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Two ExMormon sisters and their siblings share cocktails and expletive filled stories of growing up in a dysfunctional Mormon family and other tales of deviance, debauchery, and overall questionable life choices that probably shouldn't be repeated in public. Support this podcast:

Two ExMormon sisters and their siblings share cocktails and expletive filled stories of growing up in a dysfunctional Mormon family and other tales of deviance, debauchery, and overall questionable life choices that probably shouldn't be repeated in public. Support this podcast:


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Two ExMormon sisters and their siblings share cocktails and expletive filled stories of growing up in a dysfunctional Mormon family and other tales of deviance, debauchery, and overall questionable life choices that probably shouldn't be repeated in public. Support this podcast:






Fernet, Tequila, & Tattoos

Aaaaaaaaand we're back! The Mormon church has publicly come out in support of legislation that protects same-sex marriage (WHAT?!), we mourn the death of Twitter, and we dig way back into the vault of 2 days ago for a story about how we had 17 martinis and several shots of liquor each and made some magic happen with our good friends from WA. Our day jobs are super demanding at this moment in time and after 121 episodes, we are changing up our cadence to bi-weekly episode releases and...


Yeezy Come Yeezy Go

We are here to spread the gospel of our new church (House Of Blues), Mormon blessings, and share some laughs at the expense of the artist formerly known as Kanye West. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!! CONTENT WARNING: This week's episode contains some graphic and tasteless conversations about early-term miscarriage. If this is upsetting to you we suggest skipping this episode. --- Support this podcast:


Beef Wellington To Beef Bologna

Charlotte, Cortney, and Mandi stuff ourselves in the closet of a BNB in LA with the trashiest comfort foods we can find, hit up Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights, and spend an evening of costumes and cocktails at The Magic Castle. We also share our fitness tips for those who want peak performance from their body's blood alcohol tolerance for the Sunday NFL Seahawks vs. Chargers game at SoFi stadium. --- Support this podcast:


Costumes Required

Mandi reviews the local playhouse production of "Little Shop Of Horrors", we get stoked for our upcoming reservation at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, we try to make sense of Republican voters, and Charlotte and Mandi get kitchen tattoos in a less-than-sanitary college house. --- Support this podcast:


V. I. Peeing Ourselves

We're OBSESSED with Andor and having fun with Dragons. MTG asks for privacy so we'll give her the same respect she gave David Hogg, the teen she bullied after he survived a school shooting. Mormon Corporate Headquarters has officially sanctioned tattoos and making out, and we enjoy a Pixies concert at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA. --- Support this podcast:


Tiffany, Charlotte, and Mandi discuss the relevance of modern medicine, we dive into our collective PTSD uncovered by the new Netflix series "Sins of our Mother" about a Mormon woman who is brainwashed into a cult and (SPOILER) a lot of people are murdered, and we make Tiff the most jealous she's ever been because we went to the Corey Feldman show without her. In Loving Memory: ❤️Johnny Rainbow and Dr. Love Wisdom🌈 FOLLOW BAD MORMONS ON SOCIAL Instagram:...


We survived Sin City yet again, but not without seeing Tommy Lee's balls. Omega Mart and Area 15 do not disappoint, we miss a golden opportunity for quality podcasting, and Ron DeSantis and pals LITERALLY human traffic men, women, and children across state lines to Martha's Vineyard in a political stunt to "Own The Libs". MAGA people are garbage... change our minds. --- Support this podcast:

The Modern Lights

Sister Tiphphany joins us this week for a little light-hearted fun and a whole lotta rage. We have a new favorite Twitter follow, Jason Selvig, we bask in the glory of Richard Ayoade, and we finally get T-train's review of "Prey" the Predator prequel on Hulu. We also try to remember the events of that fateful night when T-stroyer survived the great puddle stomping of... some year we might as well call 1999. FOLLOW BAD MORMONS ON SOCIAL Instagram:...

Cautiously Optimistic

This week we take some notes from Shane Snow on how to have a productive debate, Mandi has an existential crisis, and we dip a toe into cautious optimism about the future of humanity. Did we ever tell you about that time Perry Farell played a show at Nordstrom in San Francisco? --- Support this podcast:

The Luckiest Punks At Lucky 13

It's been a delightful week in politics. Rudy Giuliani is on the verge of an indictment regarding his involvement with election interference in Georgia. Donald Trump was issued a no-knock warrant and several boxes of evidence were seized (no passports as the former guy claims). There's some super shady stuff happening at corporate Mormon headquarters. Charlotte confiscates fake IDs while Mandi gets lucky in the city by the bay. --- Support this podcast:...

Teenage Tattoos!

We here at the Church Of Evil celebrate death in all its forms and we are so grateful to the demonic entities making laws in the state of Indiana, USA. The magnitude of needless heartache, hardship, and agony in our future is almost unbelievable. Thanks Religion! Living hemorrhoid Alex Jones had his own ass handed to him in court, our neighbor town of San Clemente is begging for someone, ANYONE to please pay attention to them, and nothing screams BAD CHOICES like a 15-year-old getting a...

In The Beginning

Cheers to 110 episodes! Mandi gets a tattoo machine, Charlotte gets excited for our Dad to visit, and we tell a tale that starts in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, throws in an alcohol-fueled cruise ship adventure, and ends with a brand new baby podcast. --- Support this podcast:

Tales From The Tiki Bar - Pt. 2

Jump on in for this parable! Our friend Michael hosts us at the Tiki Bar where we speak nothing of politics and religion, and get straight into the LSD stories!!! Your favorite! --- Support this podcast:

Tales From The Tiki Bar

We recorded this episode at the hottest Tiki Bar west of the Mississippi! This was a super fun one as we play Mormon Corner catch-up with our long-time friend Michael. You are gonna want to hear about our movie recommendations, why Republicans and Democrats can both suck it, and you definitely don't want to miss this new perspective on an old favorite story. *Apologies for the audio it's a little static-y for the first 5 minutes --- Support this podcast:...


The D-O-Double-G

It's a major SUNDAY VIBE kinda show! If you enjoy mostly coherent champagne-fueled stories about Monkeypox, Mormon MomTok, romantic fantasies involving Paulie Walnuts, and the story of that time our sister sold weed to Snoop Dogg... you've found your new favorite podcast! --- Support this podcast:


Holy Hell Hotel

The coolest of shit: Stranger Things, The Secret Lives Of Pets, Magical Mornings! The fucker-est of this motherfucker: The SCOTUS stripping away our rights... again and again, right before our eyes. Charlotte attends an event in Monterey, CA, and in an attempt to do good and pay it forward, is scammed by a grifter. --- Support this podcast:


Life Begins At Conception...

...and ends with an AR-15. We dive into the crimes against humanity enabled by the most corrupt supreme court in America's history. We share tips and tricks on staying safe during a protest and what to do if you're arrested. With the passing of a childhood friend, we reminisce on simple happy memories and try to remember that life is too short to waste your time and energy pleading reason onto deaf ears. Do good, be kind, and stand up for those who need help. If you're considering...


You Can't Buy Cigarettes, The Baby Needs Diapers!

A parable: Covid has intruded on our Father's Day family reunion in the motherland. Charlotte finds sweet deals. Tiffany plays white trash for our entertainment. Mandi recalls an all-access pass to a show in Hawaii thanks to an old friend from Logan. --- Support this podcast:


Beaver Taco

As the pioneers before us, we travel through Utah to the land of Zion. Unlike the pioneers, we encounter a horrifying little food stop that is not fit for human consumption. A group of racist militia is detained in the back of a Uhaul truck in Idaho on their way to a pride parade in Coeur d'Alene. Mandi teaches Charlotte about the Aryan Nations and we attend a Founders Day celebration in a tiny farm town. --- Support this podcast:


Pro Life Reborn

Ex-Born Again Christian and former Pro-Life abortion clinic protester Susan joins us to share her story of growth and transformation along the journey of life... where we realize nothing is absolute and every human has more than one facet that informs their story. We also talk shit on the new 'Top Gun Maverick' movie. --- Support this podcast: