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False Starts: Gladiator (2000) - Episode 18

Are you not entertained? If not please don't leave a review. This episode we cover Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator'. Bad impressions, eyebrows, Randy Newman and so SO much history are coming your way. As always please like review and subscribe, find us on twitter @FalseStartsPod and for older reviews @FalseStartsPod on Youtube


False Starts Foreplay: Bad Times At The El Royale

Know what they call the El Royale in America? The Royale with Cheese. We discuss the new movie starring Ron Swanson and NOT Tom Holland, Bad Times At The El Royale! As always please like review and subscribe, find us on twitter @FalseStartsPod and for older reviews @FalseStartsPod on Youtube


False Starts: John Carter (2012) - Episode 17

Are you ready to travel with our hero Virginia to Barsoom, where he will meet the Shark Jeddak, Tars Tarkas? Will our hero be able to stop Sab Than and the Theres and find love with the Helium Princess, Dejah Thoris? Did reading that make your head hurt? Well we watched over 2 hours worth of it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Also Bryan Cranston is there... Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FalseStartsPod and please remember to subscribe and review.


False Starts Foreplay: The Predator

Welcome dear listeners. To the worst podcast we've ever recorded. Set on a holiday, genius child, quippy lead, super suits, Shane Black! That's right we discuss Iron Man 3ImeanThePredator! As always please like review and subscribe (but maybe base your review on another episode) and find us on twitter @FalseStartsPod


False Starts: REPO! The Genetic Opera (2008) - Episode 16

From the director of 3 Saw movies comes A MUSICAL!...Wait... what? (Checks notes) Oh, a gothic rock opera set in the future, about a serial killer who comes to repossess your organs. Also Paris Hilton. That sounds right now. We review REPO! The Genetic Opera and discuss the franchise it failed to kick start Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FalseStartsPod and please remember to subscribe and review.


Bonus Start: Cancelled Wonder Woman Pilot (2011)

Many thanks to our Twitter follower Gustavo for suggesting this as a bonus episode! We talk about NBCs 2011 failed Pilot for a Wonder Woman TV show and it is... odd. Why is her costume so cheap? Why is there so much boob talk? What's up with Liz Hurley? All these questions and more lie within. Remember to subscribe and review. You can follow us on Twitter @FalseStartsPod where you can vote for your favourite Wonder Woman series pitch and suggest any False Starts of your own.


False Starts Foreplay: The Happytime Murders

From the director of beloved kids movies, Brian Henson comes a movie that is... the opposite of that. We review the Happytime Murders, a movie 10+ years in the making. Does it show? Find out by listening! (The answer is yes, yes it does) Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FalseStartsPod and please remember to subscribe and review.


False Starts: The A Team (2010) - Episode 15

Join us this month as we discuss the film that you forgot was a thing - The A Team (2010) buh buh buuuurh, buh buh buuuurh, budadadaderder buh dadadadeerrrr theme tune! Your beloved False Starts Fellas discuss the problems of hiring felons and the mentally ill, the well known exotic locations of "somewhere in Mexico", the calous murder of innocent fishermen, and the general pitying of fools. Find our nonsense on [social media links] and vote for your favourite incoherent sequel pitch.


False Starts Foreplay: Hotel Artemis - BONUS

Yes you're right the title HAS changed again. Well spotted, gold star. The bonus episodes will now release BEFORE the main False Start. For reasons only we have forgotten. This episode the group saw Hotel Artemis and yes Lewis did actually get a chance to see it this time. But it was a mission. Find out why inside. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FalseStartsPod and please remember to subscribe and review.


False Starts The Sequel: The First Purge - BONUS

The boys watch The First Purge, when we say boys, we mean 2/3s of them As Lewis, just couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead he has his own ideas about what The First Purge is based off of nothing and no prior knowledge. Ashley and Dan attempt to carry on proceedings as usual. Remember to like, subscribe, share and follow us on twitter @FalseStartsPod


False Starts: Green Lantern (2011) - Episode 14

Quick imagine something, anything! Was it awesome? I bet it was. Well it turns out that Ryan Reynolds has no imagination at all because all he can think of are guns, planes and fisting! We review the 2011 waste of a Taika Waititi, 'Green Lantern'. Please like, comment, subscribe and share as you see fit and remember to vote for your favorite sequel pitch on Twitter @FalseStartsPod


False Starts: Battlefield Earth (2000) - Episode 13

WARNING: this podcast contains strong launage and bad John Travolta impressions. The boys are back with a new format! Hot off the heels of our PUNiversary we take a deep look at Battlefield Earth, possibly the worst sci-fi film ever made. Can we find anything worth praising in this woeful film? short answer: no. Long answer: god no. feel free to like, comment and subscribe. every upvote we get makes ash grow in size! P.S. Don't forget to vote for the best sequel pitch over on twitter...


False Starts: The Punisher: War Zone (2008) - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS!

The third and final part of our 1 year anniversary Punanza specials... OR IS IT??!?!?!?* Can Punisher War Zone repair the bonds broken by Punisher 2004? Can Frank Castle punch clean through a human skull? Listen to find out. And as ever, vote for your favourite sequel pitch and follow us on Twitter @FalseStartsPod


False Starts: The Punisher (2004) - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS!

It's the middle episode of our three Punisher movie specials and by jove it nearly ended a 12 year friendship. Things get heated as we discuss who made a better Punisher movie, Thomas Jane? Or Dolph Lundgren? As ever, vote for your favourite sequel pitch and follow us on Twitter @FalseStartsPod


False Starts: The Punisher (1989) - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS!

Welcome one and all to the first of THREE, Count them THREE special episodes celebrating our one year anniversary. That's right, its a PUNANAZA as we review all 3 Punisher movies. Starting with the Dolph Lundgren version. As ever, vote for your favourite sequel pitch and follow us on Twitter @FalseStartsPod


False Starts: Episode 12: - Super Mario Bros. The Movie (1993) / Deadpool 2

One year old! One year old! We mark the occasion with something special. A regular episode of False Starts Podcast! Super Mario Bros. The Movie is 25 years old. How do we celebrate that? By not acknowledging that fact at all because we reviewed it by sheer coincidence. Behind the scenes stories, screaming, threats of violence and constant drinking? Is this a description of the movie or the podcast? Heres a clue, it's both. All the usual shenanigans plus some exciting news about the future...


False Starts: Episode 11: - RocknRolla (2008) / A Quiet Place

This month we get our spoop on with A Quiet Place. We ask the pressing questions of a about the movie... Socks or Anti-Socks? Choose wisely. Our False Start for this episode is Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla in which a star-studded cast of poorly-named characters with terrible mockney accents try and fail to tell us exactly what a RocknRolla is... Please remember to Like, Rate, Review and Subscribe wherever you may listen to us, and vote for your favourite sequel and follow us on Twitter...


False Starts: Episode 10: - Keith Lemon: The Film (2012) / Tomb Raider

Welcome to our first family friendly episode! WARNING: Do not listen to this episode with your family... unless it's your Nan, she loves a good jizz joke. We recently all went together to watch a 4DX film - yay 4DX! Have a listen to what we think about it! Also it was during the new Tomb Raider movie so we may just talk about that too... but 4DX! Boy oh boy, we hope you like getting pummeled in the back for 2 hours! Can this latest iteration of Lara Croft break the curse of video game...


False Starts: Episode 9: - Master & Commander (2003) / The Greatest Showman

False Starts: Episode 9: - Master & Commander (2003) / The Greatest Showman Come with us on our nonsense nautical and naval adventure as we review Master & Commander The Far Side Of The World. The only movie where the title is longer than the film! The boys also review the new musical The Greatest Showman and Ashley has a PT Barnum quiz. Dad Jokes! Sea Shanties! Captain Pugwash and Egg Nog abound! And Lewis finally gets his revenge on Dan for the Xmas Episode. Many thanks to our Podwife this...


False Starts: Episode 8: - Step Brothers (2008)

Join the False Starts musical and singalong with all your favourite bits! In this episode we talk about the False Start 'Step Brothers' and 2018’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Can you hear the drums? Don’t put your nutsack on them! Plus all the regular news and sequel pitches. Poll result – 02:45 News! – 04:00 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – 10:57 Step Brothers – 46:20 Sequel Pitches – 01:31:05 Vote on the Twitter poll, find us on Facebook @FalseStartsPod and please like, review and...