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The best farting & video gaming podcast in the whole of Essex, UK. Maybe.

The best farting & video gaming podcast in the whole of Essex, UK. Maybe.
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The best farting & video gaming podcast in the whole of Essex, UK. Maybe.








GAME FART #7 - New Consoles At Christmas, Somethings missing or Broken, Our own Christmas Greed

It's CHRISSSTTTTTTMMAAASSS!!!!! Everyone knows Christmas is about two things only * 1) Getting video games for Christmas 2) Farts after dinner So lets be honest, GAME FART IS PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! This week is a Christmas special. Have fun, and MERRY GAMEFARTMAS! (* Guess it's also about someone called Jesus too, but only slightly) # NEWS - There is a new fancy expensive controller for "Professionals" - Super Mario Run (Don't listen to journalists, it's shit, Chuckle World is better) -...


GAME FART #6 - Full Throttle Remake, Too Many Remakes, Old Games Rose Tinted Glasses

For 6 weeks now, three gaming novices have met up to discuss video games and farts. This week, there is a fourth member. AND HE IS A GAMING GENIUS! Non-wanky video games journalist, Nintendo Beta Tester and Windows Phone owner Matteo Muscas (https://matteomuscas.com / https://twitter.com/matteomuscas) joins us in game fart towers... game fart studios?... game fart asylum? We haven't made up a name for our gathering place just yet. But Matteo joins us there as our guest. We discuss some...


GAME FART #5 - Sleeping Dogs, No Mans Sky Update, Black Friday Sales

It's yet another day and yet another Game Fart. Another week down the drain, another hour plus wasted on audio about farts and video games. You life is wasting away. You know that right? I mean... Playing video games is bad enough, but listening to *other people* (especially THESE three idiots!) *TALK* about video games, in a one way conversation you can never respond back to in real time, no less... It's pathetic mate. It's just utterly pathetic. Shame on you.... THIS WEEK ON GAME...


GAME FART #3 - PS4 Pro Special - PS4 Pro + PSVR, The PS4 Pro, Messy Mid-Cycle Console Situation

Whoops, we just farted. FARTED OUT EPISODE THREE OF GAME FART!!!!!!!! Sony have fucked everything up and released the Sony Playstation V a.k.a. The Sony Playstation 4.5 a.k.a. The Sony Playstation 4K a.k.a. The Sony Playstation Neo a.k.a. The Sony Playstation 4 [Pro]. We tackle what a mess they have made, how it is actually kinda sweet if you have a 4K TV or PSVR, and discuss the MATRIX OF PLAYSTATION!!!! # NEWS - Nintendo Switch Pricing - Game PS4 Pro Discounts (no Fifa) # GOOD - THE...


GAME FART #2 - Nintendo Switch Special - We have Hope, Is it Underpowered?, An ugly history

For the first ever time it's the first ever sequel to our first ever episode... EPISODE 2, of GAME FART. A NINTENDO SWITCH special. Nintendo have not had the best luck with their last few slang for urine consoles, the Wii and Wii U. Will the Nintendo switch change things up? The guys discuss THE GOOD - THE BAD and THE UGLY of the looming Nintendo Switch! # NEWS - New GTA V secrets found - Read Dead Redemption 2 - Need for Speed Arena - The rendering between pixels on the upscaled...


GAME FART #1 - PSVR Special - PSVR Works, Lack of appropriately priced games, Motion Tracking Bugs

WTF, It's episode ONE of GAME FART! - The only podcast where we don't just talk about games, but we also talk about farts. PPPPFFFFFFFTtttttttttttttttt. It all starts here. From now on, every Thursday get ready to hear three brits with only a slight passing interest in video games fart out some facts as if they were knowledgeable. We tell you what we THINK about video games, sometimes other things too, keeping it light and fluffy with our own farted out opinions. This means we will of...