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Fearless Films Podcast is a weekly show where we walk through horror movies, breaking down the beats, discussing the lore and interesting trivia of all the best (and worst) in the horror movie genre.

Fearless Films Podcast is a weekly show where we walk through horror movies, breaking down the beats, discussing the lore and interesting trivia of all the best (and worst) in the horror movie genre.


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Fearless Films Podcast is a weekly show where we walk through horror movies, breaking down the beats, discussing the lore and interesting trivia of all the best (and worst) in the horror movie genre.




Episode 21 - My Bloody Valentine 3D

The inevitable remake strikes again, this time in 3D!!!!!! This week, the guys discuss My Bloody Valentine 3D, a nonsense title because it is not the third entry in the franchise, thus breaking a decades old rule. Kevin is astounded by the sheer number of "weapon thrust at the screen" kills, while Pete is repeatedly annoyed by plot contrivances in a movie where he really should just let it go. Grab a friend and a pair of 3D glasses, and enjoy getting a pickaxe thrown at your face for the...


Episode 20 - My Bloody Valentine

Happy Valentines!!! This week we celebrate the holiday of love with a slasher movie about... coal mines? The guys discuss My Bloody Valentine, a Canadian horror film about a pick-axe enthusiast who delights in serial murder and delivering heart-o-grams (literally). Kevin tries to figure out the mating habits of small town mining folk, while Pete criticizes the record keeping habits of early 80's medical institutions. Pull up a chair, cuddle up with a loved one, and enjoy My Bloody...


Episode 19 - Ghost Ship

This week, the guys learn all about the ocean salvaging industry... and ghost/soul salvagers, which is apparently a thing. Its GHOST SHIP!! While Kevin laments the career and hairstyle choices of actor Karl Urban, Pete tries to figure out the formula for how many souls one needs to collect to get medical benefits in Hell. As a Valentine's gift to his wife, Pete breaks down this absurd early-2000's ghost flick because it is one of her favorites. On the plus side, Pete enjoys making Kevin...


Episode 18 - The Witch

This week, the guys explore the dangers of life in colonial New England with The Witch. While Pete explains the health benefits of regular wood chopping exercise, Kevin sympathizes with the struggles of raising rowdy children. All while examining the dangers of living next door to a witch. Try not to make any deals with the Devil before you listen to our next great episode. And remember, don't get too scared...


Episode 17 - Midsomer

This week, the guys have changed their European travel plans from London to Sweden. It does not go as planned. Kevin relives the horror of writing a college paper, as well as the horror cult mating rituals that involve putting... things in other people's food. Pete relives the horror of freeloading around college students trying to work, and reminds everyone that going off by yourself in a strange environment is A BAD IDEA! Join us for Midsommar! And remember, don't get too scared...


Episode 16 - Hereditary

This week on Fearless Films, the guys survive the emotionally draining endurance test that is Hereditary! While Pete goes over driving safety tips, Kevin is tested on his Bible trivia, specifically relating to how many devils there are down in Hell. This harrowing tale of family, cults, possession, and miniature models will chill you to the bone! Don't get too scared...


Episode 15 - US

On this week's episode, the guys come face to face with the scariest thing a person can encounter... themselves!! It's dopplegangers and doubles this week with Jordan Peele's US. Kevin points out mistakes in proper boat maintenance while Pete breaks down why your food pyramid only has one level - rabbit. Join the guys as they confront their darker selves, and remember... don't get too scared...


Episode 14 - New Years Evil

This week on Fearless Films, we ring in the new year with an old slasher. Proving that there is a horror movie for any occasion, New Years Evil celebrates slashers in style! Kevin meets his breaking point for incompetent killers, while Pete can't stop grooving to the 80's punk soundtrack. How do you explain a movie that starts with a mystery, then reveals the secret, only to reintroduce the mystery again at the end? Is it worth trying? Get your confetti and part poppers ready, and prepare...


Episode 13 - Black Christmas (2006)

It's back...... Black Christmas! The boys are again subjected to the horrors of this Holiday Horror, but updated with a mid-2000's aesthetic. The kills are more brutal, but the characters are basically non-existant. Join us as we explore how a remake can take things in the complete opposite direction of the source material and still leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. Kevin roots for his favorite Scream Queens to make it to the end, while Pete just wants it to be over already.


Episode 12 - Krampus

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, they guys learn the true meaning of Christmas: be good, or else an angry German spirit will send you to Hell! Pete learns a new favorite word, and that word is KRAMPUS! Kevin just wonders how this horror movie is any different than his normal family holiday gatherings. Join the guys as they discuss gift giving, decorating taboos, and storytelling in the style of Rankin/Bass TV specials. Krampus is coming to town... don't get too scared...


Episode 11 - Gremlins

On this week's episode, the guys learn that size doesn't matter if you have strength in numbers. That's right, its the classic 80's creature feature: Gremlins! While Pete is busy reveling in practical effects and nostalgia, Kevin explains the woes of business ownership and capitalism in America. And remember, there are three very important rules for this film: 1. Never watch it on an empty stomach. 2. Always watch it with the whole family. 3. Don't get too scared...


Episode 10- Get Out

In this week's episode, the guys tackle a movie built entirely on what every audience shouts at the people in horror films: GET OUT! Join us as we decide at what level of uncomfortable is it okay to bail on your in-laws. Kevin practices his 100 meter dash while Pete attempts home brain surgery! Don't get too scared...


Episode 9 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In this week's episode, Pete introduces Kevin to the madness inducing nightmare that is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Kevin gets fed up with terrible naming conventions in the horror genre, while simultaneously teaching Pete a valuable lesson about respecting the law and other people's property. How many people must die before it qualifies as a massacre? Is a slaughter more or less? How about a murder spree? All of this and more will give your family some great talking points this...


Episode 8 - A Quiet Place

In today's episode, the guys discuss a very special gimmick episode. In 2018's "A Quiet Place" a family is under siege by monsters who are blind but have super sensitive hearing. While Pete tries to explain their plight, Kevin laments the family's decision making skills. Build a sound proof room, or live next to a noisy waterfall. Light a crackling fire, or just use a flashlight. Join us as we loudly pick apart the turmoil of A Quiet Place. And remember, don't get too scared...


Episode 7 - An American Werewolf in London

In this week's episode, the guys take a trip across the pond to see the sights in Europe, all while avoiding the local wildlife. Pete breaks down An American Werewolf in London, while Kevin breaks down inept police, excitable nurses, and Muppet cameos. Join on for this classic monster flick that features the greatest werewolf transformation on screen. Don't get too scared...


Episode 6 - 1922

In this week's episode, the guys learn the value of a hard day's work on the farm. Going over their first movie based on the work of horror legend Stephen King, Kevin and Pete compare their family values to those of a deranged and prideful Nebraskan farmer. "1922" shows us that if you try to solve your problems with murder, you may get back exactly what you deserve and more. Don't get too scared...


Episode 5 - Halloween Franchise Breakdown

In a very special episode of Fearless Films, Kevin and Pete go on a journey to figure out this convoluted mess of a franchise that is known as Halloween. Halloween is a movie series that has been rebooted, retconned, and resurrected so many times that it has become harder to kill than Michael Myers himself. Pete does his best to untangle all of these various movies threads, from the original six, to the Rob Zombie remakes, to the brand new Blumhouse retcons. Kevin does his best to retain...


Episode 4 - Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

On this weeks very special episode, the boys get to experience a franchise suddenly becoming an anthology series. Instead of their beloved masked murderer, they face the horrors of American capitalism mixed with ancient magical forces. Pete wonders if everything he saw was just some mad fever dream, while Kevin decides whether or not his kids are allowed to dress up for Halloween ever again. Do you dare join them for on an adventure featuring a middle aged alcoholic protagonist, evil...


Episode 3 - Halloween for October Part 2 Halloween 2

In this episode, Pete describes the first Halloween sequel, beginning the 80's slasher franchise wars. Learn why hospitals are no longer a safe place in a dangerous situation, especially when it has staffing problems. Kevin continues to test his angelic avenger theory, and develops a new fear of hot tubs. Enjoy episode 3 of Fearless Films... don't get TOO scared.


Episode 2 - October for Halloween Part 1 Halloween

In this episode Pete dives into the first of the Greats in the slasher world- Halloween (1978) Listen along as we get to hear the rise of Michael Myers, the longest running slasher in the genre. Pete shows you the world through this mad killer's eyes while Kevin... wonders about angelic intervention and Butcher knife tensile strength. Join us on episode 2 of Fearless Films... Don't get TOO scared.