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S01E06 Ryan Cullen

The 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival is coming to an end this weekend, and so is the first run of the Fringe Interests podcast. We are going out with a bang with a great interview with one of Irelands' best comedians. Ryan Cullen is a specialist in dark one-liners, and we discuss how he writes, as well as the change in direction he is taking with his current show, Daddy Issues, which involves a lot of weird and wonderful stories about Ryans father. We discuss Ryans previous experiences at...


S01E05 Simon Caine

In this episode of the Fringe Interests podcast, I spoke to comedian and podcaster Simon Caine. Simon runs the brilliant Ask The Industry podcast, with over 100 interviews with prominent members of the comedy industry, from bookers to reviewers to tv commissioners. He also runs the really interesting Audio Time Capsule Podcast. Simon brough his 2017 show "Laughter is the Best Placebo" to Cork in 2017, and he returned in July 2018 to preview his new show "Sex, Drugs and Other Things I Don't...


S01 E04 Laura Byrne

In this episode of the Fringe Interests podcast, I spoke to Laura Byrne. Laura has won a national comedy competition, she is the star of two youtube channels, Facts. and Try, she has a big online following and she had a very successful run at Edinburgh with her debut show, End of Daze. We talked about the show, the events that inspired it, her experiences flyering and watching shows in Edinburgh in previous years that gave her a base of knowledge when she took her show over, and also how...


S01 E03 Richy Sheehy

In todays episode I spoke to Cork's biggest Liverpool fan, Richy Sheehy, about the viral video that made him an internet sensation to 2018. We spoke about the creation of the video, the elements of it that made it so successful, and the weeks and months that followed. We also discussed how Richy got started in comedy, the Amsterdam comedy scene and Richys experiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, particularly his 2016 show "People Are Strange" and his 2017 show "The Adventures of Rich...


S01E02 Al Lubel

In this episode I speak to American comic, Al Lubel, about starting doing stand up at the end of the 1970s, gigging with Jerry Seinfeld in the mid 80s, winning a national competition in 1988, appearing on many of the major late night talk shows and winning awards at Edinburgh. We also talk about not quite being a star and some opportunities that didn't work out. Al was incredibly open and honest in this interview and I hope you enjoy it.