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Bonus Episode: Russia Hacked Our Pop Star Lesbianism

We took a week off so Jetta could get high and show Lauren some clips of wrestling styles from around the world, from the cozy apartments of people with a fetish for headlocks to the hallowed sumo halls of Japan where modern-day Samurai slap the shit out of each other. What Lauren discovered intrigued, inspired, confused and appalled her. Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website Follow the show on Instagram...


Season 2, Episode 4: Gorgeous Laborers of the World, Unite!

This week, Debbie and Tamme have their blow-off match, and Ruth steals a child to prevent Debbie from learning a lesson. This episode's got more mom-feelings than a bake sale organizer support group. Also! We discuss ghost politics, Back to the Future, and Lauren explains the significance of Tarot to queer women. Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website Follow the show on Instagram @GlowtheDistance Follow Lauren on...


Season 2 Episode 3: That's Capitalism For Ya!

What's a little enema cuckolding between friends? This week, Lauren and Jetta review Season 2 episode 3 of Netflix's GLOW. Somehow this leads us to discussing digestive health, ageplay, and the specter of Sizzler which continues to haunt suburban America. EDITORS NOTE: Part of the recap was entered into Google Docs as a footnote, so it appeared at the bottom of every page of our notes, and so one scene is discussed out of order. Follow the show on Facebook


Season 2 Episode 2: Libertarian Belle

Lauren and Jetta recap episode 2 of season 2 of GLOW. Jetta discusses training, her love for burger counters, and comments on the wrestling moves in the episode. Sam is a goth daddy and Lauren hates goth daddies. Since the theme of the episode is candy, they spend the intermission doing candy ASMR. Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website Follow the show on Instagram @GlowtheDistance Follow Lauren on Twitter @laurenink...


Season 2 Episode 1: Fire Mullets

Lauren and Jetta formally kick off Season 2 of GLOW with special guest wrestler and b-boy Blake Hihara. We talk fashion, Sam Silvia's new and improved attitude, how we feel about Debbie and Ruth, and how #MeToo has impacted the show's direction. Share and rate the show and check out Jetta's piece over at NBC Follow Blake at @kzodasnowman Follow the show on Facebook...


Glow Season 2 Trailer Review: Beer on Your Booty Shorts

Jetta and Lauren recap the trailer, get excited for season 2 of GLOW, and strap in to have their minds blown. Do you like the show? Awesome! Give us a rating on iTunes so that people can find us! Wanna support the creators and the other content that they do? Pledge Lauren and Jetta's Patreons: Follow the show on Twitter @glowthedistance Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website


Glow the Distance: Gilmore Girlfriends

Lauren and Jetta are reviewing the Entertainment Weekly outfits exclusive for Season 2. They discuss Betty Gilpin's recent interview with Bust Magazine, women and professional mentorship, Pawn Stars, boomer masculinity, and why plaid is the pajama pants of prints. Follow the show on Twitter @glowthedistance Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website Follow the show on Instagram @GlowtheDistance Follow Lauren on Twitter...


Glow Teaser: Two Non-Tetanus-Having Boring Adults

Jetta and Lauren are back with one of their most on-topic episodes yet. They cover the GLOW teaser and the release date, Jetta is training to be a Big Lady Pants Wrestler, and Lauren had no idea Samuel Beckett had as much to do with wrestling as he did. For the record, it's spell "hoary." Follow the show on Twitter @glowthedistance Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website Follow the show on Instagram @GlowtheDistance...


Episode 13: Dave Zirin is Everyone's Dad w/ Kate Foray

WE DID IT! We reached the end of GLOW's first season and we're joined by the resident statistician of wrestling, Kate Foray! Kate explains to Lauren the RAW Breakdown Project, and both she and Jetta shout about GLOW's hostility to tag team matches. We cover the gender nonconformity of bash, the lack of decency in Sam, and how Justine should have probably punched him in the face. Keith is still the reigning champ, Ruth and Debbie are white girling all over the place, and Jetta trots out her...


Episode 11: Our First Conspiracy and Poetry Hour w/Paul Sauer

Jetta and Lauren are joined by GLOW fan and GLOW the Distance producer Paul Sauer to discuss episode 8 "Maybe it's All the Disco" of GLOW. Paul discusses getting into wrestling to better bond with his theatre group, Lauren explains how periods "sync up," and everyone watches as the cis woman narrative pulls a motherfucking eclipse over the trans narrative in this episode. Jetta explains to us the case of Jetta Rae and the Missing White Girl. Jetta eats Apple Pie Oreos and the team debates...


Episode 9: It Took Us 9 Episodes to Think of "Wrestlesplain"

Lauren has returned from Philly Folk Fest and got to visit with awesome listener Daniel! We're back from the season break and recapping episode 6 of GLOW on Netflix. We review Wet n Wild's new limited edition Mermaids collection. Listen to Lauren wax poetic about Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, and listen to Jetta's adventures in trying to take care of Lauren's cat, Zelda. If you work for Ultimate Surrender, Lauren is available, and if you know of a homo-positive bourbon, LAUREN NEEDS YOU TO...


Episode 6: Lauren and Jetta Review Wrestling Queen

Lauren and Jetta take a midseason break from the GLOW Netflix series to watch and discuss the 1973 documentary Wrestling Queen about Vivian Vachon and the Vachon wrestling family. I mean, it's sorta about that? Kinda? In a very loose sense of "about?" They give a recap of the documentary, talk about how hard it is to talk about wrestling history with so much ingrained Kayfabe, and who this thing was actually made for. Give us a 5 star rating on iTunes, and share our episodes! Follow the...


Episode 5: The One with Fucking Wrestling in it Al-Fucking-Ready

Lauren and Jetta fly solo this week as they talk about Debbie Doing Things. This episode has actual wrestling in it! FINALLY. Jetta unpacks how wrestling is the opera of the proletariat, Lauren coughs a lot because she still has mono (sorry), and they both are coming along to the idea that Ruth might not be fucking terrible forever. Lauren's theory that Sam and Ruth are the same person, and Jetta points out that GLOW is accurate in that most art is 3 episodes of unresolved tension before...


Episode 4: She Fucked Your Husband but You Don't Deserve a Valet

GLOW the Distance welcomes guest Chelsea Spollen of Shoulders Up! Jetta and Lauren are sick as dogs, but they soldier on to recap episode 4 of Netflix's GLOW, discuss wrestling news, appreciate the dimensions of poverty present, debate the trans narrative of Otherkin, and explain to Lauren all the kinds of heat. Follow Chelsea on Twitter @shoulders_up Check out Shoulders Up on your favorite podcast app and online at Follow the show on Twitter @glowthedistance Follow...


Episode 3: Like an Unfunny Todd Margaret

Lauren and Jetta are joined by Marian Gonzalez, arm-wrestling champion and podcaster, to recap episode 3 of GLOW. Jetta fails at continuing a feud, Zelda breaks things in the background, and we try to not get political and FAIL UTTERLY. Carmen is still the best and Ruth is still the worst. Follow Marian on twitter! Follow the show on Twitter @glowthedistance Follow the show on Facebook Check out the show's website...


Episode 2: Not Sponsored by Four Roses

Lauren and Jetta are back with special guest Courtney Rose from Facelock Feministas! We break down the second episode of GLOW, cover wrestling terms Lauren needs to know, and have some bad GLOW karaoke. Lauren and Jetta unpack the new Netflix GLOW series, a fictionalized version of the 1980's phenomenon Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Jetta is a big women's wrestling fan, Lauren is not a wrestling fan but does enjoy sequins. Together they GLOW the Distance to make Lauren into a full-on...


Episode 0 - Glow The Distance Podcast Trailer

Lauren knows nothing about wrestling. Jetta Rae knows too much.