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Episode 91: Suspiria (1977)

Color and Sound. Two things that the average movie-goer takes for granted in their viewing experience, especially in this modern-age. This week the Fried Squirms take in Dario Argento's classic SUSPIRIA and experience just how terrifying these two elements can be in the hands of a master. BONUS! Stick around after the Suspiria talk to hear what the boys thought of MANDY.


Episode 90: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The Hills are alive...with the sound of slaughter! Tyler and Danny decided they needed to make a return to the hills and see just how well Papa Jupiter and the gang have come along in all these years. They've ramped up the violence, and their own deformities, but how does this remake stack up against the OG?


Episode 89: The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

Hallucinogens, magic poisons. being buried alive..there's nothing quite like the wonders of Haiti. This week the Fried Squirms put on their amateur anthropology hats and take a Tonton Macoute guided tour through this impressive zombie thriller, and try their best to understand just what makes a person into a zombie in the first place.


Episode 88: Wishmaster (1997)

The Squirms this week decided to blow some smoke across a fire opal and ask for some stuff. A monster movie directly post-SCREAM that takes itself seriously? check. Electric, scenery-chewing antagonist? check. Surprising amounts of gore? check. But in the end, was it worth it?


Episode 87: Ichi the Killer (Test Your Fright vol. 2 w/Jeff)

In this episode, the boys run the worst version of a Test Your Fright they will ever do, just to have an excuse to have some family in the studio. Join in as our guest enjoys, and is in no way repulsed by, ICHI THE KILLER. A stylish, rape-y, gory, and somehow comedic, bloodbath from Japanese director TAKASHI MIIKE.


Episode 86: The Raven (1963)

Once upon a midnight dreary, plans got changed, as you see clearly. For we stoners can never get things right, right out the door. And so a film was remembered, remembered from before, A fun suggestion--good natured--unlike the film before… We do this….and then some gore!


Episode 61: Headless (2015)

This week we continue being a little meta. FOUND was one of our favorite movies to talk about last year, it's plot involving a slasher movie being the inspiration for a new killer. This is that movie brought to life. This 'lost slasher from 1978' is definitely one of the most straight ahead depraved movies we have done so far!


Episode 60: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Five friends go to a cabin filled with unspeakable horror. Sounds familiar right? This week Fried Squirms looks at our most meta movie yet. As this witty movie itself comments on the tropes of the genre and the direction it's heading, we step back and try to examine what it says about the audience and perhaps, what it says about us.


Episode 59: Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

Sometimes, especially when viewing horror films, you'll find a movie that rocks you so hard you just can't finish it. The Terror overtakes you and you just nope on out of there. Sometimes you find that movie when you are 5 years old. Join us this week as we jump into the Horror/Comedy ERNEST SCARED STUPID, the very first time that Tyler has ever managed to finish it...and listen to why the boys now find it disturbing for a slightly other reason. Trolls, Catwoman, and even Killer Klowns also...


Episode 58: Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Sometimes, living out here in the West, life can be slow and hard. You put in lots of time and effort repeatedly doing all the things necessary to scrape a living off the land. The payoff? Getting to live in such a bounteous and beautiful place. The Fried Squirms this week ventured into the western/horror BONE TOMAHAWK and find it to be much the same. Although at times sloggy with things to make sure it's recognizable as a western, the payoff...a beautiful horror movie well worth the watch....


Episode 57: Test Your Fright vol. 1 (Martyrs w/Sean)

In today's episode we try something new. After doing over a year's worth of recommending movies and talking about what we liked, it was time to find out what our friends can actually handle. To that end we went out, made a friend, and sat him down in front of 2008's MARTYRS and asked him to give a hot take. This is his account after becoming a witness.


Episode 56: The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015)

A Puritan family is banished to the frontier only to be tested by evil itself. In hindsight it's obvious the Fried Squirms should have been all over this movie, in reality it took a recommendation from a friend and the need to fill a week when we had to bump other plans, and all we can say about it is Thank Satan! This week the Squirms gush about this beautiful film, break down some points of Calvinism, and possibly put a new spin on it all.


Episode 55: Scanners (1981)

In 1981 David Cronenberg made a man's head explode and forever left a blood stain on the fabric of pop culture. In 2018 Tyler's head then explodes upon realizing that was all he had ever seen. Then, in 2018 (20 hours later) Tyler makes Danny's head explode with the reveal that we've been down this same journey 1000 times before, even out in the stars, just this time it's a little darker...


Episode 54: I Saw the Devil (2010)

A fiancee brutally murdered. A secret agent's quest for revenge. A relentless killer. And most importantly, Tyler being able to cross this off his 'to watch list'. The Fried Squirms this week look into an intensely violent and dark revenge tale from South Korea. After this bloody showdown the boys can truly say 'I SAW THE DEVIL'.


Episode 53: Ravenous (1999)

This week the Squirms sink our teeth deep into another one. 1999's RAVENOUS seemed to slip under the radar at the time, but we've always found it to be something special, a movie on the edge of greatness. So when a cowardly Wendigo runs into another out on the frontier, how will their showdown end? After all... "It's lonely being a cannibal; tough making friends." BONUS! Music by Michael Nyman (THE PIANO) and Damon Albarn (BLUR, GORILLAZ)


Episode 52: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

This week the Fried Squirms decide to kick it old school and start the new year off on the right flipper with the classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Listen in as the boys finally get to talk classic Universal, marvel at a science-first America, and probably assume a bunch about a different movie that neither of us has seen.


Episode 51: Inside (A l'interieur) (2007)

A holiday treat for you all! Family memories, visitors, the birth of a child on Christmas...what could be more perfect? Probably anything else. Fried Squirms returns with an extreme tale of home invasion from France. A newly widowed pregnant woman has a stranger come calling on Christmas Eve and the carnage that follows is sure to wipe to saccharine sweetness of the season from every mouth.


Episode 50: Celebrations and Origins (w/ Jesse of Smokin' the Breeze)

This week the Fried Squirms take a week away from horror to celebrate making it 50 episodes in! Our friend Jesse comes on to help us re-hash the origins of the show, play games, and talk about some of our favorite (and not so favorite) things we've done so far! From the King of Cartoons, to way too many shrooms, this show is truly a look into how it all started. THANK YOU ALL for helping this happen and we can't wait to continue bringing you some of our favorite horror!


Episode 49: Opera (1987)

Finally! This week the boy's get around to another legend in horror, and one of Danny's faves, with their breakdown of Dario Argento's OPERA. As a killer starts terrorizing the set and star of The Scottish Opera, the Squirms squeal with joy in all the rabbit-holes they get to go down in regards to this movie. From Phantom, to metal, to british comedy, it all relates back somehow in this latest episode of Fried Squirms!


Episode 48: The Belko Experiment (2017)

It's another week back at the office for the Fried Squirms. Red pencil, red stapler, red monitor....oh wait, that's just blood. THE BELKO EXPERIMENT highlights how truly cutthroat an office setting can be when the right conditions are put in place. So come on in and get its performance review straight from the Fried Squirms!