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A Lizard Named Martin

Check your mints! Jacob and Drew discuss airplane class systems, a d-list fighting game, the most famous gecko, mint murder, and Knuckles's dad. They also put on a short play about Andrew Jackson's pearl necklace.


Vice Principal Richard

Al Pacino is a Decepticon. After a very long shutdown, we're back in the bit. Pitches include Michael Bay's Godfather: Rise of the Fallen, Horror Monopoly, VICE Principal, and Car Sweat. We're on Twitter! Send us your bad ideas. @goodpilots


Punch that Wall

Nobody goes to Chipotle in the middle of murder night. It's time for another episode of the pilots that are good. After a long hiatus, the cockpit boys are back to pitch you on Klondike bars, white collar Purge crimes, and writing us some ITUNES REVIEWS. Thanks for flying air Good Pilots. One of these days we'll get those fancy back-of-the-seat television screens so you can wreck a kid at sudoku.


Baby Tower

How does an inflatable person use a toaster? The cabin must be getting wise to our schemes because there's no guest on this one, but what we do have is a trip to a diamond mine, a world of tube people, an orphanage game show, and a boss fight. Oh, and the power of friendship. We love you.


The Almighty Dollar

Apparently I can "throw money" at my problems. Let's see if certified public accountant J. Pennington Pennypacker can save the world without wrecking our inflation rates. In the cockpit this week is Comic Fade's Derek Delson, so it's about to get reaaalll comic-y. Pitches include: YouTube Survival Island, Marvel's NFL's SuperPro, Something about Lads


New Sports

There are 16 sports and half of them are ballet. What’s that? A knock on the cockpit door? Oh hello, Eric Vargo Jr. from PolarCap’s Free Four All (premiering every other Tuesday at 8am EST)! Pull up a chair at do pitches with us, won’t you? Pitches include: American Dragon Jake Longest, So You Want to Lose a Million Dollars, Sports Collider.


Jerry Wakes Up

You remember our very good, very funny first episode right? Please hold those good feelings in your heart while you deal with this nonsense. This is what we get for trying to release two episodes on the same day. Pitches include: Jason OsBourne Reloaded, Switched at Birth (on purpose), [title redacted because dear god], Game of Phones, Skydieing, The White House, Big Rural Flamingos, Plot Armor Tweet using #GoodPilots to have your TV idea turned into podcast reality!


Good Pilot

Are you gonna tell me millennials aren’t into Hulk Hogan? Pitches include: Danger Island, Crank Yankers AKA West Street, Confused! w/ Hulk Hogan, Glee Team, So You Think You Can Drive, Organ Hunter 2075, Breaking Toy, Pete Blast Saves the World, Goldfish Arms Tweet using #GoodPilots to have your TV idea turned into podcast reality! -HH


Good Announcement

Here we are. Now what?