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EP48: Gary and Tiffany Haddish In Girls Trip 2

In another ADHD style episode, Gary Owen covers a variety of topics while lobbying and encouraging his fans to help him get a role in a possible sequel to the hit 2017 film Girls Trip. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Funny story about R&B singer Lloyd 2. Lil Duval hit song 3. Being Tiffany Haddish boyfriend 4. Binge watching Ozark Season 2 5. Crazy Rich Asians 6. Fantasy football 7. ESPN story about Miami of Ohio


EP47: Nike Versus Angry White People

From 7-hour funerals to drama with a shoe company's commercials, Gary Owen shares his funny, but serious, take on some of the latest happenings in popular culture. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Aretha Franklin and John McCain funerals 2. Actor Geoffrey Owens (The Cosby Show) job shamed online 3. 2018-19 NFL season starts 4. Angry white people made at Nike's Colin Kaepernick commercial 5. Giving to charities and the homeless 6. Appearing on Breakfast Club


EP46: Twitter Fan Calls Gary Rude

This week, Gary Owen shares how he made amends for a recent run in he had with a fan who works at an airport and called him out on Twitter. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Upcoming schedule 2. Madden tournament shooting in Jacksonville, FL 3. Asian massage parlors 4. Twitter fan called me rude 5. Diffusing arguments 6. NFL talk 7. The power of social media


EP45: Hosting SWAY In The Morning and Podcasts I Like

Gary Owen talks about podcasts he likes, appreciating musicians who are no longer alive, healthy living tips, and more. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Filling in as the host of SWAY's show 2. Excited about NFL season 3. Healthy lifestyle habits 4. Aretha Franklin and other great musicians 5. Podcasts I like and want to be on 6. David Goggins and Jocko Willink 7. Taped my Netflix hour in Cleveland


EP44: Visiting Prisons and Advice To Rappers

Gary Owen offers some funny insight on rappers, prisons, equality in the military, comedians bombing out, and more. What you'll hear from Gary this week. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. My advice to aspiring rappers 2. Netflix FINALLY wants to see me 3. My summer TV guilty pleasures 4. Visiting friends in prison 5. Women in the military 6. I love Jamie Foxx's show "Off Script" 7. Being a fan of celebs who are fans of my work 8. Instagram/YouTube comic bombs Montreal Comedy Fest


EP43: Thoughts On LeBron James School

Gary Owen discusses a variety of seriously funny events in his personal and professional life. He also asks his listening audience their opinion on a decision he made. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. LeBron opens his own school 2. Shaq validating my story 3. Should I have gone to the Heat game? 4. Filming the casino scene in Think Like A Man 5. Watch BET's Trayvon Martin series "Rest In Power" 6. Excited about the upcoming NFL season 7. Getting into fights


EP42: Fame, Drugs, and Depression

Gary Owen gets serious about the gift and curse of fame, drugs, selling your soul, depression, and more. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Authentic Mexican food 2. Sports Hall of Fame 3. Boonk Gang shooting himself for internet fame 4. Demi Lovato overdose and other celebrity drug use 5. Depression and De'Angelo Wilson 6. How the Antoine Fisher movie led me back to Cincinnati


EP41: JOE MIXON Cincinnati Bengals Running Back

Cincinnati Bengals Running Back JOE MIXON joins Gary to discuss being drafted, the upcoming NFL season, and more. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Who did Joe Mixon model his game after? 2. Playing college football in Oklahoma 3. Getting drafted into the NFL 4. The difference between college football and the NFL 5. When did Joe start playing football? 6. Story time with Gary and Joe 7. Celebrity Flag Football League 8. Favorite restaurants 9. 2018-19 NFL season predictions 10. Playing other...


EP40: Oakland Raiders Lineman FROSTEE RUCKER

Raiders D-Lineman FROSTEE RUCKER joins Gary to discuss funny never told before stories about USC, Kevin Hart, upcoming NFL season, and more. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Upcoming Tour Dates 2. How Gary and Frostee met 3. Kevin Hart gets heckled by USC players 4. Coach Pete Carroll loves Gary Owen 5. Why Frostee lives in Cincinnati instead of California 6. Nightmares getting free NFL tickets 7. 2018-19 NFL season predictions 8. Advice to rookies


Episode 39: Is Mike Epps Really Hating On Kevin Hart?

Gary Owen offers his thoughts on the latest drama the surrounding the sports and entertainment worlds, with a little self-reflection sprinkled in for good measure. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Upcoming standup dates 2. Is UFC turning into WWE? 3. Uncle Willy's food truck in Alexandria, Louisiana 4. Mike Eps & Kevin Hart Beef


Episode 38: Dame Dash and Lee Daniels Drama

This episode, Gary goes full-blown ADHD and covers a bunch of stuff that has taken place since his wife Kenya joined him on Episode 37. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Happy 16th Birthday Kennedy 2. In-depth breakdown of how his kids were born 3. True stories about the day Michael Jackson died 4. Dame Dash - Lee Daniels Drama and how Mo'Nique differs 5. Loaning people money 6. LeBron goes to the Lakers, Boogie joins the Warriors


Episode 37: Gary and Kenya Owen Openly Discuss Marriage Drama

Gary is joined by his first ever podcast guest / his wife, Kenya Duke-Owen. A hilarious back and forth banter filled with honest attempts at conflict resolution. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Kenya's private podcast that nobody has heard 2. How we met 3. Wedding day nightmares 4. Hating each other's gifts 5. Our worst sports moments together 6. Kenya gives sex advice to men 7. Cool or Not Cool: Will Smith vacations with his ex-wife, without Jada


Episode 36: XXXTentacion Murder and Social Media Beefs

Gary Owen shares his thoughts on recent events in pop culture, sports, and family. 1. 2 rappers murdered in 1 day - XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo 2. Austin Owen makes his standup comedy debut 3. Will the Lakers snag Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Paul George 4. Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr 5. Getting older helps you appreciate life


Episode 35: Thoughts On LeBron's Future and Anthony Bourdain Suicide

Gary Owen discusses everything from depression, NBA Finals, juggling multiple TV acting gigs, and more. 1. Why Northern California mornings are the best 2. In-depth thoughts on LeBron's next move 3. Anthony Bordaine suicide 4. Mental Health & Depressed 5. How a high school football coach saved my life (sort of) 6. Crazy stepdad story 7. Is Undercover Boss TV show real? 8. Movie Review: Upgraded 9. Should I take the movie or TV pilot offer?


Episode 34: Gary On Rosanne Barr's Racist Tweet

Today, Gary Owen talks about expanding his podcast, haters, NBA playoffs, when stars are racist, and more. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. #GetSome video podcasts 2. Standup dates 3. Going on BJ Armstrong's podcast 4. Why music bits in stand-up comedy never hit 5. Evil Genius docu-series on Netflix 6. JR Smith's Game 1 NBA Playoffs blunder 7. Evaluating how good LeBron really is 8. Tracy Morgan angry response about Tiffany Haddish 9. Rosanne being cancelled for racist tweets


Episode 33: Gary Talks Retirement and Teen Pregnancy

On this episode Gary Owen asks #GetSome listeners for feedback on a serious question, while still trying to keep the show light and fun. Topics include: 1. Upcoming travel dates 2. Hanging with your dad when he retires 3. Cities with more fans of other teams 4. Boxers who talk smack 5. "Evil Genius" Netflix docuseries 6. Getting turned down by girls in school 7. Teen pregnancy 8. White girl at Kendrick Lamar concert says N-word 9. NBA Playoffs


Episode 32: Gary Wants To Write His Brother In Prison?

On this episode Gary Owen asks listeners a serious question, while still trying to keep the show light and fun. Topics Include: 1. Remembering comedians Spanky Brown and Sediki Fuller 2. Being healthy on the road 3. Gag gifts 4. Who'll win the NBA title? 5. Is Dez Bryant trippin? 6. Why 'Hard Knocks' is good for Cleveland Browns 7. Writing My Brother 8. Peter Ellis' parents 9. Still using flip phones 10. Tracy Morgan in Canada


Episode 31: Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal

This time around, Gary Owen gives his honest comedic perspective on some of the most recent breaking news in pop culture, sports, and his family life. Topics covered include: 1. Cities on his tour schedule 2. Kevin Hart - Las Vegas extortion scandal 3. My coke head moment on VladTV 4. NBA East & West Conference Finals 5. Eric Reid files a greivance against the Bengals 6. YouTube comments and family issues


Episode 30: The Walking Dead, LeBron, and a Drunk Iverson

In typical Gary Owen fashion, he finds the lighter side in some of life's not-so-funny moments. This episode, Gary offers his serious, but funny take on the following topics: 1. Upcoming Standup Comedy Dates 2. The Walking Dead Season Finale 3. 2018 NFL schedule and draft 4. Acting: The Struggle Is Real 5. NBA Playoffs so far 6. LeBron and other players who make others better 7. Crazy stepdad story


Episode 29: Racially Speaking and Joke Thieves

This episode, Gary Owen shares insight on these drama filled moments from his daily life. 1. A blizzard in Minnesota 2. Having to let employees go is hard 3. Being released from Shaq's show 4. Starbucks & LA Fitness racial profiling 5. Treating people with decency 6. Being trolled online by "Pro Black" racists 7. When comedians steal my jokes 8. Have you heard my son's first joke? 9. Crazy step-dad story