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The best farting & video gaming podcast in the whole of Essex, UK. Maybe.

The best farting & video gaming podcast in the whole of Essex, UK. Maybe.
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The best farting & video gaming podcast in the whole of Essex, UK. Maybe.








GAME FART #23 - The Genuinely Literally James Farmer Single Player Games Special

GAME FART #23 - The Genuinely Literally James Farmer Single Player Games Special Aaron was away again this week (second time this has happened - both times due to him going on stag weekends, the lucky bastard) so once again we invite in a comedian called JAMES to take Aaron's place, this time stand up comedian & writer JAMES FARMER (much like we did way back in episode 11 when Aaron was away, so we invited in comedian JAMES LOVERIDGE http://madcastmedia.com/shows/gamefart/11/) We also...



GAME FART #22 - THE PAUL FOOT "LUXURY GAMING" SPECIAL Oohh La La - It's time for the GAME FART luxury gaming special! WHY ARE WE STILL MAKING THIS PODCAST! This week we have a high class guest - famous and surreal UK comedian Paul Foot (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Foot_(comedian)) - and a high class theme.... Luxury Gaming. We have noticed gaming of late has become a bit of a luxury for the very wealthy (think PS4 Pro, PlayStation VR, XBOX One X) so we wanted to celebrate the very...


GAME FART #20 - THE BEST GAME FART IN THE UNIVERSE (2017 E3 Coverage with Maddox)

GAME FART #20 - THE BEST GAME FART IN THE UNIVERSE (2017 E3 Coverage with Maddox) We did it guys. WE DID IT! We finally made it to episode 20. The big two oooo. They said we'd never make it. And by they, we mean all of our closet friends and family. They all thought we were nuts for inventing a farting themed gaming podcast BUT WE DID IT ANYWAY and here we are today. Proudly farting out video game E3 coverage FOR YOUR PLEASURE. This bumper episode is longer than usual, is nothing but E3...


GAME FART: FART CLUB #1 - E3 2017 Day One News (Microsoft & Bethesda) with Adam (Camp Guy)

GAME FART: FART CLUB #1 - E3 2017 Day One News (Microsoft & Bethesda) with Adam (Camp Guy) SURPRISE! This is a brand new SECRET and MINI show for RSS subscribers, SoundCloud freaks and FART CLUB Facebook group members ONLY. This new complimentary show will be uploaded around once a week (or maybe more!) with breaking gaming news headlines and alerts as they happen! Hosted by Lord Matthew with (hopefully) regular listener call in’s, this new mini-fart show will allow us to bring you more...


GAME FART #17 - The Madcast Manly Games Special - Batman, Duke Nukem & Fifa

GAME FART #17 - The Madcast Manly Games Special - Batman, Duke Nukem & Fifa MEN. MANLY GAMES! Today, to celebrate being with Madcast for 10 weeks, we take time to appreciate all things MANLY and masculine in video games. Because, despite what you may believe, not all games are manly! Things of course go off track quite spectacularly at times, but overall we did a pretty good job of staying on subject this week. We also introduce a new alternative for our “news” segment for slower weeks,...


GAME FART #16 - WAR! The Game Fart WAR GAMES Special...

North Korea seem to have decided the world needs a nuclear war, so we at GAME FART fight through the terror and fear of it all by discussing what the best way to wipe your ass is, and occasionally talk about a few war themed video games. So buckle up and tighten your boots, it's GAME FART WAR! # BAD Fart - Real War Tasteless Entertainment # GOOD Fart - Accurate Representation of Wars in Games # UGLY Fart - The Sameness of the Characters # Gets a Mention - World War 2 - World War 3 -...


GAME FART #15 - Special Guests Bertie Peek & Chris Poole - Game Advert & Viral Video Producers

GAME FART #15 - Special Guests Bertie Peek & Chris Poole - Game Advert & Viral Video Producers Another week, another GAME FART! We have some awesome guests with us this week. CHRISTOPHER POOLE (http://cdpoole.com) and BERTIE PEEK (https://twitter.com/bertiepeek), two viral video producers from London who created some famous online video ads for No Mans Sky and The Last Guardian. The topic this week was VIDEO GAME MARKETING and the tangents reach far and wide! We also discus the little...


GAME FART #14 - The HUNGOVER Post Stag Special - Toad, Donkey Kong and Robotniks Stag Parties

GAME FART #14 - Fuck me, what a weekend. The Game Fart boys are barely alive after an intensive lads weekend away to Budapest to celebrate their friend Alan's getting married. BUT HERE THEY ARE ANYWAY, DOING A PODCAST FOR ALL YOU LUCKY INTERNET SODS! Not only that, but the Game Fart studio was blessed with the presence of the one and only RAYMOND NG - the best man of the wedding - to give some insights into the mentioned Budapest weekend, as well as various Nintendo games from his youth....


GAME FART #12 - The Biggest Dicks in Video Games, Digital Homicide, Duck Hunt Dog, Duke Nukem

GAME FART #12 - Oh my god, its episode twelve. When will this hell on Earth end. This week we say fuck it and talk about video games biggest dicks. Because who exactly is the biggest asshole / twat / bastard and knob-end of video games industry anyway? The guys discuss Aaron's wedding proposal, some bollocks about who's the most alpha male, and Duke Nukem for like the 10th time. ENJOY! # NEWS - Mass Effect 4 Disaster Characters - No Mans Sky is winning awards / updated # UGLY - Digital...


GAME FART #11 - The Funny Games Special, Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry, South Park Games (Again)

GAME FART #11 - Here we are - bringing you a GAME FART - even when we are one man down! This week, Aaron is away on a top secret wedding proposal weekend with his girlfriend, so we bring you an unusually quiet GAME FART, lacking Aaron's loud screeching statistics. BUT FEAR NOT! Because we have stand up comedian James Loveridge in the studio taking his place. James is famous for his legendary (sometimes naked) Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows, forgetting to purchase JamesLoveridge.com, and for...


GAME FART #7 - New Consoles At Christmas, Somethings missing or Broken, Our own Christmas Greed

It's CHRISSSTTTTTTMMAAASSS!!!!! Everyone knows Christmas is about two things only * 1) Getting video games for Christmas 2) Farts after dinner So lets be honest, GAME FART IS PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! This week is a Christmas special. Have fun, and MERRY GAMEFARTMAS! (* Guess it's also about someone called Jesus too, but only slightly) # NEWS - There is a new fancy expensive controller for "Professionals" - Super Mario Run (Don't listen to journalists, it's shit, Chuckle World is better) -...


GAME FART #6 - Full Throttle Remake, Too Many Remakes, Old Games Rose Tinted Glasses

For 6 weeks now, three gaming novices have met up to discuss video games and farts. This week, there is a fourth member. AND HE IS A GAMING GENIUS! Non-wanky video games journalist, Nintendo Beta Tester and Windows Phone owner Matteo Muscas (https://matteomuscas.com / https://twitter.com/matteomuscas) joins us in game fart towers... game fart studios?... game fart asylum? We haven't made up a name for our gathering place just yet. But Matteo joins us there as our guest. We discuss some...


GAME FART #5 - Sleeping Dogs, No Mans Sky Update, Black Friday Sales

It's yet another day and yet another Game Fart. Another week down the drain, another hour plus wasted on audio about farts and video games. You life is wasting away. You know that right? I mean... Playing video games is bad enough, but listening to *other people* (especially THESE three idiots!) *TALK* about video games, in a one way conversation you can never respond back to in real time, no less... It's pathetic mate. It's just utterly pathetic. Shame on you.... THIS WEEK ON GAME...


GAME FART #3 - PS4 Pro Special - PS4 Pro + PSVR, The PS4 Pro, Messy Mid-Cycle Console Situation

Whoops, we just farted. FARTED OUT EPISODE THREE OF GAME FART!!!!!!!! Sony have fucked everything up and released the Sony Playstation V a.k.a. The Sony Playstation 4.5 a.k.a. The Sony Playstation 4K a.k.a. The Sony Playstation Neo a.k.a. The Sony Playstation 4 [Pro]. We tackle what a mess they have made, how it is actually kinda sweet if you have a 4K TV or PSVR, and discuss the MATRIX OF PLAYSTATION!!!! # NEWS - Nintendo Switch Pricing - Game PS4 Pro Discounts (no Fifa) # GOOD - THE...


GAME FART #2 - Nintendo Switch Special - We have Hope, Is it Underpowered?, An ugly history

For the first ever time it's the first ever sequel to our first ever episode... EPISODE 2, of GAME FART. A NINTENDO SWITCH special. Nintendo have not had the best luck with their last few slang for urine consoles, the Wii and Wii U. Will the Nintendo switch change things up? The guys discuss THE GOOD - THE BAD and THE UGLY of the looming Nintendo Switch! # NEWS - New GTA V secrets found - Read Dead Redemption 2 - Need for Speed Arena - The rendering between pixels on the upscaled...


GAME FART #1 - PSVR Special - PSVR Works, Lack of appropriately priced games, Motion Tracking Bugs

WTF, It's episode ONE of GAME FART! - The only podcast where we don't just talk about games, but we also talk about farts. PPPPFFFFFFFTtttttttttttttttt. It all starts here. From now on, every Thursday get ready to hear three brits with only a slight passing interest in video games fart out some facts as if they were knowledgeable. We tell you what we THINK about video games, sometimes other things too, keeping it light and fluffy with our own farted out opinions. This means we will of...