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EP103: Weed Entrepreneurs + Amber Guyger - Botham Jean Murder Case

This week, Gary will make you laugh, think, agree/disagree, and laugh some more as he shares stories from his insane life in entertainment, and discusses his thoughts on Amber Guyger - the Dallas police officer convicted of murdering Botham Jean. TOPICS: 1. Tour schedule 2. Recording Fighter & The Kid 3. Using uh or um a lot 4. Croakers in Richmond, VA 5. Weed Entrepreneurs 6. Thoughts on Amber Guyger - Botham Jean murder case 7. Whitest Wedding Part 2


EP102: Responding To Race Baiters

Today, Gary shares his most recent experiences from the road, including everything from visiting a coffee shop in a newly gentrified area of Montgomery (Alabama), to responding to people who race bait. TOPICS: 1. Montgomery coffee shop 2. Jermaine Dupri watched my new special 3. Tour schedule 4. Being a headliner and touring with other great comics 5. Depressed about recent Bengals loss 6. When people race baiting to push agendas


EP101: White Privilege, Cancel Culture, & Nepotism

This week, Gary shares more true stories - some funny, some serious - from his daily journey as a white guy from Ohio earning his living as a "black stand-up comedian". TOPICS: 1. Tour schedule 2. When high school classmates pass away 3. "Hello White Privilege It's Me" on Netflix 4. Being a stand-up in today's "cancel culture" era 5. Nepotism


EP100: Gary Gets Political About T.I. vs Candace Owens at Revolt

For his 100th episode, Gary Owen gets political and shares why he loved watching the debate between Killer Mike, T.I. and Candace Owens at the 2019 Revolt Summit in Atlanta. Gary also touches on everything from pro football to AirBnB, and more. TOPICS: 1. Upcoming Schedule 2. NFL: Bengals, Kaepernick, & season predictions 3. AirBnB vs hotels 4. Jack Black film The D Train on Netflix 5. Talawanda football in Cincy 6. T.I. vs Candace Owens @ Revolt Summit 7. Thanks everyone


EP99: Gary Is A Comedy Jedi Master

This week, Gary shares why he believes his latest comedy special on Showtime is "the greatest comedy special of all time." Also on this episode, G.O. gives his opinion on a number of football related issues. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Tour schedule 2. Comedy Jedi Master 3. #DoinWhatIDo comedy special 4. Antonio Brown and the Patriots 5. NFL talk 6. My high school's football team


EP98: Fame, Haters, Power, and Money

Queen Kenya returns for another seriously funny episode. Today, the Owen duo discuss everything from Gary's new Showtime special and Diana Ross, to people hating on other peoples' success. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. New Showtime special 2. Diana Ross concert 3. Stomp Down Mexicans 4. Why haters hate 5. Fame, Power, or Money 6. Deep tissue massages 7. Knocked Out vs Choked Out 8. Wendy Williams 9. Going hiking 10. Who is THEY 11. Do you want me to date if you die?


EP97: When Comedians Clash

This week, Gary talks about drawing the ire from other comics for things he says on his podcast, why he loves podcasting despite any drama, and being a white comic in a black world. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Tour schedule 2. When comedians clash and burn bridges 3. Why don't more comics have podcasts 4. I love Mo'Nique but dang! 5. Charlamagne is just honest 6. Not getting acting roles I want


EP96: Money Problems With Kenya

Kenya returns to the show for another hilarious episode of back-and-forth banter with Gary over the functionally dysfunctional moments in their relationship. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Lending money to comedians 2. Bailing a friend outta jail 3. Poor, poor aka welfare 4. Bengals credit card cancelled 5. Rebuilding credit 6. Lending friends money 7. Billionaire sex 8. Business investments


EP95: Comedy Tour Horror Stories

Things get shaky on the show as Mother Nature invites herself as a guest onto the podcast while Gary shares hilarious horror stories from the road. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Upcoming tour dates 2. Earthquake 3. Comedy tour horror stories: - Bad sound in Bahamas - Road trippin' to Lake Havasu (AZ) - 55 tickets in Kansas City (MO) - Rednecks in Evansville (IN) - Banned in Indianapolis (IN) - No club jokes in Shreveport (LA) - Gangsta shit in Louisville (KY) - Bed birds in Mississippi


EP94: I Got Daddy Issues

This week Gary addresses recent drama with his dad stemming from comments GO made while guest hosting on the Maury show. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Delayed flight experience on JetSuite X 2. Why 'Backfire' on Netflix is bad 3. Reconciling daddy issues 4. Arm wrestling race riot 5. Another crazy step-dad story 6. What trailer park life taught me


EP93: Ribs, Republicans, Football, and Philly

This week, Gary wants to give away his tickets to the football Hall of Fame ceremony. In the process, he shares several funny stories from Cleveland, Cincy, and Philly. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Funny stories from Cleveland 2. Frustration with the Bengals 3. Remembering a friend's son 4. Funny eating healthy stories 5. Jevon Pearson from Philly


EP92: Dina Hashem Jokes About XXXTentacion Murder

It's Gary's birthday episode and, while filming the show, he gets a hefty dose of interruptions from his son Austin. Despite the distractions, he discusses everything from celebrities born on the same day (July 26th), to Dina Hashem joke about XXXTentacion. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Tour Schedule 2. Getting overlooked by celeb b-day lists 3. When other comics don't get me 4. The First Day on ESPN 5. Comedian Dina Hashem's joke about XXXTentacion 6. Losing to Brad Pitt


EP91: Gary Does Vegas: From Palms Casino To NBA Summer League

This episode, Gary discusses his time in Vegas; covering everything from performing at the Palms Casino to attending the NBA Summer League -- and a whole lot of other stuff. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Tour Schedule 2. Vegas show at the Palms 3. Pernell Whitaker 4. Tory Lanez' catchphrase 5. Jo Koy 6. Why I don't watch standup much anymore 7. NBA Summer League 8. Big Brother on CBS


EP90: MMA Awards and Celebrity Parties

This episode of the podcast, Gary discusses everything from overtly expensive swimming pools and top MMA moments, to attending red carpet events and hanging with other celebs. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Tour Schedule 2. The $750 Million pool renovation 3. MMA Awards 4. Bad guys get paid 5. Puberty 6. Hanging with Michael Ealy 7. #Menopause 8. Podcasting 9. NBA trades 10. Jaxson Hayes NBA Summer League dunk


EP89: Hilarious Katt Williams Stories

Gary is back with another hilarious ADHD episode about everything from NBA trades to funny Katt Williams stories. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Upcoming tour dates 2. Ty Law 3. A country wedding in Florida 4. Katt Williams stories 5. Doing Theo Von's podcast 6. Doing Jo Koy's podcast 7. NBA Free Agency 8. Jaxson Hayes drafted by the Pelicans 9. Kennedy's birthday 10. Working at Americana amusement park in high school


EP88: Internet Critics and Crooked Promoters

Queen Kenya joins Gary for another hilarious episode of personal reflection, and addressing everything from internet haters to negotiating with hookers. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Upcoming tour dates 2. Addressing online critics 3. Kenya critiques Gary's live shows 4. Aretha Franklin 5. A crooked promoter in Guam 6. Transgender athletes 7. Wendy Williams is happy 8. Warren Sapp negotiates with hookers


EP87: Irrational Behavior - Mad White Dudes and Food Fights

This is the Irrational Behavior episode of the podcast where Gary discusses everything from dealing with angry white dudes, stepdad drama, and other insane moments from his life. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. White dude gets mad over my jokes 2. Tour schedule 3. My son wants to play football 4. KKK march in Oxford, Ohio 5. Family drama 6. Arguing with friends 7. Firing managers and agents


EP86: Black Wall Street, David Ortiz, and NBA Finals Predictions

This week, Gary discusses his recent comedy special taping in Texas and gives his NBA Finals Game 5 predictions between Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Comedy tour schedule 2. Recap from filming Showtime special in San Antonio 3. Visiting the Dallas Cowboys facility 4. Visiting Black Wall Street in Tulsa 5. David Ortiz 6. Game 5 NBA Finals 7. Going to my buddies wedding 8. Auditioning for Kevin Hart's next movie


EP85: Senior Citizen STD Outbreak

On perhaps one of the most bizarre episodes of the #GetSome podcast Gary and Kenya discuss everything from one night stands to old people catching syphilis. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Filming a new Showtime comedy special 2. When comedians start to hit 3. Comedians I'd pay to see 4. Game of Thrones names 5. One night stands and anal sex 6. Watching porn 7. Nursing home syphilis outbreak 8. Strawberries and yogurt 9. Bologna and cheese sandwiches 10. Denzel Washington and Richard Pryor


EP84: Rap Beefs and Fishing With Randy Moss

This week on #GetSome Podcast, Gary Owen offers his usual funny, yet honest, take on a bunch of different topics and personal experiences. TOPICS INCLUDE: 1. Temperature control issues in the Owen household 2. Tour schedule 3. Dad health issues 4. Hanging with Randy Moss in Charlotte 5. Rap beef between Da Baby vs Cam Coldheart