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Prom Night

Recall when you went to the prom? What happened to a limo and tux rental, prom dress, and a corsage? Today's proms call for the extra in the worst way. Conspiracy sister addresses BBQ Becky and the recent uprise in calls to the police to remove black people from public places. Let's talk sex covering some tips for plus size women. Our Ask a Heifer letter addresses plus size hate in a relationship. Would you stay with a man who not always making slick remarks about your weight? It's sister...



In a time of Childish Gambino's "This is America", brings a question to the table, can you be woke and married to someone who is not black? Conspiracy Sister is dumbfounded over the latest poll results for African American support for Donald Trump. Since DJ Khaled announced that he does not give his fiancee special attention, we are talking to the men on how to give your woman special attention the right way. When someone from back in the day wanted to holla at you and years later come...



This week we welcome special guest, director Frances Causey. Her film, The Long Shadow explores all the divisions in America, none is as insidious and tenacious as racism. In this powerful documentary, director Frances Causey investigates the roots of our current racial conflicts. Conspiracy sister breaks down Kanye West's recent foolish behavior. Let's talk sex in public. We will give you some safety tips along with some public suggestions. On this week's Ask a Heifer letter. "Regret...


Fake Ass

This week we welcome special guest, actress, director, producer and podcaster, Terri Vaughn. Terri has graced many productions and is speaking up for women in the entertainment industry. Conspiracy sister addresses white privilege in our society. Fake ass people exist, in this case, it is the mission of conquering and division. On Let's Talk Sex, find out why the lack of sex can affect other factors in your relationship. Sending nudes has its limits, especially when you send a nude to your...


So nasty, so rude

Our special guest is a TV personality, fashion designer, author and the VIP peach of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene Leakes. We are talking this past season of the hit reality show, her boutique, and her comedy tour. Conspiracy Sister addresses the recent Starbucks customer service. Should women of size settle for lame come on's? A taste of the reality of the Bitch Fit on lame plus size come on's. How to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace on Let's Talk Sex. Our movie review...


Sibling Rivalry

Please visit our show sponsor Tushea Productions at www.tusheaproductions.com This week we welcome special guest, actor, comedian and singer, Craig Robinson. You have seen Craig in He played Darryl Philbin on The Office and has appeared in films including Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Hot Tub Time Machine, This Is the End, and Sausage Party. This week Conspiracy Sister addresses the recent flossing video of Stevante Clark. This week's Bitch Fit is on each other. Being...



Please visit our show sponsor TuShea Productions, Mind-blowing visuals, website design, videography and more. Visit www.tusheaproductions.com for more information. We welcome our special guest, actor and comedian, Tony Rock. It's Tony's second time on the show and making his way to the Improv Houston this month. This week conspiracy sister tackles the propaganda of the Howard University missing funds and the boycott by students. When its best not to work with some people, on this week's...



This week's show sponsor is Tushea Productions. Eye-grabbing visuals, graphic design, website design, and videography. Contact them today at www.tusheaproductions.com We are happy to announce that the Gossiping Heifers have officially been added to the J Anthony Brown Radio SHow, with the Political Scoop. This week Conspiracy sisters interview Ben Carson and tries to save him from the sunken place. Facebook messager is becoming a real pain being contacted by randoms. Confessions of a...


The Sunken Place

This week's show sponsor is The C Allen Experience. Visit them at www.callenphotos.com Our special guest is Entertainment Attorney, Ricky Anderson. A Managing Partner of the Houston-headquartered Law Firm Anderson & Smith, P.C. since 1994, Ricky Anderson currently represents a number of talents, including Comedian-Actor Steve Harvey of the Steve Harvey Show, Steve Harvey’s Big Time and the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show; Comedian-Actress Monique Hicks of The Parkers, Four...



This week's show sponsor is the C. Allen Experience. The C. Allen Experience an interactive mobile experience that gives fans the opportunity to become mobile photographers during live events. Visit The C. Allen Experience at www.callenphotos.com. Our special guest is activist, humanitarian, father, and rapper, Trae Tha Truth. We talk to Trae about his community efforts, music, and his current lawsuit with a media platform. Rev. Right's has the church announcements, and working with...


Clapping and Cussing

This week’s show sponsor is TuShea Productions. Videography, photography, graphics, marketing and branding. Visit www.tusheaproductions.com for more information. Our special guest is actress and comedian, Marsha Warfield. Marsha recently her announcement on her sexuality. We also discuss her working on the Richard Pryor show and her continuing her journey in comedy. Have you ever noticed the clapping and cussing pattern that takes place before a fight? We discuss this on this week’s Bitch...



This week’s show sponsor is TuShea Productions. Videography, photography, graphics, marketing, and branding. Visit www.tusheaproductions.com for more information. Our special guest actor, Richard Lawson. is an American actor who has starred in movies and on television. He is perhaps best known for his roles in genre films; he portrayed Ryan in the 1982 film Poltergeist and Dr. Ben Taylor in the 1983 NBC miniseries. Rev. Right is happy to announce the new juice and smoothie bar in the...


Waste of Time

This week’s show sponsor is TuShea Productions. Videography, photography, graphics, marketing and branding. Visit www.tusheaproductions.com for more information. Our special guests Houston native and award winning film producer Courtney Glaude with his film, Blink. Also media correspondent of Café Mocha, Jawn Murray. Rev. Right has some apologies for the church after the Black Panther movie screening. The Bitch Fit, when people waste your time. This week’s movie review is on Three...


Off The Market

This week’s show sponsor is TuShea Productions. Videography, photography, graphics, marketing and branding. Visit www.tusheaproductions.com for more information. Our special guest is an actor, comedian and host of Def Comedy Jam and BET’s game show host for Black Card Revoked, Tony Rock. We talk to Tony about his career, future endeavors and play a round of Black Card Revoked to see if Tony keeps his Black Card. Join us as we host a funeral service for Idris Elba’s bachelor status that has...


Finding Cupid

This week’s show sponsor is TuShea Productions. Videography, photography, graphics, marketing and branding. Visit www.tusheaproductions.com for more information. Our special guest from Bravo’s To Rome with Love, Diann Valentine. Diann will be discussing her new book, “Going the Distance for Love”, her hit TV show and tips on finding dating. Rev. Right has church announcements for Valentine’s Day. Ever have an ugly friend try to call you out? We address some sideline hate on this week’s...



Our special guests this week are actor & comedian, Tony Roberts and Laila Ali is helping us out in the kitchen with her new cookbook "Food for Life". The Rev. Right is now taking donations via swipe, swipe your credit cards, debit and ebt cards! Our mama is driving us crazy being so damn hard headed. Our movie review this week on Secretary, the original 50 Shades of Grey concept. Thoughts of another man while in a relationship is on Ask a Heifer. Signs you may have a shopping addiction,...


Not Comedians

We have always stated that we are not comedians, just some funny heifers. This week our special guest from the daytime talk show, The Real, Loni Love. Loni is coming to the Improv Houston and tells us the 411 on her appearance. Rev. Right has a way for the congregation to get affordable plastic surgery with recycled celebrities parts. Should Mo'nique have called for a boycott on Netflix for not getting paid her worth? Our movie review this week on the sci-fi thriller, Geo Storm. Our Ask a...



Special guest, Angela Robinson Witherspoon, actress and wife of comedian John Witherspoon. Recovering from ice hitting Houston. A word from Rev. Right with the church announcements. When folks get a lil too uppity to be a guest, no name dropping. Our movie review this week on Marshall. What do do when children use racial slurs while at play. Are there rules when it comes to a threesome? Some things you may want to consider before inviting a third party to the bedroom.


Worldstar Moments

Our special guest from VH1's Black Ink Chicago, Katrina "Kat Tat" Jackson. We discuss her becoming a tattoo artist to the drama on the reality show. The Gossiping Heifers have their first Worldstar moment with ratchet motherhood. Rev. Right is back with the church announcements, endorsing Oprah for President and Stedman to be the first side piece. Our movie review of "The Mountain Between Us", featuring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba. Our Ask a Heifer letter, a disrespectful spouse and...


First Up

It's the first episode of 2018! Rev. Right welcomes in 2018 with the funny church announcements. Why do people shoot off guns to bring in the New Year? Yep, we are bitching about it. YouTuber Paul Logan makes Jigga of the week. The book that has Donald Trump upset and his administration really say what they think about in in Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury. Is your woman pulling away from you emotionally? We list a few reason why she may be withdrawing from you. Is it too soon to move in...


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