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The Jamie Kennedy Experience

Jamie Kennedy joins Erin and Ariel to discuss second chances, forgiveness, and other lessons learned from the saga of Steve and Lesley. With Jamie's guidance we learn the true definition of dating and the difference between an emotional and physical connection. We cover awkward run-ins with people you used to date but now avoid at all costs. Ariel and Erin have a heated debate about whether or not you can have one best friend. And finally, the trio agrees that older men make better...


Strumming with George George Stroumboulopoulos

In this special episode media personality George Stroumboulopoulos joins Erin and Ariel for an in depth analysis on Steve and Lesley. Then the conversation goes deep into topics like toxic masculinity, improving communication skills in relationships, how not to be a shithead, and the impact of disposable culture. George not only brought his gentleman’s POV to all topics discussed, but he also imparts some of the best advice we’ve ever heard, “Do the work when you’re young so your older...


Jim Jefferies Jepilogue

Jim Jefferies joins Erin Darling and Ariel Kashanchi on this episode of "Ghosted Hunters" where they discuss the saga of Steve and Lesley, lessons learned in past relationships, including how to exit a hookup situation gracefully, we answer fan questions. Also, pet peeves and what scores points on a first date. The episode comes full circle from love, and dating, to break ups - have they ever broken up with someone they still love? Is it okay to break up with someone via text... or worse,...


The Case Of Steve And The Cougar- Part 1

Steve thought it was just another night out at a dive bar until he met Lesley, a cougar shrouded with mystery. We thought it was just another day on the beat until Steve came us to with this very controversial case. You won't believe the twist ending on this episode of "Ghosted Hunters." Also, Erin and Ariel discover they can communicate telepathically and consider using their powers to get into popular 90's themed pop-up restaurant "Saved By The Max". If you enjoyed this episode of...


Epilogue- Kelly & Chad

Erin and Ariel discuss the relationship between “Kelly” and “Chad,” how it could have ended better, and answer fan questions. Additionally, they discuss the reason why they started “Ghosted Hunters” in the first place, and give advice on how to properly end a hook up situation without having to ghost.


Desperately Seeking Chad- Part 2

The Ghosted Hunters were just about to lose hope and abandon the case when Chad mysteriously reappeared. Were Kelly's questions answered? Was Chad playing a cruel joke? Ariel and Erin dove in head first to get to the bottom of things. If you enjoyed this episode of "Ghosted Hunters" support us on our Patreon: "Ghosted Hunters" is written and produced by Erin Darling & Ariel Kashanchi Score by Westley Valentin Additional music by...


Desperately Seeking Chad- Part 1

Kelly had a romantic evening of lovemaking with Chad and had high hopes for more rendezvous when Chad suddenly disappeared. Ariel and Erin left no stone unturned as they delved into the world of Chad and his mysterious antics. If you enjoyed this episode of "Ghosted Hunters" support us on our Patreon: "Ghosted Hunters" is written and produced by Erin Darling & Ariel Kashanchi Score by Westley Valentin Additional music by Ross Budgen &...


Welcome to Ghosted Hunters

Have you or someone you know been ghosted? Did you try to reach out to the person who broke your heart only to get ignored? Comedians and self appointed detectives Ariel Kashanchi and Erin Darling are here to bring justice to the victims of these gut wrenching acts of indifference.