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The People Versus Enid Coleslaw

A gruesome murder. Willy The Wildcat, the school mascot, has been destroyed. Enid Coleslaw's binder was found at the scene of the crime. Kylie Jenner, school body president, will see too it that Enid burns for her crimes. Characters rolled this week: Kylie Jenner , Enid Coleslaw , Hot Rod , and Inspector Clouseau.


Popeye The Dead Man



An Assassination Christmas

This episode did not come out on Christmas day like it was supposed to. Would be pretty embarrassing if we mentioned that it was going to come out on christmas a lot.


Llewyn Davis Inside The Year 222222

Audio from ‘Inside Llewlyn Davis Trailer’ Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen from StudioCanal and CBS films. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Wonderwall by Oasis. Renditions from Sounds from by cydon, damjancd, dxe10, michellegrobler, abuseart, suburbanwizard, cydon.


Captain Underpants joins Ninja Sex Party

Music from Musicvine:,, Live and Let Die by Wings from Sounds from by spacejoe, qubodup, gregorquendel, florianreichelt, michalwa2003, alucardsbride, howardv, stomachache, joelaudio, stomachache, hukosp, gregorquendel, stomachache, reidmangan, skylar1146, ericsoundschmiede, stomachache, howardv, gamedevc, eguobyte, herraportti,


Shaggy’s Massive Scooby Snack

Music from Music Vine:,,,, Sound Effects from by InspectorJ, WavesInFrames , guinefurrie , YleArkisto ,


Dedan of OFF High

Dedan’s the toughest tough at OFF High School. But who’s this baseball-clad chump? Does he think that he is aLSo Tough-gUY?? Doesn’t he know that DeDAnN Is TuFGh Guy??!? Characters rolled: Inspector Clouseau, Bayonetta, Danny Sex-Bang, Dedan It me, Dmitri, I break house now; Pokémon Brexit-Dexit Debacle; Expressing oneself through Pokémon battle; Frozen II #GiveAnnaofArendaleASword; Carly-Rae Jepson already got one, guys, it’s only fair; the Moe-to-Mommy scale; Undertale before Undertale...


A Weapon To Surpass Metal Gear

Some dirty, no-good, machine-gun-wielding... fellas... have developed a new weapon. If Solid Snake can ever manage to leave his box, he just might be able to save the world from this newest threat. This buff, sexy, pyramid-shaped threat (with great skin!). Characters rolled: James West, Solid Snake, Alan Parish, Pyramid-head; The only thing that can stop a bad Super-Gun is a good Super-Gun; Sweet-ass airport fights; Hugo Weaving's sci-fi awards of excellence; A post Bart-kira world;...


My Wife The Were-Balto

Kermit is a Husky living in the wilds of Alaska. Or maybe he's still a Frog. Some sort of Wolf-Frog? Alright Kermit is Half-Wolf, Half-Husky, Half-Frog, but ALL MAN, and his wife is sick! He and Piggy must brave the harsh Alaskan wilderness to reach the town of Itidarod. Or maybe the trail is called Iditarod? Listen, only one of us saw Balto and it was a long time ago! Give us a break. Characters Rolled: Snufkin, Tracy Reardon, Kermit The Frog, Johnny Manziel; Better spin-off movies; You...


Rumble in the Robo-Jungle

We got ourselves a rumble, boys. It's robots vs animals when the juvenile delinquents of Animal High School square off against the strongest toughs of Robo-Tech Technical Institute. Knuckles, Bugs Bunny, and Hello Kitty must defend their turf from those low-life metal-heads Bender, Tom Servo, and Bumblebee. Knuckles knows he can handle those punks, but will Hello Kitty's insatiable bloodlust push the bonds of loyalty to its breaking point? Characters Rolled: Solid Snake, Knuckles the...


Finn the Dragon Boy

A magic amulet has turned Finn the Human into a big scary dragon a la Eustace Scrubb in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but ain't nobody learnin a lesson about hubris THIS time! Let's ALL become dragons; Hell Yeah! ; 90's pop unlocking hidden areas of our brains; Spencer is limitless now; Gangs with flair, get weird with it!; Everyone has their own alien; Cats is just Hamtaro for adults; I can see a lion whenever I want; Nobody's feelin the love tonight; Characters rolled: Rincewind,...


The Gospel According To Mario

Hi-i-I-I-i-i! Do you have a moment to hear about our Lord and Saviour Kirby? He came down from the stars to inhale our sins and wear them as fun hats. Chef Kawasaki has run out of wine, and only jars of his bath water are available! Can The Holy Kirby save the wedding, AND our immortal souls?? Forever and ever, Poyo Brrring-HA, Amen. OUR VERY FIRST EPISODE WITH A GUEST!! Big thanks to our intern Kat, who totally crushed it, and taught us all about fancy sauce. -Just call me Sailor Moon...


Teen Titans Go To A House Party

-Reading PDFs in The Matrix -Delve into the terrifying hellscape that is the Toy Story universe's immortal sense memory -Brands are alive and you should consider their feelings. My best friend Disney told me so! -Uncle Phil feelings -Will Smith's rappin' genie -Wanna make a cult with me?


Triple Dub; Triple Threat

Mixing up Rom Com titles. Spencer is knee deep in teen culture. Fashion. Players Unknown Battlegrounds and Fortnight. End credit thoughts. Neon Genesis Evangelion is on Netflix. More sequel series less remakes. George Lucas is afraid of people. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Using 100% of your brain. Which Italian actor was in Meet The Fockers? Theme songs should just repeat the characters name. Dubstep jokes are back. D&D podcasts. Video Games should be more compatible.


B 4 R T



President Weezer

Warning: some weird audio issues in this one. Gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem traps President Rivers Cuomo in one of his patented hard-hitting interviews ala Frost/Nixon. It's ...Spider/Weezer. Pokemon Sleep; Pokemon Dreams. Millenials are made of snakes, snails, puppy dog tails, and also clefairy star-dust. The Ins and outs of the Bat-Family. Debate club: what's YOUR Snape-take? Whole lotta Snape thoughts in this one. No lie, this one is... mostly Snape thoughts.