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The Golf with Strangers Podcast will discuss golf but life too and with people I’ve never met. But wait...there’s more...

The Golf with Strangers Podcast will discuss golf but life too and with people I’ve never met. But wait...there’s more...
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The Golf with Strangers Podcast will discuss golf but life too and with people I’ve never met. But wait...there’s more...






Masters: A reflection and a strange podcast

I speak briefly on the Masters, let you know what is coming up on the future with the podcast and give you some new music! Special Guest: Angelo Vescio III .


Matt Griesser: The Voice of Reason; The Voice of Cheese Part Deux

Matt Griesser is an amazingly talented actor with experience across the spectrum. He has worked with legends icons and started creating some of his own. He also is very gracious enough to stay involved with the direction of the Golf with Strangers podcast while still in the midst of very humble beginnings. Matts first conversation with me went so well I had to split it up into two parts. This is the second part of that conversation in which we expand on some topics from the first episode....


Ben Hotaling: From Some Guys Backyard Part 2 of our initial conversation.

Check here for more on Some Guys Backyard. Special Guest: Ben Hotaling.


Matt Griesser: The Voice of Reason; The Voice of Cheese

Matt Griesser is an actor and has been on shows such as Murphy Brown. In commercials for FootJoy and more recently as the voice of the immature cheese wheel in the Cheez-it ads. He also has worked with director, writer, and actor Christopher Guest, in those ads and other projects like Netflix's Mascots. We discussed how all of these roles intertwined and led him on his journey, we also shed light on how that journey ended up on golf with strangers and reminded once again the comfort of...


The Mega Recap: Part A of A

How we got here, where we are going.. Special Guests: Angelo Vescio III , Ben Hotaling, David Noble, Kyle Reading, Nate Webb, Nick Kynett, and Nicklaus Mills.


Angelo Vescio III: The Saga Continues Episode 2 (Part b): The Attack of the Groans

Yet another edition of the gripes and gear grinds of one Angelo Vescio the Third Episode Second Part Duece Part B? I dont know if you think this is confusing we have Angelo Vescio IV coming on soon too! Special Guest: Angelo Vescio III .


Angelo Vescio the Third: The Episode, the Second.

Angelo Vescio the Third was the first guest and always second in our hearts just below foods with hot sauce. Not much else to say about Ange.. what he does he shares. Special Guest: Angelo Vescio III .


Nate Webb: Greens Commander, Dreams Demander

I met Nate when he interned at the Country Club of Virginia. He didn't learn anything from me about grass but much about life. And all though he felt like a little brother and still does, hes wise beyond his years, and I needed to be reminded that wisdom doesn't always come with age. Special Guest: Nate Webb.


Ben Hotaling: From Some Guys Backyard

In the Middle of whats left of Americana, surrounded by templates, Golf courses fit together like crop squares. So Ben Hotaling decided to no longer vetnure out into the monotony and created something new at home. Well in some guys backyard, but once it became Some Guys Backyard, it reminded me of what makes a house or in this case a backyard, a home. Special Guest: Ben Hotaling.


Nick Mills: Aussie Land Sculptor: Filthy Beautiful

Nick Mills has paved his life with golf elements along the way and now crafts them for you. From Melbourne Australia, Nick describes what we're looking past on every hole and shares with us why those things are Filthy Beautiful. His work is featured in magazines such as Caddie Magazine. Check back for more here on Nick and more as it develops. Special Guest: Nicklaus Mills.


Kyle Reading: Alaska is Metal

Kyle Reading of Knocked Stiff Golf shares with me some of what made take this new look at golf from the Alaskan stage the rest of us dont get to stand on. But Kyle makes that stage inviting and shows us that if we take ourselves there in spirit it may take us places in our lives like Alaska once was; unexplored. Pop Punk band, Project Revise, joins us at the end to compliment this episodes theme with a fitting sony and yet another example of GWS making unusual connections in the strangest of...


David Noble: The best Scottish Golfer I ever met

David does two things very well; golf and make you want to golf as well. How? by living and breathing in Scotland. He is the Barry White of golf speak, let him lure you in with his anicent lore of Golf and the rich history his own family has provided for him and for you now dear listener. Special Guest: David Noble.


Nick Kynett: And the Life Experiences of

Meet Nick Kynett: Life Experiences of Nick. Nick wandered into the world of Golf with Strangers one day and helped shape the direction of the podcast in a matter of minutes. Nick's life experiences are nothing short of strange, unusual, and uncoventional; just the way Golf with Strangers likes it! Special Guest: Nick Kynett.


Patrick Koenig: The Golf Stranger Sensei

Patrick established the RGV tour last year. He put a request form out for people to sign up anywhere in the country and he will come play, literally roll up in his huge Recreational Golf Vehicle (hence the RGV) and shoot a round. The response he got was huge and he ended up playing 400+ golf courses this past year, just shy of a guiness world record. I spoke with him not only to hear more about this tour but to learn from a true golfing with strangers master. If I was to find my purpose with...


An Introduction

In october 2016 I moved from New York to Virginia. I started work as a greenskeeper at the Country Club of Virgina; we have hosted the Charles Schwab Cup playoffs for 3 years. In that time my perspectives on golf, life, and the characters we come across, have been impacted immensely. With every new stranger I meet in golf, a new window into the sport we all love is opened. But in the bigger story, with every new stranger, a new tool in life is afforded me as well. This podcast aims to tell...