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33. Ringing Bells: Chapter 4

Hello everyone! Welcome back and enjoy this episode where the four adventurers you know and love meet a colorful cast of new people as they move through the mountain range into the eastern expanse of Yanderico. You can tweet the show using #f4acast on twitter, and follow us @f4acast. You can also follow all of us (at least the ones of us who have twitters) at: Find the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, or whever else you stream podcasts into ur brains. Thanks for listening!


32. Ringing Bells: Chapter 3

Listen in as your favorite set of adventurers, The Knights of Upbless finish the battle they picked in the first place. Also listen to how they mess around with trying to help their biggest fan.


31. Ringing Bells: Chapter 2

Welcome to the next chapter of our story! In this one, the Knights of Upbless (or whatever) explore what it means to be popular as they head onto their next destination. Someone doesn't handle it well. Sorry for bad audio on this one! We are still learning and make mistakes like forgetting to bring a microphone to the places we go! (Thanks Eric) Follow us on Twitter @f4acast and use our hashtag #f4acast! We love to hear from all of you!


30. Ringing Bells: Chapter 1

Listen in as our adventurers come together and discuss an incredibly important question while also getting into their own individual fights, arguments, pet getting, and lunch eating. Sorry about the audio in the last half of this episode being a little all over the place. We had technical difficulties and Eric tried their best to get it to work. Thank you for your patience.


29. The Halfway Quest: Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of all of us exploring another story of Yanderico through the lens of new characters and a new gaming system. You get to listen to the last two challenges and the sets of scenes between all of us that go with them! Also we discuss the epilouge of our mission and what happens to the characters that make it through our trials.


28. The Halfway Quest: Part 1

Welcome to our first holiday special, the holiday we are celebrating is our one year anniversary! In this episode we explore another part of Yanderico's expanse with a set of new eyes, and fresh perspectives. We listen in as ten people go on a quest to set up the second half of the overall campaign, as well as have some laughs along the way. We create characters, explore the rules of the game we play, as well as go through the first challenge.


Milestone Meeting III

It is time once again, to come together not as just adventurers, but as friends, to discuss our own podcast. This is the third time, it's in the title. We got leveling up! We got general discussion! We got shoutouts AND announcements! Join in as we talk and have fun and please talk to us on the internet, please.


27. Tempest Rising: Chapter 11

Everything has calmed down, and our adventurers can finally take a breath as they continue on to finishing their present goal. The road got tough, but I guess they got tougher. Listen in as the group moves from their last conflict in search of some rest and relaxation! They earned it.


26. Tempest Rising: Chapter 10

Time for a body-swapped boss fight. The clouds have opened. The tempest has risen. The fight has begun. Group 14 is in for a tough one.


25. Tempest Rising: Chapter 9

By no means is this episode based off of the hit 2003 movie "Freaky Friday" so do not be alarmed if you notice the body switching and the fortune cookies and the tests. It's not a metaphor. Listen in as your favorite adventurers battle each other as each other! It may sound confusing, but it will make sense soon enough, we promise.


24. Tempest Rising: Chapter 8

DISCLAIMER: We got ourselves a puzzle episode! I tried my hardest, please don't make fun of me, and please talk to us AS SOON as you solve the puzzle, we would all love that. Your favorite group of adventurers go deep into their own minds to solve puzzles together for a test of some sort. Then, the test givers go into their mind for some stuff. Hey, it's only fair.


23. Tempest Rising: Chapter 7

Jingle bells are in the air, watch out listeners, your favorite adventurers are in for a scare. They come face to face with a monster of skin, do they truly have what it takes to win? Listen in please, you will not regret it, for it is our gift to all of you, this episode sure is lit (spoilers). End of seasonal poem.


22. Tempest Rising: Chapter 6

The party splits into three distinct groups. One sorcerer charming his way through diplomacy, one rouge and one paladin climbing some stairs, and one monk tied up and bloody. Thinking about it, this doesn't sound like a party. Will Garius be able to fight for Keno's ability to leave Yeshire? Can Morthos and Ander solve the case without dying? Is Keno just like, okay, I guess? Listen in to find out!


21. Tempest Rising: Chapter 5

Morthos, Ander, Keno, and Garius finally meet back up! In a destroyed kingdom, with a lot of people who are hurt, and we monsters.... Maybe they will have better luck next time. Listen in as your favorite group of adventurers get put into some bad situations, make plans, get flirted with, and play rock paper scissors!


20. Tempest Rising: Chapter 4

First a team of four are sent on a mission, then it becomes a team of two, then a team of three, then a team of four once more, then a team of five. It's complicated, it will make sense once you listen to this chapter of our favorite adventurers tale. Listen as Ander and Keno become investigators, Morthos is tricked many times, and Garius meets someone new.


19. Tempest Rising: Chapter 3

Welcome to The Monastery! We have meditation rooms, food rooms, food storage rooms, meditation rooms, and a place to fight! Listen in as our favorite group of four find themselves in a new place, despite the danger of the woods around them. Can they stay out of trouble with the people who are letting them stay here for now? Listen to find out! (Spoilers, they totally don't last very long.)


18. Tempest Rising: Chapter 2

We ride at noon, a new kingdom in our future, and a familiar one in our rearview mirror. Wait, does our cart even have mirrors? Divine energy is found, crises are thought over, and punishment is dealt swiftly in this chapter of the group's story. Listen as we move from Drydall into the unknown kingdom of Yeshire.


17. Tempest Rising: Chapter 1

Welcome to the new arc. Newly powered-up heroes Garius, Ander, Morthos and Kino awake to familiar surroundings and are assigned their next quest. Oh, and Garius finds a god.


Milestone Meeting II

Welcome to the second edition of Milestone Meetings. Prepare for the journey of your lifetime. Everyone is going from level THREE to level FIVE! What else is super exciting, you ask? New arc! Next episode! We hope to see you all there!


16. Divided Interests: Chapter 11

A mighty battle had just been fought. Things move forward, and time moves on. Maybe a little faster than usual.