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Episode 28 | Find a New Andy

We're finally breaking the silence about the change in personalities on the show. This week's episode is all about getting to know our new Andy, Andy Gold. Mostly we talk about Mormon stuff.


Fine and Dandy | Episode 27 | Leah Mendelson

Leah Mendelson is an OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Instructor and joins us to talk about all things orgasm! We talk a little about the organization she works for, OneTaste, and then get into belief systems, super secret sex menus, masculine vs feminine orgasms, the sex we want vs the sex that’s available, leading with feelings, hide-chasing, shutting down desires, sex toys, and of course nerve endings! It's a really fun episode!! For more info, check out OneTaste and watch their TEDx Talk! ...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 26 | Gurutej

We’re joined this week by Gurutej, who is a Kundalini Yoga Master! She talks with us about all adding months to the calendar, feeling our feelings, validation, ego, superconscious, dragonbreath, turbans and brain plates, chakras, the importance of names, veganism, rollerblades, the 40 day theory, and probably the most important: dairy! Go to her website and check out the Flip Charts and try some of the exercises in her book The 13th Month!!


Fine and Dandy | Episode 25 | Katie Willert

Katie Willert joins us this week to talk about working the red carpet at E! and about working for tracksuit bros who make stun gun gloves on the clock. Turns out there's a big difference. We also get into relationships, honesty, setting boundaries, lying, SNEAK DATES, and self care. AND we figure out what women want at work... Follow Katie on Twitter!!


Fine and Dandy | Episode 24 | Eric Watts

This week we sit down with Eric Watts, a rising star in the Los Angeles wrestling scene. We get into the business behind the business, like unionizing and getting paid… but we also talk about the human side, like where Eric finds the anger that he sometimes needs to get in the zone and the big themes of fear, racism, sexism, and homophobia that still cover the surface of the sport. We had a blast making this one and hope to see you at Bar Wrestling next month. Follow Eric on Twitter and...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 23 | Shannon Coffey

Our guest this week is Shannon Coffey. She sat down to talk with us about growing up in Puerto Rico, microagressions, spotting misogyny, and THIS BULLSHIT from Iliza Shlesinger. It's a really fun one! Check out Shannon doing a half hour set at The Clubhouse on Feb 23rd! And follow her on Twitter!


Fine and Dandy | Episode 22 | Carlos Santos

Our guest this week is Carlos Santos. He’s an actor, comedian, and improvisor originally from Puerto Rico, currently living in Los Angeles. We talk about translating comedy, typecasting, his time at MTV, going broke to pursue your passion, doing accents for work, and US relations with Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Carlos will be at UCB Sunset on March 2nd for Spanglish Aqui Presents and will be doing full on Spanish improv shows at Floridita. Check their calendar here for...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 21 | Fat Tony

Daniel’s favorite rapper Fat Tony sits in this week to talk about ALL KINDS of great stuff! We get into the grind of the music business, living abroad, building confidence through art, getting kicked off tour, entrepreneurship in hip hop, the N word, ODB, RABDARGAB, Brooklyn, Paddington 2, In Living Color, punk, and Tony’s little brother Charles. Here’s an essay Fat Tony wrote about his brother. Also check out his band Charge it to the Game and see one of his upcoming shows: The...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 20 | Ryan O'Connor

WE ARE BACK FOR REAL THIS TIME! And joined by “accidental feminist” Ryan O’Connor to talk about bad words and all the selfish reasons to pick up a worthy cause. As co-host of the podcast LadyWatch, Ryan has found himself as a strong voice of modern feminism. As such, we wanted to get his opinion on the possibility of Oprah running for president. But we didn't stop there! We also talk about youth theater, straight porn vs gay porn, being “verse,” hankie codes, Los Angeles murders, weight...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 19 | Alison Segel

Hey! We’re back from a short hiatus and have a killer show for you! Alison Segel is in the studio (dining room) with us talking about some really important stuff! We get into societal norms, gaslighting, gender pronouns, misogyny, Hollywood creeps, and hitting on strangers via social media. And Andy shares about how he grew up and the changes he’s made. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram, and definitely check out her regular sex and dating column on Elite Daily! And follow...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 18 | James Adomian

Joining us this episode is James Adomian, who is a man of too many talents to list! We talk about growing up as a gay jock, coming out and losing friends, and trying to be gay on the poor side of town. Also, oddly enough, mythology and religion come up a ton! Find James on Twitter and look for his new FB and YouTube pages soon.


Fine and Dandy | Episode 17 | Solomon Georgio

Dan and Andy wore suits to sit down with writer/comedian Solomon Georgio and talk about race, politics, queer culture, growing up in Seattle, and our relationships with our parents. Each of us also reveals something from our past that wasn't super progressive and we aren't proud of. So definitely tune in for that! Solomon's Comedy Central Half Hour and album will both come out later this year. Until then you can follow him all over the internet! Twitter / Facebook / Instagram


Fine and Dandy | Episode 16 | Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

On our first international show, Daniel is joined by Nastaran Tavakoli-Far, all the way from London via the magic of the internet. We talk about what it’s like growing up as an immigrant in England and what that does to one’s sense of personal ambitions. Of course, without Andy guiding the conversation, Daniel takes things all over the place and we end up talking about envy, masking intelligence, male feminism, complicated people, economics, and how Dan is the wife of the show. Along...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 15 | Alice Wetterlund

This week we’ve got comedian, actor, and ex wife of Andy, Alice Wetterlund! She sits in to talk with us about sobriety, getting divorced and staying friends, finding spirituality, control issues, and show business! But Alice is also an activist with Black Lives Matter and shares some experiences with that as well as what we can do to be supportive given our position as white people and how to check our ego when someone tells us we’re wrong. ALSO we have a very special VulnerabiliBuddies...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 14 | Baron Vaughn

This week we’re hanging out with Baron Vaughn. He talks to us about growing up in Vegas, performing arts school, race construction, privilege, double consciousness, and how attractive scapegoating can be. We also get into what parents of color have to do/say to keep their kids safe, as well as the myth of fatherless black children. For more on that, FOR SURE check out Fatherless. You can also see him on Grace & Frankie and the new Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, and listen to...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 13 | Rhea Butcher

We’re late this week, but we have an amazing guest to make up for it! Rhea Butcher showed up to talk to us about literally everything! We dive into racism, sexism, Charlottesville, baseball, rape jokes, sobriety, and how to own up to our mistakes and "be a man." The biggest things we learned this week are how to handle people with love and compassion, even when they’re wrong… and how to attend a protest without creating a riot. Check out Rhea and her wife Cameron Esposito on Take My Wife...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 12 | Charlottesville

We had a couple of guests fall through this week and decided to keep it short and sweet. With all of the crazy racist shit going on in the country, we want to speak out, but also think you should be listening to the folks more directly affected and want to save some time in your week to do so. Check out some POC/LGBTQ/Female produced podcasts and independent news sources. We'll be back next week with someone who can speak to us from personal experience.


Fine and Dandy | Episode 11 | Jake Millan

Today we’re talking to Jake Millan about how to save the planet. Jake works for a VERY famous car company that can’t be named for legal reasons… but let’s just say they’re the largest American electric car company and everybody wants one. Buckle up, cause we’re talking sustainability! This means solar vs hydro, composting, reducing waste, and how the US military is a driving force in progressive energy and reversing climate change. Who knew?! You can follow Jake on Twitter and send...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 10 | Kasey Koop

We’re joined by comedian, author, and stripper Kasey Koop this week to tell us how she became a sex worker, how she got sober, and how she balances the two. Fair warning: we talk a lot about sex, porn, masturbation, and all that good stuff… it gets a bit graphic. But we also get super deep and fairly dark, discussing fears, addiction, self sabotage, and hitting rock bottom emotionally. Check out her podcast, Kasey’s Freek Show! By the way, if you have any questions about sobriety or...


Fine and Dandy | Episode 9

This week our guest cancelled, so we take the opportunity to address some feedback, give some shoutouts, discuss ways to improve the show, and dig into some serious vulnerabilities. Curveball! Andy IS Dan’s VulnerabiliBuddy! AND we finally recap the mirror exercise that Gemini told us about in Episode 5! Please check out our new friend Naz and her show The Gender Knot. You can find it on iTunes or AudioBoom. And be sure to follow her on Twitter!