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FDFF is a conversation about dating dudes and eating foods. And reviewing dating dudes and eating foods.

FDFF is a conversation about dating dudes and eating foods. And reviewing dating dudes and eating foods.
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FDFF is a conversation about dating dudes and eating foods. And reviewing dating dudes and eating foods.




Soccer, Indian Food, and a FINE Man

We're ba-ack! Happy Valentine's Day! Clair went on the first date of the new year and learned all about this FINE gentleman! He likes trying new food, he loves soccer, and he loves to two-step! But, wait? Can it be? Will Clair finally find a match? Listen to this episode to hear more about early 2000s shows, no job talk, and where you can find some quick Indian food! Instagram: @funkydudesfunkyfoods Website: Restaurant: Tarka Indian Kitchen at...


Minisode 1: Orbiting & Other Terms

Have you ever heard of ghosting? Zombieing? Orbiting? They're all horrible ways to interact with dates/people but some are just cruel. How does Clair and Melinda handle it? Do they do it sometimes? Clair focuses on why it hurts, whether it's an old flame or an old friend. References below: Orbiting- Austin Worst Place to...


Dinner with a Salesman

Dinner with a Salesman can be a challenge when you don't know if this is a networking event or the start of a romantic story. It can be refreshing to quickly go on a date from an app, as Clair has learned from the last 5 dates she's gone on. Luckily, catfishing has not been a problem for Clair but it sounds like it was a problem for this dude. Check out this episode to learn more about catfishing, sales techniques, and...American Idol? Instagram: @funkydudesfunkyfoods Website:...


Sexy Bar, Sexy Tacos, Incompatible Match

So in a food review podcast, food is a pretty important part of the date. Clair goes to a "cozy" brewing company that luckily serves the best tacos! She meets with a horror screenwriter with a taste for metal...metal music that is. We also let you in on a trade secret of how Clair gets her dates. Instagram: @funkydudesfunkyfoods Website: Restaurant: Lazarus Brewing Company at


Pho, Thai, and the Inter-sectional Feminist

In our inaugural episode, Clair and Melinda discuss Clair's first *cough, only, cough* date with the self-proclaimed inter-sectional feminist. Being the feminist that he is, he let Clair choose the place but they then end up somewhere entirely new, Pho Phi. Listen to hear more about the dude and the food on Funky Dudes & Funky Foods. Instagram: @funkydudesfunkyfoods Website: Restaurant: Pho Phi at


Pizza, Prosciutto, and the Promiscuous Man

Clair shares about her delicious date- the food and the dude. There are a few tangents, including who should text first but we learn more about the delicious food from Pinthouse Pizza, including a life hack to adding some delicious to your pizza! Instagram: @funkydudesfunkyfoods Website: Restaurant: Pinthouse Pizza at


Where's the Flavor?

Chemistry is pretty important and chemistry is what provides flavor. Clair dishes on the bland date, food and dude, but some of it may have been Clair's fault. This episode we learn about another Pho place, Pho Saigon. It seems guys like Asian food, not the Pluckers Melinda was afraid of hearing about over and over. Instagram: @funkydudesfunkyfoods Website: Restaurant: Pho Saigon at



Clair and Melinda introduce themselves and the podcast! You'll get to hear a sneak peak before all the episodes are published on September 8. For those listeners in Austin on September 8, check out our launch party, happening at San Jac Saloon. Check out the link here for more information: