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Mimosas, Eldamite, Nick Sells His Sink, Water Births

We recorded this on Mark’s birthday which somehow lead into a discussion of booze you mix with orange juice. Spoiler, mimosas are always bad. Eldamite probably doesn’t mean anything to you, and to be honest it doesn’t really mean anything to us. It does have a pretty ridiculous story behind it. We revisit Nick’s troubles selling his sink although it is finally gone. Finally we discuss and watch some water births and discuss parenting tips. Thanks for listening and telling a friend! We all...


90’s Fads, Worst Piece of Clothing We Owned, American Juggalo, Sigurd the Mighty

Tim has got a bone to pick with Loblolly Creamery. Heelies, Soaps, LA Lights, Jncos. Relive the worst years of fashion. This inevitably leads us down a path discussing the worst piece of clothing we owned. Somehow we find ourselves discussing Juggalo culture and one of the best documentaries you’ll ever see, American Juggalo. We talk about how trash people get laid more than anyone. Mark is a huge fan of Bob Seger, so naturally everyone makes terrible Seger puns. Tyler gives us history...


Hot ‘N Ready Pizza, Eureka Springs, Rob Zombie & Horror Movies, Kevin McCallister vs Data

Oh hey friend. Enjoy this episode while you fill your face with a Hot ‘N Ready pizza. The pizza of podcasts, especially ours. We discuss the food and business model of Little Caesars. Tyler and Mark both have a coupld weird stories about time spent in Eureka Springs…a very odd town in the hills of Arkansas. Rob Zombie, does he suck? Kind of. I mean, c’mon…did you really like those Halloween movies? Finally, superfan Clint Savoy gave us a question to discuss. Which character had the best...


Flat Earth Theory, Lindbergh Baby, Facebook Marketplace, Tennis Shoes

We’ve got a real hot intro for ya, then it’s off to the races of nonsense. Flat Earth Theory…we discuss it and try to open our minds to the possibility that we live on a giant frisbee. Mark has problems remembering the story of the Lindbergh baby. We talk about the intricacies of buying and selling wares on Facebook Marketplace. And finally, Tim has a beef with tennis shoes. Plus plenty of filler! We get the humor in your ears all good and THICC. Topics you would never discuss. Expect...


Non-Christmas Movies, Crazy Hair Dresser, First Callers, Young Earth

Die Hard is not a Christmas movie…some of us disagree on that. Hair dressers, when have you known a normal one? We spend far too much time discussing this. In an Epizootics of the Blowhole first, we take a couple calls. Finally, Tyler decides to discuss young earth creation. Y’know, there’s a whole lot more crammed in there, but you’ll just have to give’r a listen. Hey, we’re giving away a Luxe Bidet to a lucky fan. How very EOTB of us right? Head over to our facebook page to find out how...


Chicken or Steak, Stork Story Origins, Super Soakers & Bleach, Homeschool & Tool

Well this one starts off with Nick getting mercilessly berated for food choices, but a tip of of the cap to him for standing his ground. We love food, what can we say? Anyway, we briefly discuss wrestling, the personas, and real life meme-ing before Tyler gives us a follow up to Tim’s big announcement by telling us the origins of the stork story. It’s absurd. We look back at youth and super-soakers which leads to some pranks involving bleach which Mark discusses. Finally there’s a schism...


Episode 50, Tim’s Big Announcement, Beach Drinks & Attire, Mark Hates Galveston

Well here it is, episode 50. First off, thank you to everyone who’s listened and told a friend about our podcast. It means a lot. So Tim decides to make a very big announcement in this episode which causes quite a bit of chaos for bit. We answer some of our buddy Clint’s questions about proper beach attire and drinks. This leads to beach stories, and Mark goes on a good Mark rant about how Galveston is his least favorite place with the worst beaches. Our beer this episode is the Belgo...


Childhood Dirty Words, Midwestern Accent, Zombie Bugs, Wiccans

What words did you think were terrible when you were younger? We rehash some of those up top before moving on to people who say “warsh” instead of “wash.” The correct pronunciation of “worcestershire” is hotly debated as well. Tyler has another nature segment about wasp or butterfly larvae which we repeatedly interrupt to interject puns. The Blade movies are briefly discussed and Mark tells you why Blade 2 was the best one. We finally wrap up by spending way too much time discussing...


Fruit Confections, Nick in the Movies, Vegans & Crossfit, Best Donut

Mark reveals to everyone how much he despises fruit based cakes and cookies due to Tyler claiming strawberry cake is his favorite. Nick goes off the rails while telling us about his life. All the guys band together against vegans and crossfit. Tim commits donut blasphemy. If you’re new to this podcast and this description doesn’t do it for you…well…that’s probably understandable. Give it a try though. It’s like beer. The first time you swear you’ll never make that mistake again. Then you...


Relatives Sharing Weather Updates, Baseball, Elementary School Diarrhea Jingles, Cannibalism in Scotland

Steve Harvey starts every Family Feud episode with “We got a good one for you today folks,” but he doesn’t know…he never knows. It could be a really bad episode. That’s not the case with this episode. So to that we say “We got a good one for you today folks.” Why do your parents or grandparents always know the weather in your area if they live hours away? Why does baseball suck so much? Mark weighs in. Do you remember what happens when you’re running into first and you feel a sudden burst?...


Cosplay Nerds, Clickbait, Crustpunks at Tim’s Pool, Joe Walsh & Scott Stapp

We speculate on the frequency of how often cosplay nerds are getting laid. Who’s clicking on clickbait these days? We are, and we let you know which types always get us. Tim shares an interesting story of litterers and crustpunks at his pool. Finally, Mark shares his thoughts on Joe Walsh and Scott Stapp. It’s a fun episode. Peppered throughout we discuss the Fresh Prince, 4th of July, Yard of the Month in Tyler’s neighborhood, Corvettes, and more. Beer on this episode: Rahr and Sons...


Our Intro Process, Whataburger, Favorite BBQ, The Uncanny Amount of Hair Women Shed

Oh man…the title doesn’t really do it justice. We’ve been going on some wild tangents lately. This episode is a testament to how scattered-brained we are, but also exactly how we want to do this podcast. Topics this week include our intro process, nature talks with Tyler, the latest ESPN body issue, Norm MacDonald, beer (of course), Capri Sun Straws, Whataburger, our favorite BBQ in Arkansas, and how much hair you find in weird places when you live with a woman. Check it out. Add some...


Discovering Dirty Magazines, Early Cable, Infomercial Pitchmen & Products

We got a nice throwback musical intro for you. Who remembers finding dirty magazines in a ditch? Who had a friend that had access to scrambled porn? We take a walk down memory lane, to a simpler time. We also end up discussing the best pitchmen and products you’ll come across in infomercials. RIP Billy Mays. That juiced up monster loved some cleaners. Of course there’s much more peppered throughout. Cheers!


Toilet Humor, Veterans Discount, A History of Nachos, Novelty License Plates

Hey folks, here’s your midweek fix of our nonsense. Good times being extremely childish sharing toilet stories. Then we have some confusion over the term “vet” while discussing options for Nick planning a bachelor party. Tyler gives us another history lesson on everyones’ favorite, NACHOS. Then we wrap things up discussing the dumbest novelty plates we’ve seen and Mark goes on a rant about not being able to buy booze on Sunday in Arkansas. We really do appreciate each one of you for...


Chat Roulette, Massages, Westboro Baptist, Fights

Hey folks! Mark kicks us off with a parody of the Growing Pains theme song and then we’re off to a hot start reminiscing over chat roulette. Tyler talks about getting massages and poses an intersting question to the rest of us. We discuss how the Westboro Baptist church missed their moment in time and also how dumb they are. Finally we discuss previous fights we’ve been in. Of course random topics are peppered throughout so check it out. Thanks so much for all the support. We greatly...


Mixed Drinks, Bartending School, Wes Anderson Sucks, Lil Neeson Movies

What’s your favorite mixed drink? We briefly discuss ours. Mark talks about bartending school. We also trash Wes Anderson, and righfully so. Liam Neeson comes up and the conversation moves to imagining him as a soundcloud rapper. It’s just four dudes discussing nonsense as per usual. Find us @eotb_podcast on twitter and IG. Hit us up on facebook. Say hi. Tell us a topic you’d like us to discuss. Cheers!


Father’s Day, Booze & Weddings, First Cars

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are both ridiculous holidays. We tell you why upfront and with conviction. Booze & Weddings was the best way we could tie in a couple random topics. We focus on wedding where this isn’t any booze, and Tim tells a story of a million dollar + wedding he got to attend. First vehicles have never been discussed so we tackle the crappy cars we owned when we first were granted access to the open road and a taste of freedom. Cheers!


Drugs, Scorpion Nature Talk with Tyler, Best Chain Restaurant, Shitty Jobs

Up top we discuss the first time we smoked fire cabbage. Tyler then decides to take us on another nature adventure and we spend way to much time discussing scorpions, which of course briefly turned into a conversation about 80’s metal. We give you our hot takes on the best chain restaurants and the frustrations of waiting tables. Tyler is up again with a story about giving a hooker a ride, and we briefly talk about shitty jobs. ***Yes they’re the same promos from the previous...


Wine & Incels, Herbalife & Plexus, Boring Superpowers, Lazy Roommates

Wine and Incels, what do they have in common? Nothing really, but we regularly tie in two topics that wouldn’t normally go together. We talk about Herbalife, Greens, and Plexus. Tim comes up with a new product to pitch for a multilevel marketing scheme. We rip on Intern Ryan. We also discuss the most mundane superpowers we’d like to have. Finally, stories are shared of lazy roommates who don’t clean up after themselves and sometimes leave raw chicken in the ice tray. All that and more on...


Wine & Incels, Herbalife & Plexus, Boring Superpowers, Lazy Roommates

Wine and Incels, what do they have in common? Nothing really, but we regularly tie in two topics that wouldn’t normally go together. We talk about Herbalife, Greens, and Plexus. Tim comes up with a new product to pitch for a multilevel marketing scheme. We rip on Intern Ryan. We also discuss the most mundane superpowers we’d like to have. Finally, stories are shared of lazy roommates who don’t clean up after themselves and sometimes leave raw chicken in the ice tray. All that and more on...