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Hazz and Jono take you on an adventure through the hilarity that is life, games, movies and more!

Hazz and Jono take you on an adventure through the hilarity that is life, games, movies and more!
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Hazz and Jono take you on an adventure through the hilarity that is life, games, movies and more!




Episode Twelve - THE FUTURE OF GAMING! Game Streaming, AI Cultivated Games & Driving Drones ON THE MOON?!

Today's episode was voted for by the listeners out in the Twitterverse & on our Patreon, so today we'll be covering THE FUTURE OF GAMING! Hazz has taken a deep dive! Gaming predictions into tech advancement, future consoles, Google Stadia and even entirely AI Cultivated Games. It's an incredible & interesting subject! From the Start: Is Streaming Games The Future? 25min 2022: Drones on the moon 29mins 2030: The Internet of Experience 43mins AI cultivated gaming 59mins Movie News 1...


Episode Eleven - The Sonic Movie, Retro Games, Metroid, Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons & Halo 2!

On this week's Grief Burrito Hazz is joined by his childhood friend Will Pirie from the awesome band Trilobite! Today we'll be hearing Hazz's thoughts on the trailer for the Sonic Movie... and after that Will tells us all about the retro games he loved from childhood and still plays todays! Have you searced for us on Youtube yet? How about Instagram or Twitter? I WOULD. BURRITO TIME!


Episode Ten - Avengers: Endgame (SPOILER FREE), Game of Thrones, Alien: Isolation & Strange Quarks!

Join Hazz & Jono on their latest ramble! This week takes them through Avengers: Endgame (without any spoilers!), Game of Thrones (which contains spoilers up to Season 7 at 42mins, skip if you need to!). Hazz has been playing Alien: Isolation and getting all spooked about and then we dive into some QUARK CHAT. IT'S A SCIENCE BURRITO! WRAP IT UP, WRAP IT IN, BURRITO WILL BEGIN!


Spooky Burrito 2 - The SCREECH. The HUM. The WOW. The Halo Series, What Remains of Edith Finch & All Digital Gaming

OUR MONTHLY PARANORMAL EPISODE IS BACK! On this months episode it was Jono who put forward a case. A case of, The SCREECH, The HUM & The WOW! All strange sounds that have eminated from NOWHERE, from UNDER THE SEA and even OUTER SPACE! We also cover the latest game and movie news from this week! Make sure to find us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @GriefBurrito or and make some suggestions about what you'd like to hear on the next Paranormal Episode of Spooky...


Episode Eight - Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker THEORIES, Shantae The Half Genie Hero & Yahoo Answers

EPISODE XIII - RETURN OF THE JAY! Jay is back with Hazz and Jono for an extended episode to discuss their theories for the new Star Wars Movie and once again go on a ramble quest. We'll be hitting our usual points of Game News, Movie News and Weekly Recommends and even diving into some Yahoo Answers Hazz had found... IT'S WEDNESDAY. IT'S A BREAKFAST BURRITO!


Episode Three Part 2! - An Island Sakura Shrine, A FULLSIZE GUNDAM, The Giant Bronze Buddha, The Fish Market & The Hidden Gem of Tokyo: Shimokitazawa

Welcome to Part 2 of Episode 3! Finally we've had time to get this episode out to you all, we're sorry for the delay! On Part 2 we find out all about the second leg of Hazz and Helen adventuring back towards Tokyo. Apologise for Hazz being a little woozy, he was still recovering from anaesthetic! They stopped in Osaka, Hiroshima, The Island of Miyajima, Kyoto AGAIN and then back to some beautiful hidden spots in Tokyo. And, not forgetting Kamakura to see the giant Bronze Buddha and to...


Episode Seven - The Pee Story, Nintendo + Sony + Microsoft INVESTIGATED, Ruiner, A Dark Souls Quiz & The Joker!

On this week's episode Hazz tells of his tall endeveurs and we dive right into the new investigation against Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft regarding their memberships and the way they treat their gamers! After that Jono goes head to head with Hazz and challenges his Dark Souls knowledge and then we get into the brand new trailer for The Joker! BITE THAT BURRITO! WATCH OUT IT'S SPICY!


Episode Six - It's A Threeway! Hazz, Jono AND JAY! The Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Mortal Combat 11 & Neon Boost Review!

Episode Six is here! And, for the first time you have three hosts! This week Jay is back to join Hazz & Jono where they cover the latest news surrounding Valve's latest announcement, The Valve Index. Keeping in the VR theme we also talk about Oculus' reply to this new hardware in the form of not one, but two new VR sets! After that we get into Mortal Combat 11 and finally get down to reviewing Neon Boost, an amazing demo title from a bunch of our followers on Twitter...


Spooky Burrito -Sekiro, Cadence of Hyrule, Oddworld Soulstorm, Alien Shorts Synopsis & Stardust Ranch! Feat. Babyfist

Welcome to our first SPOOKY BURRITO! Our monthly Paranormal Episode where we dive into a spoopy case and come to a conclusion on if it's true! This week's case is the notorious and alien infested Stardust Ranch. This weeks new play is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it's tough. Japanese. And Shinobi-y, find out Hazz's latest opinions! We also cover news on the latest Legend of Zelda title; Cadence of Hyrule and ride the hypetrain towards Oddworld Soulstorm. Keeping with the alien theme, and at...


Episode Four - Gundam, Sekiro, Alien 40th Anniversary, Hitman, Battliefield V & Lonesome Demo Review

In Episode Four we welcome back Jono, he's back in our copilot seat where he belongs! On todays episode we're diving into the news about the new Gundam movie and game, try to hold in our excitement towards Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, feel the hypings about the new Alien short films and chat about our most recent games we've played. This episode also includes a short review of the Lonesome Demo by Golden Axe Games! ENJOY!


Episode Three - Links Awakening, Death Stranding, Travelling in Japan and Why You're Refused Entry To Japanese Bars! Part 1 of 2

On this weeks episode due to surgery Harrison is bedbound and joined by the lovely Helen Davison! BEDCAST! Today they cover a brief bit of the latest game news followed by a deep dive into their adventure across Japan exactly a year ago today! THIS WAS NOT PLANNED PEOPLE! WE ONLY REALISED IT WAS A YEAR AGO TODAY AS WE WERE RECORDING THE OUTRO! Weird right?! We hope you enjoy it! This episode ran a little long so it will be part 1 of 2! RING THAT BELL! BURRITOS ARE READY!


Episode Two - Mario, Racers, Headlander, Tomb Raider & Star Wars AGAIN COZ JAY

On todays episode we have our first guest host! Jay Wilson has joined us to discuss some great new and old games and delve into his Star Wars obsession. Sorry but it seemed rude not to! Today we cover: The Mario Multiverse Fan Game Racers Headlander Tombraider Star Wars Thanks again to Jay for joining us and we hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


Episode One - Apex Legends, Nintendo Switch VR, Star Wars & Breath of The Wild

Welcome to Episode One! On todays episode Hazz & Jono chat about all the latest gaming news including the (what seems to be) world conquering Apex Legends, rumours of the new Nintendo VR headset, post Last Jedi Star Wars and Jono's newest adventure into (FINALLY) Breath of The Wild! ENJOY THAT BURRITO!


Episode Zero - Introduction + Studio Ghibli, A Space Odyssey & Majora's Mask

Hello! Welcome to our introduction episode! In this episode we stayed off script to just have a little chat and introduce our hosts Hazz & Jono! Next week we'll be delving into the latest Game & Movie news and rambling off into little adventures. Have a game or movie you'd like us to talk about? Contact us at: