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The Recurring Sock Gag Strikes Back – Episode #18

Merlot returns, Steve finds an old gag in the laundry basket Bud wishes we could wash away. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 5:01 – Bud sends a message to all rich people trying to break ridiculous world records. • 8:21 – We create a disturbing Back to the Future porn parody and share a story about Biff […]


The Res-Erection: Secret Passions of the Christ – Episode #17

Our esteemed and fearless producer Marilyn Merlot finally joins the program! We missed recording all the good parts though, so here are the filthy, filthy remains. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 3:35 – Little Jimmy has certain videos he likes to rent at the last standing Blockbuster Video known to man. • 12:02 – We read a list […]


Lunch Lady is in Your Blood, Boy – Episode #16

Bud & Steve clear their laundry list of topics, and discover shocking truths inside each other’s old school cafeterias. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 3:31 – Bud shares an embarrassing vacation story in which he forgets a key member of his family. • 7:26 – Taco Bell is serving alcohol now. Yes, that is a thing. • 11:40 […]


Blame it on the Meth! A Serious Discussion on Drugs and Mullets – Episode #15

The world is full of temptations, and Bud & Steve dig deep into every one of them. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 2:24 – Bud and Steve discuss the devil’s drink, the devil’s lettuce, and a few other of the devil’s miscellaneous narcotics. • 6:15 – Mullets! Why are they still a thing?! Seriously, someone tell us! • […]


The Death of Cereal: No Longer Part of this Complete Breakfast – Episode #14

Alexa joins the program to talk about cereal and the dwindling excitement in cereal in the youth of today; Steve samples Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch and his world is changed forever. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 4:30 – Steve made a trip to the fish store and you’ll never guess what he saw there! Also mermaids. • […]


Things That End Friendships – Episode #13

Bud & Steve chronicle the rise of Mr. Tickles…and also discuss things friends do to end friendships. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 3:42 – Bud shares a story about a former roommate who couldn’t keep it in his pants. • 8:51 – Steve recalls he purchased a box of subs from a local delicatessen earlier, which leads to […]


Tide Pods and What Not To Do With Them – Episode #12

Is culture dying with the advent of Internet Challenges? Would you try the Great American Challenge? Why are there so many songs about underage girls? These questions aren’t answered in this episode so if you know, please tell us. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 2:17 – Bud and Steve discuss how internet challenges are slowly killing our culture, […]


Don’t Die – Episode #10

Photo via Good Free Photos The Chatterers welcome back Ese to discuss drinking and hangover cures, then Bud brings up the career of Val Kilmer and things take a dark turn. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 2:40 – The gang has a serious and sobering discussion about how drinking culture has changed post-college. • 15:54 – The gang […]


3 Tinder Trainwrecks That’ll Make You Swear Off Love Forever – Episode #9

It’s goin’ down, I’m yellin’ Tinderrrrr! And I’m immediately regretting doing so. And you will too, after hearing these stories of non-romance. CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS • 1:50 – Bud recounts meeting a golfer chick who isn’t down with Naughty By Nature, or really much of anything. • 10:20 – Our friend Ese tells a tale of […]


A Show Called IT: Discussing Everything but the Stephen King Adaptation – Episode #7

Download Senator Bernie Sanders stops by the show to discuss the motion picture adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Chapter Select IT – 5:19 Stephen King and Cocaine – 7:07 IT Spoilers – 10:20 Tobey Maguire Plays Chess – 12:37 More IT Spoilers – 14:20 The Dark Tower – 16:46 Would You Rather…? – 18:17 […]


Craigslist Posts NSFW But Hilarious For Us – Episode #5

Download Bud and Steve read posts from the list of Craig in funny voices, and laugh while doing so. Chapter Select Old story retold – 2:04 Toe Fetish – 3:22 Casual Encounters read – 8:00 Steve reads – 11:50 Michael Caine reads Craigslist – 14:30 Steve Irwin story – 20:15 Steve Australian story – […]


7 Strange Encounters Stranger than Stranger Things – Episode #4

Download Recounted stories of bizarre or otherwise out-of-touch people, often taking place in a movie theater. Chapter Select Bank transaction – :38 Calvacade of Characters – 3:55 Customer Service – 12:34 Movie theater idiot – 13:18 Movie Interruptions – 15:43 Bud’s Gas station encounter – 19:45 Steve’s Gas Station Encounter – 21:43 Homeless Guy – […]