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#91 - Baths & Hot Tubs, Playgrounds & Ball Pits, Getting Robbed

Here's the breakdown for today's episode: Baths - Hot Tubs - Old Timey Medicine - Fast Food Playgrounds - Ball Pits - Walmart Scams - Flash Mobs - Stories of Getting Robbed Thanks for tuning in and listening. We appreciate the support we've been getting lately. Check out these great podcasts/media coming out of Arkansas. Death Metal Dicks Podcast Trash Blood Podcast with Zac Slusher Frank and Beans Podcast Local. Magazine of Little Rock


#90 - Gallagher, Music Phases, Relationships, Mark Makes Pasta

Here's a breakdown of today's episode - Gallagher (the comedian) - Embarrassing bands we used to listen to - Jam bands - EDM - DMX - IG Account of the week - Anchovy Pizza - New sexual proclivities in a relationship - Mark makes pasta Short, to the point. Now you can see just about everything we cover in an episode. We'll be breaking it down like this from now on. Thanks for tuning in and listening. We appreciate the support we've been getting lately. Check out these great podcasts/media...


#89 - Death Age, Miatas, Ruining Movies, Silk Stalkings

We open and close discussing what age we thought we would die. We then find out Mark is a Miata enthusiast. We move on to discuss how frustrating it is to watch a movie with someone who isn't paying attention. Tim discusses the beef he has with The Mighty Ducks, the old USA show Silk Stalkings is discussed, and general randomness. Cheers! Thanks for tuning in and listening. We appreciate the support we've been getting lately. Check out these great podcasts/media coming out of...


#88 - Starbucks Sucks, 90's Internet, First Time Getting High

Mark hates Starbucks and goes on a rant to kick things off. We discus the god-awful noises that came from the back of your computer in the 90's as you tried to pirate terrible songs off Napster. We share stories of the first time we got high, and cover just about everything else as we do. We're all over the place this episode. Cheers! Thanks for tuning in and listening. We appreciate the support we've been getting lately. Check out these great podcasts/media coming out of Arkansas. Death...


#87 - Foodies, Real vs Fake Christmas Trees, Paintball, Rhino Horns & Platypus

Hey there! This episode we discuss the foodie craze. What is a foodie, and all the spots in Little Rock that are doing it right. With Christmas right around the corner we talk about the benefits of both real and fake trees, which Mark and Nick disagree on. Mark and Tim share stories of paintball from their formative years and Tyler takes us for a walk on the wild side with information on the platypus of all things. Cheers! Thanks for tuning in and listening. We appreciate the support we've...


#86 - Coffee, Morning DJs & Online Evangelists, Donuts, King Solomon

Hey there, we had a great time recording this episode as we did it early in the morning on the weekend. So, naturally we started off with some coffee made right here in Little Rock from Rock Town Distillery (one of our favorites). This was actually brought up because of an article in Local. Magazine of Little Rock, that covered Geovanni Leiva, a local who partnered with Rock Town to create the brew. Moving on we discuss AM DJs and online evangelists, namely Joshua Feuerstein. We wrap things...


#85 - Thanksgiving, Egg Nog, Work Small Talk, Giraffe Facts

Here we are with another Thanksgiving special. What the best way to prepare a turkey? Does turkey actually suck? Egg nog; it's amazing and we tell you the best kind. Moving on, we rag on Prince. 'Nuff said there. How many of you engage in work small talk and what's your go to phrase. We discuss the top three most common answers. Nick tells us how inept IT people are and Tyler takes us for a walk on the wild side with interesting giraffe facts. Cheers! Thanks for tuning in and listening. We...


#84 - Tim's Branson Trip, French Toast vs Pancakes, Die Hard, Sunday School with Nick

Tim is back from Branson and tells us about his wonderful trip to the city that is basically just a neutered Las Vegas for geriatric christian fundamentalists. A hot debate ensues about which fried bread is better; pancakes or french toast and we briefly discuss the beauty that is Brinner. The Die Hard series as well as Die Hard 2 is broken down. Finally, we wrap up with a Sunday School with Nick where, you guessed it, god is killing someone. Thanks for tuning in and listening. We...


#83 - Youth Rallies, Church Camp, Party Subs, Spiders & Wasps

Tim, Tyler, and Mark discuss the prime market for hooking up while growing up in the church; youth rallies and church camp. Nick sits, listens, and weighs in because he grew up a godless heathen. There's a hot rant from Mark on party subs. Tyler also has a walk on the wild side about spiders and wasps, and Tim's ability to drink on autopilot is shared in a story. As with most midweek episodes this one is a lot of fun, so check it out. Thanks for tuning in and listening. We appreciate the...


#82 - Juuling, Weird Snacks, No Nut November, A Verse from Numbers

Nick is back this week. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. Mark bought a Juul and talks about nootropics while Tim and Tyler give it a try. Weird snacks, you know you got some. Peanut butter and cheese is on the table for discussion. Moving on, No Nut November is discussed as it has replaced No Shave November. Tyler finds a nice poem to accompany this topic of conversation. Finally we close with Sunday School with Nick, where Tyler shares a verse from Numbers about how to tell if your...


#81 - Tim Burton Sucks, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Sylvester Stallone, The Science of Dicks

Well, we're missing Nick again this episode, but that's alright because we've got hot takes. First of all, Tim Burton is one of the most overrated directors and we break it all down, which means Johnny Depp comes under fire as well. Who was really the talent behind Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff? We discuss. Also, Stallone, the man is a legend that is incapable of making bad films. Finally, for the fellas out there...and the ladies, is your dick a product of nature vs nurture? We science the...


#80 - The Funniest T-Shirt, Copulins, Lemon Flavored Junk, Our First Inappropriate Jokes

Here we go. We're missing Nick this week, sad times. However we promise to make it up to you with the story that Tim opens up with. It's probably one of the best stories shared on here. Tyler doesn't necessarily take us for a walk on the wild side so much as he gives us a biology lesson and could've quite possibly been reading incel propaganda. We argue over whether or not lemon flavored candy is good...at all, and then we wrap things up by trying to remember our first inappropriate joke...


80's Sitcoms, Adopting Children, Follow Your Dreams, The Praying Mantis

Guess the theme song to that 80's sitcom is how we start out and then we remember how hilarious the Mr. Belvedere theme song was. We talk about the option of adopting children which, as you might guess, takes a turn. We then move on to the topic of "following your dreams" and those who shouldn't, namely a person Mark knew when he was younger. Tim has a great story he shares about two 15 year old girls in Florida who planned on killing younger kids and drinking their blood. Finally, we Tyler...


Rodent Problems, Gender Reveal, Forrest Gump Had AIDS, Good vs Bad Krogers

Mice, rats, rodents, how do you get rid of them? Tim shares a tale of the mouse annihilation that took place at his old house. We also find out the sex of Tim's soon to be spawn. Moving on, have you ever wondered what disease Jenny had in Forrest Gump? Have you ever wondered why Forrest didn't (or did) contract said disease? We break it down and Tim gives us a medical explanation. Finally, Kroger is a business that can't seem to standardize on standards. We cover that plus a few other issues...


Arizona Well Man, Mark's Feral Cat, Dog Giardia, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease

Back to the good stuff this episode. A man falls down a well in Arizona and is surrounded by snakes, what happens next will shock you <---click bait. We also discuss a giant con in regards to a crater in Arizona. Mark shares the story of his newly adopted feral cat. Tim's dogs have giardia. The Die Hard 2 man makes his mission clear. We talk about how terrible Branson and Gaitlinburg are. We wrap things up by discussing a disease near and deer to our hearts. Yes, we know how to spell. Thank...


A Dinner with Epizootics of the Blowhole

Tyler gave us a heads up that he would be providing dinner for us and what we initially thought was a good idea turned into our worst idea. Then it turned into sweet ASMR gold. Then we decided that we weren't going to salvage this episode and just commit to it. Once we did that we were pretty happy with the outcome. For those who don't want to rough it, we stuff our faces for about 23 minutes and after that we get to the good stuff which includes a steamy segment of Sunday School. Thanks...


Lil Xan, Prison Sex & Drug Smuggling, Dihydromyricetin, Squirrels

Lil Xan's recent overdose and subsequent anal blowout (we speculate) from flamin' hot cheetos is discussed up top. Warning right here, the next...let's just say good chunk of the podcast covers prison; prison rape, smuggling drugs in prison, survival tactics, and Tim dating Nick...in prison. Tim and Mark discuss the miracle pill known as Dihydromyricetin while Tyler and Nick take their normal stance as skeptics. Finally Tyler shares a hilarious story about a man attacked by squirrels and his...


Columbus Day, Tim Saves Mark's Life, Mansplaining, Sunday School The Wall of Jericho

Nobody cares about Columbus day except for Nick, apparently. Tim and Mark went hunting and true heroism was on display as Tim saved Mark from a copperhead. We mansplain how mansplaining isn't really a thing. Finally, Tyler brings Nick one step closer to salvation by telling him the story of the Wall of Jericho. Please continue to share the podcast and check out our friends of the show. Death Metal Dicks Podcast Trash Blood Podcast with Zac Slusher Local. Magazine of Little Rock


West End Closes, Kiss Sucks, Mumford Bands, Legos

Folks, we covered way too much in this episode so don't let the title fool you. That's just a snippet of this episode's nonsense. Cover bands, KISS, pop-punk, Ed Sheeran as a hobbit, John Mayer getting throat cancer from eating to much snatch, Dunkin' Donuts, and just about everything else in between is covered. Thanks so much for sharing and continuing to listen. You all are the best. Since you support us, give our friends a listen as well. We're just some folks trying to make cool shit in...


Jury Duty, Erotic Novels, Jiggle or Knock, TURP

Tim gets a special letter from the government. Apparently they haven't listened to this podcast and consider him suitable to serve on a jury, but Nick has a creative way to get out of it. Erotic novels, we pen one for your pleasure on this episode. Do you jiggle the handle and walk in or do you knock first at a public restroom? We had a poll on our facebook page for this question which ended in a tie so we sort it out. Finally, it has been brought to Mark's attention that there is a certain...