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FSW Radio is a Star Wars comedy, parody, and satire podcast hosted by Storm Duper, IG-69, & Teeb Ront’r! Fake news for real fans. Some have described the show as the canon successor to the Star Wars Holiday Special. FSW Radio has interviewed Russian Troll expert Morten Bay, PhD, YouTube musician Ro Panuganti, Matt and Mark of The Hard Times, and even more!

FSW Radio is a Star Wars comedy, parody, and satire podcast hosted by Storm Duper, IG-69, & Teeb Ront’r! Fake news for real fans. Some have described the show as the canon successor to the Star Wars Holiday Special. FSW Radio has interviewed Russian Troll expert Morten Bay, PhD, YouTube musician Ro Panuganti, Matt and Mark of The Hard Times, and even more!


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FSW Radio is a Star Wars comedy, parody, and satire podcast hosted by Storm Duper, IG-69, & Teeb Ront’r! Fake news for real fans. Some have described the show as the canon successor to the Star Wars Holiday Special. FSW Radio has interviewed Russian Troll expert Morten Bay, PhD, YouTube musician Ro Panuganti, Matt and Mark of The Hard Times, and even more!




‘The Book of Boba Fett’ w/ Mark Austin – Faking Star Wars Radio

Join Storm Duper and Darth Drivel for this lively informative discussion with none other than Mark Austin, the cgi-animator turned actor who played Boba Fett in Star Wars: A New Hope - Special Edition. They discuss the Fett camaraderie surrounding the death of Jeremy Bulloch, the Book of Boba Fett insights and speculations, and riff in general on being a fan turned Star Wars creator. It's always an honor to have Mark in the studio with us, but remember next time Mark, no disintegrations...


‘Light of the Jedi’ Novel Read & Commentary – FSW Radio Podcast

War! As the nation crumbles under the threat of outer rim radicals, Storm Duper and Teeb Ront'r retreated into their hovel on Dagobah to discuss excerpts from new The High Republic novel; Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule. If you don't have time to read the Cliff's notes of the summary of the compendium of the tome of the full novel, start here! Be sure to check your facts twice as Teeb and Duper were in rare form in this episode.


Star Wars RPGs, Jedi Lore & More w/ RedVox – FSW Radio Podcast

Despite being an incel virgin simp, Storm Duper was able to convince the gorgeous and intelligent RedVox of RedVoxGaming to sit down with him in the studio. She went shot for shot with Duper on the cask-strength bourbon while they got into topics like her gaming/streaming channel, Jedi role-playing, character design, and Jedi lore. Duper may have been a bit smitten even, but we don't like to talk about his pathetic imaginary love life. Enjoy this interview, you might even learn a thing or...


Jen Markham: Star Wars TikTok Extraordinaire – FSW Radio Podcast

Vegan the Hutt tried to swallow his fanboy crush enough to get the words out with Storm Duper in this interview and discussion with Jen Markham, who has been crushing it in the Star Wars Cosplay Skit TikTok niche during the pandemic, amassing over 300,000 followers in just a few months! They discuss what it's like to be a world-famous Star Wars TikTok creator, the creative process behind some of Jen's most hilarious videos, and get into some juicy conversation about Star Wars in general. We...


The Star Wars Holiday Special Riff Track – FSW Radio Podcast

For some bizarre reason, some of the crew at Fakingstarwars.net thought it would be a great Life Day present to our fans to record a riff track to the Star Wars Holiday Special. So here is it. Storm Duper, Link Voximilian, and Teeb Ron'tr had seen it before but Ve'gan the Hutt was a virgin incel simp and had never seen it. Enjoy the hilarity as our four master fakers riff through the entire 1 hour and 37 minutes of this galactic failure. Remember though, according to master Yoda, the...


The George Lucas Talk Show w/ Ryan Jacobi & Patrick Cotnoir – FSW Radio Podcast

As if you thought doing a Star Wars podcast about fake Star Wars news and rumors wasn't weird and meta enough, Storm Duper sat down for an interview with Patrick Cotnoir who is the long-time producer of the bizarre and hilarious stage show "The George Lucas Talk Show", staring actor/comedian Connor Ratliff as George Lucas. Joining Patrick is Ryan Jacobi, the director of the soon-to-be-released documentary about the talk show, entitled "I'm George Lucas: A Connor Ratliff Story". The...


New Star Wars Announcement Extravaganza!! – FSW Radio Podcast

Storm Duper put down his pizza this weekend to welcome back Teeb Ront'r who has triumphantly returned from his capture and imprisonment at the hands of the assassin droid IG-69. It's just in time too, because they have a million and a half new Star Wars TV shows and movie announcements to discuss, speculate over, break down, destroy, spit upon, and put back together! All praise our Lord and Savior Kathleen Kennedy!!


Star Wars Toy Photography w/ Seth Fisher – FSW Radio Podcast

Seth Fisher is an indie filmmaker, photographer, vintage toy collector, and co-host of the podcast adventures in videoland. Storm Duper sits down with him finally after many years of trying to get him on the podcast to discuss his artwork, his experiences meeting some very interesting Star Wars talent at Cons of the years, and the future of the franchise. This is all-around stellar interview that will keep you entertained from start to finish! Don't forget to check out Seth's...


Interview w/ the Lord of Leaks, Paul from the Heavy Spoilers Show – FSW Radio Podcast

Self-Proclaimed Spoiler-Man, Lord Of The Leaks, Breaker Of News, and YouTuber with 400k subscribers, Paul from the Heavy Spoilers show flew in from England especially for this interview with Storm Duper! They discuss Paul's recent "drama" with Disney after successfully leaking a 100% plot breakdown of The Mandalorian Chapter 13. Paul delves deep into the mechanics of posting spoilers, Disney secrecy, and potential blowback from fans for the videos he posts. They also discuss the final...


The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special – FSW Radio Podcast

Ve'gan the Hutt and Storm Duper are reunited after a few weeks apart to discuss the recent LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. This is an action-packed episode, featuring a fake ad about Baby Yoda Bologna, a Twitter Poll, the return of everyone's favorite trivia game Duel of the Fakes, a lively discussion. Will Duper and Ve'gan lose their minds over all this LEGO Star Wars bologna? You be the judge!


Interview with The Star Wars Guy – FSW Radio Podcast

Storm Duper was able to land an interview with the man behind music for the recent viral video "Green Child of Mine". The Star Wars Guy (aka Dallas Dwight) is known for his music, his gaming channel on YouTube, and a lively discord channel. Duper gets the exclusive scoop in this interview on the intriguing tale of why the video got pulled by YouTube. The two also discuss the creative process of content creation, fan anger, and have some good laughs. The Star Wars Guy gives a great interview,...


Interview w/ Tom Rosy of 501st Documentary “Behind the Bucket” – FSW Radio Podcast

Listen in as Storm Duper interviews filmmaker Tom Rosy, a long-time member of the 501st, who is the man behind the documentary "Behind the Bucket", about his 501st garrison. Duper gets the skinny on how this fascinating documentary came together, and they delve into some the complexities of getting this project together during the time of COVID-19. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER: http://bit.ly/FSWdiscord FSW Radio is available on these platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn,...


Mandalorian Season 2 Spoilers and Speculations – FSW Radio Podcast

In this long-awaited episode, Duper and Ve'gan the Hutt talk about the latest hot spoilers and speculations for Mandalorian Season 2! They also play a fun audio trivia game, play "Marry, Murder, Hump" with Mando characters, there's some fake ads, plus a prank call from the Mandalorian himself to a Steel Factory! This is a FUN episode!


Interview w/ Ev Cosplay – FSW Radio Podcast

This interview will BLOW THE BESKAR right off your next Mando Cosplay! Storm Duper interviews the lovely Ev Cosplay and they chat about making creative content, cosplay stories, and Duper tries his best to avoid flirting with her in spite of her hilarious and clever wit and charm! A very funny and informative interview, THIS IS THE WAY! If you want to see the video version of the interview, head to our YouTube page: https://youtu.be/3zXRydYv17I Follow Ev Cosplay on Instagram, check out her...


Cuisine of the Galaxy Far, Far Away – FSW Radio Podcast

Join Storm Duper and Ve'gan the Hutt as they talk about everyone's favorite topic; food, but with a Star Wars spin! They break down their favorite Star Wars food scenes, speculate about possible merch, and blow their colons on Admiral Holdo's wheatgrass maneuver! They play a Duel of the Fakes presented by Link Voximilian, and Ve'gan the Hutt debuts Hutt ASMR. Duper also updates us on the mysterious and tragic disappearance of Teeb Ron'tr.


Star Wars Expanded Universe w/ Callum Johns – FSW Radio Podcast

Throw another Gungan on the barbie, mate! Join Storm Duper as he ventures down under to interview Expanded Universe expert and super fan, YouTuber Callum Johns! They talk Disney vs Legends continuity, which novels are the best entry point for new readers, play an EU trivia game, and more! Follow Callum on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.Looking to start reading the Expanded Universe? Check out Callum's video on where to begin.


Clone Wars Finale! – FSW Radio Podcast

Storm Duper, Ve'gan the Hutt, and Teeb Ront'r discuss the final season of the Star Wars animated series, The Clone Wars. This is a jam-packed episode with Duel of the Fakes, several fake ads, listener mail questions, and Darth Jar Jar calls Dave Filoni. Our hosts discuss everything from Ahsoka Tano's sexuality, Hutt basketball, and nauseating details from the Clone Wars finale! Follow Darth Jar Jar on Twitter HERE!Follow Dryden Voys on Twitter HERE!


Bleached and Quarantined! – FSW Radio Podcast

We're isolated! We're distanced socially! We're masked! Join Storm Duper, Teeb, and Ve'gan the Hutt as they discuss how the hope of Star Wars has helped in the midst of this Galactic Pandemic. We pulled out all the stops for this episode, with several fake ads, a bit from Darth Jar Jar, and the return of Duel of the Fakes! Don't wait for the CDC to tell you what you already know - this episode will cure all your corona-related blues! Follow Darth Jar Jar on Twitter HERE!


Last Jedi Fixed & More!! w/ Sir Kal – FSW Radio Podcast

Join Storm Duper as he interviews legendary Star Wars fan, YouTuber, and overall swell guy Sir Kal of GeekSource Entertainment! They talk Kal's love for LEGO games, making Star Wars fan films with his family as kids, the Skywalker Saga viewing order, which Trooper armor is best, The Last Jedi FIXED by Ivan Ortega, and much much more! Something for everyone during this time of self isolation. Enjoy! Follow Sir Kal on Twitter and Subscribe to his YouTube Channel The Last Jedi FIXED by Ivan...


Disney Star Wars & Fandom w/ Film-Nerd – FSW Radio Podcast

Welcome back fakers! This episode starts what will become a deep dive into all things Star Wars fandom related. Storm Duper chat with the titular film nerd of Film-Nerd.com and get his take on the Disney Star Wars film, fan vitriol, and the future of the franchise. Follow Film-Nerd on Twitter.