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Just the right mix of silly and sensible fitness chat with Matt Boyles, the Founder of Fitter Confident You and his chatty friend, David O'Hare!

Just the right mix of silly and sensible fitness chat with Matt Boyles, the Founder of Fitter Confident You and his chatty friend, David O'Hare!


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Just the right mix of silly and sensible fitness chat with Matt Boyles, the Founder of Fitter Confident You and his chatty friend, David O'Hare!






Fitter Confident Crew: MISTAKES! pt.1

In this mini-episode, Matt and David begin their chat about mistakes people make with their fitness. David implies he hasn't made any... Well, let's listen on and see if maybe he has! No shame, this is a safe space, a safe space. AND! This mini-ep is particularly noticeable for David saying ONE OF THE SMARTEST THINGS HE'S EVER SAID.


Fitter Confident Crew: RESILIENCE!

The Fitter Confident Crew podcast explores RESILIENCE today, with Matt and David approaching it in their 'unique' (ahem) style. >> Finding some resilience can help with all parts of your Fitness Journey, but guess what... (spoiler alert), you're more resilient than you think, and we're going to show you how! PLUS! There's an interview with Fitter Confident You client Darren who has some opinions to share... AND! Saving you from ever going to a fitness class again, Matt and David spend...


Fitter Confident Crew: MAKING IT SUSTAINABLE!

Matt Boyles from Fitter Confident You and his chattiest of friends, the fragrant David O'Hare explore another key element of Your Fitness Journey: how to make it sustainable! Loads of practical tips, more lols than are traditionally found in the Fitness Industry, plus a chat with lovely Fitter Confident You client, Bob, and the award-adjacent improv section, this week "Five Minutes in a Spinning Class!" Plus the winning (one day) combination of practical and nonsense - pronsense!


Fitter Confident Crew: YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY!

Time for the third step in your fitness journey, and handily, the third episode of this series of the Fitter Confident Crew podcast - ie. this! This episode is about the ups and downs of your fitness journey, how to get back into it after a break and how to maintain perspective of what you're doing and just enjoy the whole thing, that much more. Again, that sounds a bit dry, but trust me, it ain't. There's also much chat about Fanny Sunesson, High School Musical, Ryan Phillippe, the...


Fitter Confident Crew: MOTIVATION!

Matt'n'David channel Big Mo - they're talking motivation! All the different approaches to consider, how David and Matt have got motivated to do things, to keep on doing things... And to know when it's ok to stop. All with their trademark (!) approach to fitness (ie that 's a nice thing to do for yourself as and when suits you). Also in this episode: 5 Minutes in a Crossfit class, interview with Fitter Confident You client, Kieran, which is really quite emotional, and rewarding yourself...


Fitter Confident Crew: Getting Started!

Matt Boyles from Fitter Confident You and his chatty friend, David O'Hare are back for a much-demanded-by-their-families second season of the Fitter Confident Crew podcast! This season now has an arc - taking you through the fitness journey, one stage at a time, starting, inevitably, with Getting Started! How! Why! Who?! There's also an interview with Transatlantic Fitter Confident You client, Joe (in which Matt blows the chance of ever being sponsored by a famous cookie brand)... AND...


Fitter Confident Crew: Episode 7

Ready to THRIVE this Christmas?! Well the Fitter Confident Crew podcast has got your back! In this episode we cover: long Christmas periods! Grease 2! How to stay well this Winter! Mince Pies! Pigs in Blankets! Smashing tea cakes on your forehead (that was totally David, not me)! Midnight Mass! That awful/amazing Peloton ad! Plus more reader's questions - some serious that we handle very sensitively and thoughtfully... Others... less so, and the Fitness Fairy pops up a few time and basically...


Fitter Confident Crew: Episode 6

Oh where to start?! This episode, the Fitter Confident Crew podcast covers the link between mental health and fitness, the Gay Community's beliefs about aging, Eerie Indiana, Hocus Pocus, how to milk a bear, 1 metre long sausage rolls and introducing, the terrifying ENVELOPE OF DOOM! (That turns out to be not that doomy, but do have a listen!) Oh, and the Fitness Fairy is back!


Fitter Confident Crew, Episode 5

We finally answer the age old question: "Is social media good or bad?" (!) plus, life BF (before filters), how to use social media for good, why following terrible people online is aging you prematurely, iPads at gigs, David wanting it both ways and "tw*tspats". Enjoy! Oh and the Fitness Fairy keeps sticking her nose in.


Fitter Confident Crew: Episode 4

It's your favourite fitness-adjacent podcast and it's back, back, back again for episode four - already! Matt Boyles, founder of Fitter Confident You and David O'Hare, founder of things too numerous to mention here discuss alcohol, gay tribes, being 'Real' like J.Lo, strawpeedos, the 'best' Quidditch game ever and invent the greatest hashtag ever, #GiveATwinkAWink.


Fitter Confident Crew: Episode 3

A bumper fun packed episode of your favourite new fitness-adjacent podcast, Fitter Confident Crew! David gets us talking about who and what makes for a Gymspiration, useful sleep stuff is discussed, a bizarre carrot cake vs. mozarella stick argument is brought up and, oh yes, we unlock the Human Experience. So not much. Oh and the Fitness Fairy is back, back, back again!


Fitter Confident Crew: Episode 2

In which your hosts, Matt Boyles, founder of Fitter Confident You and his eversochattyco-host, David O'Hare discuss nutrition, square on, including sensible food swaps, David's Mum's not-always-sensible food swaps, Dame Barbara Cartland, Secret Eaters and introduce the world to the Fitter Confident You Fitness Fairy! Enjoy!


Fitter Confident Crew: Episode 1

Welcome to the Fitter Confident You podcast, Fitter Confident Crew! Hosted by Matt Boyles, founder of Fitter Confident You (someone how's 'quite' into fitness) and his friend David O'Hare (someone who's not into fitness as much, you know, for balance). The FCC podcast very much continues in the Fitter Confident You style - it's funny, warm and most of all wants to help make fitness accessible for everyone. Science + real world experience + not taking it all too seriously = Fitter Confident...