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Long time friends become enemies each week as they debate about whether a randomly selected film from the IMDB top 250 deserves to be on the list

Long time friends become enemies each week as they debate about whether a randomly selected film from the IMDB top 250 deserves to be on the list
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Long time friends become enemies each week as they debate about whether a randomly selected film from the IMDB top 250 deserves to be on the list








The Green Mile

On this week's feud, Vikram and Vidur debate The Green Mile. They begin by finding common ground and agreeing that Mr Jingles the mouse gave the best peformance. Vidur cannot stop bringing up the director Frank Darabont’s previous prison-based classic - The Shawshank Redemption while Vikram deep dives in to reddit threads on how many units of magic John Coffee transferred. Vidur takes the feuding to the next level by reciting a poem he wrote on the movie. They even attempt winging a...



On this week's feud, Vikram and Vidur assume the avatars of Jai and Veeru respectively to feud one of the biggest Bollywood films of all time - Sholay. The difference is that instead of Jai’s trick coin, they use the impartial Film Feud coin. And instead of being BFF outlaws who take on a revenge mission in a small village where they both find love, they simply sit in a studio and feud. They realize they both have reverence for iconic dialogues and commend how the comedian Asrani has...


The Prestige

They feud, you decide! Tweet to Film Feud @filmfeudpod ( and vote on who you think won the feud. On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram display a rivalry that mirrors the movie they are feuding - The Prestige. Despite them both being fans of Christopher Nolan, their feud ends up as intense as Borden vs Angiers, or as they refer to it, Batman vs Wolverine. Comparisons to The Illusionists are dealt with quickly, followed by some more interesting comparisons to...



They feud, you decide! Tweet to Film Feud @filmfeudpod ( and vote on who you think won the feud. On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram are ready to claw each other in the face as they abandon the film feud wheel for the first time and feud over a fan-suggested movie from the IMDB top 250 - Logan. After ranking all the other movies in the X-men universe, they discover a shared hatred for the previous solo entry - The Wolverine and a shared love for another R...



Stick around till the end of the episode to learn how you can decide the film for next week's feud! On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram are ready to hug each other's faces off as they head in to the feud about Ridley Scott's Alien. Comparisons of the Xenomorph on the ship, to Jaadu, the cute alien from 2003's Bollywood classic Koi Mil Gaya start early and don't let up. Things heat up when Sigourney Weaver is compared to Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson. In return, the alien itself is...


Gangs of Wasseypur

Warning: Much like Gangs of Wasseypur, this episode of Film Feud is extra NSFW On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram come out guns blazing as they clash over a bollywood movie and the longest movie on the IMDB top 250 - Gangs of Wasseypur. With 5 hours of movie to feud over, the feuders waste no time. One instantly begins comparisons to the Godather while the other claims his college experiences numb him to an important part of the movie. Things heat up when Vikram whips out his Bhojpuri...


Mini Feud: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Need a quick 10 minute dose of film feud? Check out a shorter version of the 2001: A Space Odyssey feud. A visual and intellectual masterpiece or a pretentious and indulgent snoozefest? They feud, you decide! Tweet to Film Feud @filmfeudpod and let the feuders know who you think won.


Pixar's Up

On this week’s feud, Vidur and Vikram rise up to the challenge of their first animated movie - Pixar’s Up. One admits to getting choked up during the movie while the other claims to be wound up by the second act. They bring up Pixar’s movie formula, discuss which plot holes needed patching up and finish up with a proposal to replace the film on the IMDB top 250 with a Hindi drama. Things heat up when discussing the likelihood of flying houses in post 9-11 America and with no one to break...



Ali vs Frazier. Creed vs Balboa. And now: Vidur vs Vikram. This week's feud goes the distance as the feuders trade verbal punches over the original Rocky. The inevitable comparisons to other sports classics leaves one of the feuders gasping for breath. He rope-a-dopes his way back in to the feud by delving in to the inspirational backstory of Stallone's life and the film's production. They clash over theme songs, academy awards and why Rocky is screaming Adrian at the end. An overrated...



On this week's unforgettable feud, Vidur and Vikram are faced with a high stakes coin toss as the film feud wheel picks a Christopher Nolan film - Memento. Atfer a quick discussion of the bollywood and pixar version of the same concept, things heat up when the feuders realize they have different interpretations of the ending. They clash over directors cuts, uses for anterograde amnesia and tattoo ideas. A genius mind bending neo-noir thriller or a confusing indulgent student film? They...


The Departed

Is The Departed Martin Scorsese’s best movie? Should he have won that long overdue Best Director oscar for it? “Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe f*** yourself” This is how Vidur and Vikram imagine Mark Wahlberg’s character Sgt Dignam would handle this week’s film feud. They take a slightly different approach. After finding some common ground about this being Marky Mark’s greatest performance ever, they delve in to whether this was a good version of the Hong Kong movie its based on (Infernal...


Before Sunrise

Is it even possible to debate a movie thats 100% on Rotten Tomatoes? Vidur and Vikram are up to the challenge on this week's feud as they clash over Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise. Extremely simple french names are constantly mispronounced while the phrase warm and fuzzy is called out for being overused. Things get heated when the movie is deemed a litmust test for romance and old girlfriends are subtly insulted. A perfect encapsulation of young love or annoying 23 year olds walking...


The Hunt (Jagten)

On this week’s feud, the film feud wheel lands on a movie that neither Vidur or Vikram have even heard of - Thomas Vinterberg’s Danish drama Jagten (The Hunt). Always welcoming an opportunity to build their film festival credentials, the feuders watch another non-English film. Both end up bummed out at the end but one of them claims its a good thing. Informed discussions include Danish cookies, Danish toys and Danish pop bands. Uninformed discussions include Danish films, Danish...


2001: A Space Odyssey

On this week’s feud, Vikram and Vidur discuss Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, fluctuating their arguments between extremely high brow and extremely low brow. After a very high stakes coin toss, some time is spent comparing real life 2001 and Kubrick’s 2001. The feud intensifies when Vidur's art credentials are questioned and comparisons are made between the film and trashy EDM. They agree to act by act and Vikram discusses the difficult unanswered questions in each act as part of...


City of God

Should a film depicting decades of gang violence in a Brazilian favela also teach us where our food comes from? Vikram and Vidur explore this and other important topics on this week's feud as they argue over the show's first non-English non-American film - City of God (more like City of Pod?). Vikram's more passionate than he has ever been causing him to switch to his mother tongue in key moments. Vidur shares his unique strategy for rising to the top if he woke up in a favela tomorrow....


The Wolf of Wall Street

On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram begin by agreeing that this film is definitely not director Martin Scorsese's best. But the film feud coin disrupts the peace and things get heated quickly. Vidur's days working on wall street give him delusions of grandeur but Vikram is not impressed. Vikram offers a new perspective on what makes a good movie and Vidur can barely hold in his scoffs. Important questions arise. Should comparisons to Goodfellas be allowed? Does it matter whether it was...


Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The film feud wheel picks a film that Vidur and Vikram could go on for hours about - the very first Star Wars. Both confess to being Star Wars nerds so the film feud coin toss is extremely high stakes. Vidur realizes he has never actually seen A New Hope in its entirety while Vikram is watching it for at least the 10th time. There is much baseless bickering, light swearing and comparisons to other movie franchises, both mainstream and obscure. And of course, a heartfelt RIP shoutout to...


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