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Episode 111 Just us Heifers

It's just us heifers this week. Conspiracy sister addresses a young girl accusing a black man of stealing her treats, should this be considered child abuse for okaying stereotype behavior in your kids? Is someone trying to fill your spot in the corporate world? Discussing how to peep when someone is coming for you. Fetishes do exist and we discuss the top ten in our sex talk.


Todd Ramos

This week we welcome the man of fashion and style, Todd Ramos/ Todd is one of the hottest and sought after fashion producer in Houston. We take a trip down the runway on style, color and more! The Sandra Bland, Say Her Name documentary is this week's Conspiracy Sister's Rant. Ladies, want to earn your cowgirl badge? The tricks to be a true rider. Ask a Heifer's letter is caught up in always planning and paying for dates, yikes!


Ryan Davis

We welcome back comedian Rayn Davis. Ryan is one of the hottest rising comedians in the game. Ryan talks about his tour and upcoming podcast in 2019. Tomi Lauren thinks gassing women and children where the highlights of her Thanksgiving holiday, Conspiracy Sister does not think so. You have been seeing someone new and its the first time you will be intimate with each other how not to screw it up.



Strap on your seatbelt for our very candid conversation with actress and comedian, Luenell. From her video with Burno Mars to the casting couch, we are talking about it all! Conspiracy sister is fed up with Trump's attack on black women. Since Jill Scott has displayed some exotic skills, men are going crazy, we discuss how to get it like Jill in this week's sex talk. Signs you are about to get ghosted, peep the signs early. We will be on Thanksgiving break next week and will return with a...


Michael Holman

This week we are talking to Michael Holman. An influential observer of popular culture and entertainment, Michael Holman is a filmmaker, artist, writer, and musician, based in New York City. A pioneer in the Downtown New York Art Scene and Uptown Hip Hop Scene, Holman founded the band Gray - an industrial atmospheric, noise group - with painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as created and produced the first Hip Hop television show, Graffiti Rock in 1984. Holman is also a painter of splendid...


J Anthony Brown

Watch out there now! Joining us this week is the one and only J Anthony Brown talking about one of his favorite topics, politics. We also welcome a new segment, Conversations with Friends, featuring inside the Cave's, Kat. Can you have good sex with a man who has a small penis? We have a few pointers for you. Do ladies really bring their man out with them to girl's night?


Angell Conwell

This week we are talking to Angell Conwell from Bounce TV's Family Time. Angell discusses her role in the sitcom's 6th season. Viral video shows man hurling racist comments to an elderly black woman on the same flight, Conspiracy sister voices her take on the matter. Want to have some fun before getting it on? Drinking games for couples is up. And our question of the week, would you feel worse if your spouse was having several affairs or a long time affair with one person?


Charlamagne Tha God

This week we welcome co-host of the Breakfast Club, and author of Black Privilege, Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne discusses his latest book, "Shook One", discussing his experiences with anxiety and how he was able to get the help needed to overcome his anxiety. We also talk about why he canceled his talk with Kanye West on Mental Health just days after Kanye's visit to the website. Conspiracy Sister is back and addresses Apartment Patty. Are you a person that critiques your friends? We go...


David Banner

Our special guest is an actor, hip-hop artist and activist, we are talking with David Banner. David has a lead role in the upcoming movie, "Never Heard". Conspiracy Sister is back, plus we are exploring new places to get it on with our Sex talk. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, what are some of the signs that someone is experiencing domestic violence.


Singer Pam Long & Dr. Siri Sat Nam

This week we are talking to a former Total member, Pam Long. Pam discusses the ups and downs of the music industry and her new music. What is the state of the black family today? Is the black community forgetting their history? We welcome back Dr. Siri Sat Nam to discuss the state of today's black family.


Rodney Perry

This week we are talking with comedian, actor and radio personality, Rodney Perry. It's election time and we are talking Inside the Cave podcast on why some people choose not to vote.


Kellita Smith

This week we are talking with Kellita Smith, of Bounce TV's In the Cut. Also discussing her role on the Bernie Mack show, and being a survivor of rape. Conspiracy sister is back on why be a racist while in your work truck takes its toll. We have officially opened up a hotline for you to ask your questions, it can be personal or anything trending. Give us a call and leave us your thoughts at 832-410-1368


Dorien Wilson

Hey Professor Oglevee, this week we are talking with Dorien Wilson. It's the fourth season of Bounce TV's "In the Cut". Dorien discusses what makes In the cut at hit tv series, and wearing the previous title that he carries to this day from The Parkers. Plus how men may use the money to lure you and in the bedroom, the techniques you need to know.


Mahisha Dellinger & DL Hughley

This week we welcome our special guests Meahisha Dellinger and DL Hughley. Mahisha Dellinger survived the streets of Sacramento, flipping a small idea into the multi-million-dollar natural hair company, Curls. Now, in Mind Your Business with Mahisha, she is taking on a whole new challenge: She is helping other female entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the next level. In each stand-alone episode, Mahisha meets with struggling business owners who can't quite get out of their own way....


A conversation with Dr. Siri Sat Nam

In The Therapist, Dr Singh sits down with some of the biggest names in music for one-on-one sessions. But what may sound like a gimmicky TV show is actually a half hour of healing. This is our second time speaking with Dr. Siri as we discuss the effects of social media and the healing of the black community through therapy.


Inside in the Cave

This week we are going inside the cave, with the Inside the Cave podcast crew out of Chicago. This podcast is where the male-dominated with the wisdom of the one only woman that can hang inside the cave. What is BDE, aka Big Dick Energy? After meeting Blackish's Deon Cole in person, we caught the vibe. Is it ever ok to ask your co-workers about their salary? Find out our advice on Ask a Heifer.


Get Naked

This week we welcome the ladies of Nina Holiday Entertainment and the host of the I Look Good Naked Podcast, Terri J. Vaugh, and Cas Singer-Beedles. The conversation is hot!


Nail Shop featuring Deon Cole

This week we welcome comedian, actor, and writer, Deon Cole. Talking Blackish and being a black in the Trump era. Consisapracy sister talks about the Happy Red Apple Nail salon that went viral over $5 eyebrows. Why do men get random boners? We discuss the triggers. On Ask a Heifer, what to do when you want nothing more than friendship and he wants more.



This week we are talking to the comedian, actress, writer, producer, podcaster and more, the fabulous Amanda Seales. Amanda is a regular on HBO's Insecure as Tiffany, and is on her Smart, Funny and Black Tour! Conspiracy sister is heated with the black ministers meeting with Donald Trump over prison reform or was it just a photo opp? How to tell if you are the side chick on Sex Talk. The signs of jiggadizm, if you check off more than four please rush for mental assistance.


Good Times

So we did our live podcast at the Joke Joint Comedy Showcase, off the chain! Scheduling upcoming future show dates, stay tuned!! Conspiracy Sister breaks down the true meaning of the stand your ground law and white people's boredom. Donald Trump still flirting with Putin and has to hold off before his invite to the United States. State Rep. Jason Spencer makes an ass of himself on the Where is America? R Kelly admits ina damn near 20 minutes song that is really not helping his case. Do you...