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Episode 19: Personalized Medicine - This isn't a lawyer situation

RE-DOWNLOAD IF YOU ONLY GOT 19 MINUTES. Charles and The Technocrat get into a frank exchange of views. The Vital Center is viciously attacked. The countdown for the base to self-destruct begins, but the children being expermented on have to be saved. A tense medical drama briefly ensues. Charles and Rosalind compare notes on a topic. Concluding Robyn Reed's guest appearances as Personalized Medicine.


Episode 18: Personalized Medicine - Soliloquies are zero time actions

The Vital Center has some very scary kangaroo-sized robot minions. A combat which is short on rounds but long on plot results ensues. The nature of boron is discussed briefly. Charles and Rosalind encounter the Vital Center's boss, The Technocrat, who advocates for his point of view. Charles is unmoved, and Ramirez is a chaos agent. Featuring Robyn Reed as Personalized Medicine.


Episode 17: Personalized Medicine - I'm shutting this place down

#NotAllMan's surprising revelation is discussed, and a plan of action is formed. Charles reports back in, and Professor Ackbar is cool. Charles, Rosalind, and Ramirez decide to follow up on the clues and make their way to an refurbished missile silo. Breaking and entering ensues, and a new challenger emerges! Featuring Robyn Reed as Personalized Medicine.


Episode 16: Personalized Medicine - one glass vial full of fractal crazy

It turns out #NotAllMan is in pretty bad shape. Charles and Rosalind examine and discuss the sci-fi details of his infection. There are multiple tangents. Ramirez makes an important discovery, and field surgery ensues. Then he makes friends with Charles. Featuring Robyn Reed as Rosalind Franklin Jones, aka Personalized Medicine.


Episode 15: Personalized Medicine - D Vitamins and Demerol

Personalized Medicine's day job goes well, at least to start. The gang is distracted by how awful Google Image searches for random diseases are. An escape is planned and executed. Ramirez starts sounding more gravelly as Michael forgets what his original voice was. Rosalind and Charles meet on a dusty highway, and then there is a cliffhanger, brought to you by #notallman! Featuring Robyn Reed as Personalized Medicine.


Episode 14: Personalized Medicine - World's Best Boss Coffee Cup

The Mechanical Turk is briefed, debriefed, and rebriefed. The tac nuke turns out to be a colossal screwup. Personalized Medicine goes back to her day job, which is unique and explored. A negotiation goes well. Featuring Robyn Reed as Personalized Medicine.


Episode 13: Personalized Medicine - Should bother me more than it does.

The aftermath of the tac nuke is examined. The Champions system is adapted to handle a social situation. It turns out Ramirez is ok. The Mechanical Turk and Personalized Medicine have the beginnings of a heart-to-heart. Then they hide from a drone, and the legalities of their relationship are agreed upon. Featuring Robyn Reed as Personalized Medicine.


Episode 12: Personalized Medicine - An upraised fist holding a length of double-helix DNA

A new character is introduced, and then the story begins in media(s) res! This experimentation with narrative structure starts with a dark cave. The Mechanical Turk and Rosalind Franklin Jones, soon to be known as Personalized Medicine, examine it closely. Michael's knowlege of cave formation is tested. Ramirez the (spoiler alert) is introduced but not well described, until he is. Joe is a good sport about it. Bionic things happen! Michael tries very hard not to introduce plot holes while...


Episode 11: Road Trip - Don't pull the thing out, unless you plan to bang

An exceedingly genteel conversation continues. The battle against the Fedorabots begins! Michael and Joe disagree on the likely effect of what would happen if Pandora weighed three thousand tons. Robots are repeatedly punched and also asploded. The battle against the Fedorabots concludes! Jason's mic continues to make all of us suffer. Concluding Jason McBrayer's run as Tank Girl and featuring references to Pitbull Terrier by Die Antwoord, B.O.B. by Outkast, and Dark Horse by Katy Perry.


Episode 10: Road Trip - Without The Oogles

Safety is achieved and a large rural gas station is beset by street kids. Tank Girl is overwhelmed. Pandora Spotify has unusually spot-on soundtrack choices. A beacon beckons them both. There is a conversation with a recurring character. A hidden place named Budapest is found. The Second Wave is a gracious host. Featuring Jason McBrayer once again as Tank Girl. Including Crucify by Tori Amos, Dangerous by Roxette, Missionary Man by the Eurythmics, and Billy Joel's Stranger.


Episode 9: Road Trip - I think you can't make me go.

An encampment of unusually well cared-for street children is encountered, surrounding Rockhound the adolescent Super. Some character work takes place. An ambush is detected, then escaped, then sprung. An unsatisfying combat ensues. A joke is made for one particular listener. A series of rather spectacular changes in powers leads to a climax which is narratively satisfying. We are left at a turning point for the plot. Featuring Jason McBrayer as Tank Girl, referencing Living in Danger by...


Episode 8: Road Trip - Title Inside Your Title

Pandora Spotify and Tank Girl meet, then decide to go on a road trip. There are mechanical issues. Some prospecting equipment is encountered. Featuring Jason McBrayer as Tank Girl, referencing Talking In Your Sleep by the Romantics And She Was, Talking Heads New Order, Blue Monday Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana Tarzan Boy, Baltimora No Scrubs, TLC, and Burning For You, Blue Oyster Cult


Episode 7: The Airport - He Screams Around The Gluten

Some numbers are crunched and the Champions system is explored. A couple of times. The Spider Guardian is attacked. The Airport comes alive, and #NotAllMan is given the Heimlich. This shorter episode concludes the spectacular guestage of Kevin Price as #mistermeme.


Episode 6: The Airport - Winston Churchill

The Airport becomes a more understandable place. A mathematical puzzle is resolved. A keyboard does not asplode. A Cinnabon is eaten, but not properly. Some qualities of the Spider Guardian are discerned. Featuring once more guest Kevin Price as #mistermeme.


Episode 5: The Airport - I Don't Know, the GM Didn't Tell Me

The Airport's mysteries continue to reveal themselves. A keyboard asplode. #mistermeme disrupts a meeting. #NotAllMan has a rough afternoon. The TSA is unsuccessful. Still featuring guest Kevin Price.


Episode 4: The Airport - The More You Know

Mannspreader opens a door and goes to a surprising place. He meets a surprising robot and a surprising person -- #mistermeme. They escape the robot and explore The Airport. There are puzzles. #NotAllMan is there. Cinnabons are eaten. Things are learned. With guest Kevin Price


Episode 3: Beginnings - Everything Steve Bannon Touches, Dies

The conflict continues! The Colossus is challenged. Free Range Bannon is curtailed. Unexplained deaths are explained. The combat system is better understood. Joe fidgets with a loud thing. The bromance between Manspreader and the Mechanical Turk deepens. A satisfying conclusion to the initial arc is presented.


Episode 2: Beginnings - Mormon Pierogis

Manspreader and the Mechanical Turk look into some unusual deaths in San Francisco's Mormontown. Another unusual person is encountered and rescued. The climactic combat scene commences. A villain is hinted at, then introduced. There is a colossus on a bridge.


Episode 1: Beginnings - Origin Stories

Michael and Joe begin their journey. Introducing The Mechanical Turk, Manspreader, and Professor Ackbar. The mysteries of "O" are first discovered, then not elucidated much. Joe can't find his dice. There is also an opening skit. Damn.