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Episode 27: Part 1 - Birth of the Buttcrack and a Foggy Fudgescicle Mime

We discuss some excellent tweets from y’all, most of which were in response to our random question of the week from last episode: What is the creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street? Michael’s cat makes a semi-guest appearance! We get a postcard from Sharon in some caves, away from the Perseid meteor showers! Michael shares a news story about a lost tourist in the Alps and Karla shares some BBB’s about Los Angeles! BUT not before we get a live performance from...


Episode 26 - Skinny Dipping Lake Mistakes

Write us! PO Box 198514, Nashville TN 37219 or gopostalpodcast@gmail.com! FIRST OFF - sorry for being late! Time, she slips through one's fingers like mayonnaise! In this episode we reveal that we are expanding our scope to just crazy/fun/insane stories in general, as well as splitting our full show into multiple shorter shows! Karla shares her first skinny dipping experience with a beau we refer to as “Ohio”! Speaking of Ohio, Karla shares some BBB’s from Cleveland! Michael does a...


Episode 25: 1-800-O-Catfish: The Gutter Penis Hotline

Karla gets catfished, calls him out, hosts 6 band members at her house, and finds out what a nunnery is! We go over Boobs, Booze, and Bizarre in Toronto and we call 1-800-O-CANADA! A discussion of terrible wedding circumstances is brought up! And speaking of weddings, we get some mail about Tinder dates, copulation in a refrigerator, a 5-day party bender, and two elder gays connecting in an bar! A famous Russian is the subject of our Drunks in History segment! Karla and Michael reminisce...


Episode 24 - Dad’s Lap Dance with the Angry Inch

We’re back from our “summer lovin’” vacations (a day late, we’re sorry)! We talk about all of the random shit you are all used to at this point! We talk about the Kansas and Wyoming of Canada! David interrupts twice and we didn’t even edit it out! Michael baffles Karla with a Hedwig and the Angry Inch reference, that she eventually gets! Michael also forgot that we were recording on his anniversary and tells the story of his honeymoon in an unexpected place! Join us for some more excellent...


Episode 23/MiniSode 02 - Lloydminster, A Sober Utopia!

This week's episode proves that Lloydminster is anything but! We continue our series of MiniSodes, complete with Voice Memos from Karla documenting her travels across Canada! Even though those travels don't include Vancouver.... yet! Michael does a terrible, horrible, awful radio host impression and shares with you the weird, yet apropos history of Lloydminster! Are we the first podcast to talk about Lloyminster? Probably! Enjoy!


Episode 22/MiniSode 01 - Delaware is an Uber White Myth

We release our first minisode! Because it’s summer, dammit and stuff is happening! Michael reads a news story about a crazy Uber ride (https://goo.gl/EdzTYV)! Karla gives us some great #tfln on Twitter and some stupid laws from around the US of A (https://goo.gl/tWFPjr)! Also, what is a bean whistle and better yet, what is an “A-Rated” film!?


Episode 21 - Jodie Foster was a Peenyus Genius

Michael reveals that he hates Paris! Karla lists off some of her favorite #80sMovieMenus! To celebrate the birthday of America, we discuss Boobs, Booze, and Bizarre from Philadelphia! We get a look at Katherine’s drunken Amazon shopping list! We receive a postcard about flaky people and talk about America being drunk and invading places! Then Michael ruins Karla’s whole perception of the Moon landing! We debut another new segment, Drunks In History! This week’s Drunks include Buzz Aldrin...


Episode 20 - Poutine Pie and the Uncomfortable Manatees

We discuss our plans for firework peeping! Michael reads a story from an interesting username on Reddit! Karla does her BBB’s in Ottawa in honor of Canada Day! We talk about dairy vs. margarine then engage in a Canadian duel! We get more ER stories from Kim and Karla even shares one of her own! We get our first voice memo submission, from Kate nonetheless! Michael teaches Karla about the Denver Museum of Nature and Science gnomes! Promos from Voice of the Victim Podcast and Ignorance Was...


Episode 19 - Peanut Butter Diddlybop Time

We have another guest host on the show with a huge announcement! Karla furthers her lack of pop culture knowledge! We discuss baby names we came up with while drunk! Norma (our guest host) explains why monograms on baby stuff is so important in the south! Karla describes her time in a Birminghamingan speakeasy! Norma tells stories about “Swingin’ RIchards”, a friendly sex worker, and Wal-Mart in the south! We learn about Birmingham and play a game called “Drunk or Kid?”! We get another...