sunday School where we teach Nick about the mysterious ways of the lord. Are you familiar with the story of Samson? No, not the one about his hair getting cut off. The story about him wrangling 300 foxes, lighting them...


Vinyl Records, Lame Scams, Gang Stalking, Sunday School with Nick

Well we start off with a hot rant from Mark about the resurgence of vinyl records in our culture. Tim has some ideas on how to scam folks for cash using deli meats. Nick introduces us to a new ridiculous and absolutely insane conspiracy theory trend taking place called "gang-stalking." And finally, you asked for it, you got it; Tyler opens up his bible and we all take Nick to Sunday school. This time Nick learns about the story of Elisha and what happens when you mock a bald man. All this...


Tyler vs Tim, Illpoominati, Bear Fecal Plugs, Circle Jerks

You would think from a title like this episode we'd be delving into some very juvenile humor, and you'd be right. Tim and Tyler get chippy with each other at the beginning. It was bound to happen when you're discussing heavy topics as we do here. Nick reveals himself to be a member of the Illpoominati as Tim has dubbed it. On another "Walk on the Wild Side" Tyler tells us about the bodily functions of a bear during hibernation. We also tackle the social faux pas when joining a circle...


Fanny Packs, Catheters & Colostomies, Drinking in Utah

Well here we are again. This episode is once again just Mark, Tim, and Tyler while Nick is off cavorting int the caribbean with Woodrow. Check out our podcast friends: Trash Blood Podcast with Zac Slusher Death Metal Dicks As always, thanks for telling a friend and sharing our podcast. Cheers!


Tyler's Trip, Unisex Bowling, Hyena Cl*ts, Driving Gloves

Hey there! Tyler is back from his trip out to Utah and Nick is gone on a cruise. We discuss spectator sports up top and how bowling and baseball would be infinitely more tolerable if they simply allowed the use of steroids. We know you're eyeballing that title thinking "why the hell would you talk about hyena clits?!" Well Tyler takes us on another Walk on the Wild Side where we learn some interesting facts about the female hyena anatomy. Finally we discuss the practical or impractical...


Complete Absolute Randomness

Have we gotten lazy with our titles? No, not at all actually. Tyler is still gone and we've fallen into borderline chaos here. This is us jumping around from topic to topic more than we've done in the past. I know at different points we discuss Guy Fieri and sushi. So there's that. We've also got a few changes coming down the line so stay tuned! Hey if like us, check out our podcast friends: Trash Blood Podcast with Zac Slusher Death Metal Dicks Thanks for listening, telling a friend,...


Legal Drugs & Fart Stories

Tyler is still lost in Utah spreading the good word about our podcast to all the rich Mormons. Normally we'd have a longer title, something a little more random, maybe a "Walk on the Wild Side with Tyler" bit. Nope. After relistening to this episode it's very clear that the majority of time was spent on two subjects. Folks, please check out our podcast friends: Death Metal Dicks (True Crime/Conspiracy) Trash Blood Podcast with Zac Slusher (same goofy shit as what we're doing) Thanks for...


Breastarants, Death Videos, Hobo Dogs, Nuvo Hipsters

Hooter's wings, a point of contention among many. Are they good? Are they bad? We discuss. I think a lot of us remember the "Faces of the Death" videos. We share some of the worst death clips we've come across. Why? Because it makes us feel alive. To be completely honest with you we write the description of these episodes after we've recorded them, but not directly afterwards, so the topic of "Hobo Dogs" is not ringing any bells as I type this. So I'm just as excited to relive this...


Polygamy, CoC, Cockney Siri, LoTR, Nick's Bits

Polygamy, the dream of many men is also the nightmare of many men. We break down some pros and cons while Tyler is away in Utah looking for a sister wife. While he's gone Tim and Mark rehash some old memories growing up in the church of christ. Of course has no frame of reference because up until 5 months ago he'd never even heard of the bible. Oi, how great would a cockney Siri be? Pretty sweet. We briefly cover Lord of the Rings which Mark has never read, and in Tyler's absence Nick takes...


We Can't Dance, Baphomet in Arkansas, Catholic Church, Space Force

We've covered dancing before, but not how terrible we all are at it. Tim share's a story about a trip to the doctor's office for a checkup on his unborn spawn. For those who don't live in Arkansas, the Baphomet statue from the Church of Satan made it's way down here the past week so we weigh in. Surprise, the Catholic Church has been covering for some pedos. Not too much humor on this topic but we cover it anyway. We recall some of our favorite tabloid headlines, discuss Space Force, and...


Blu-ray & Porn, Alex Jones & Jim Bakker, Megalodon vs. Godzilla, Drunken Urinating

Well we went off the rails in this one. Tyler discusses his recent trip to Eureka Springs and brings us back beer from Bike Rack Brewing. Before Blu-ray became king it had to beat out HD. We discuss how this happened, but spoiler alert, it's mainly because of porn. Alex Jones sells super male vitality. Jim Bakker sells gross buckets of food for doomsday. So naturally we make fun of them. Super fan Clint asked us who would win in a fight: Megalodon or Godzilla. Tyler has the facts. Finally,...


Twitter Beef, Hair in Food, Costco & Meat, Birdman of Alcatraz

Social media battle with some guy who was greatly offended that we made fun of Tool. Hair in your food at a restaurant: do you send it back or put it to the side and continue your feast? Nick is a fancy man with his day trips to Costco and Beale St. We briefly discuss hunting even though we really don't know enough about it all, thus the name of this podcast plays out nicely. Finally, Tyler once again has a history lesson for us about one of the hardest dudes you'll ever hear about. Thanks...