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Bangin' Strangers & Flushing Away Transphobia - Episode 38

Gettin' some strange always has its pros and cons, but one of the cons is that stranger might just be packing a boner and/or rage...or both apparently. Does anyone know the rules on banging strangers and when do you let them know you may have different parts than what they're expecting? Dan is asking for a friend. Chris might also be a killer. He's oddly specific and way too casual about wackin'.


He Who Must Not Be Named & the Banpocalypse - Episode 37

This episode is totally NOT about Alex Jones and we make no mention of Info Wars, or Interdimensional beings, or gay frogs, and we definitely would NOT dare to mention Hillary Clinton. ...Nothing to see here... ... ... ... ... ...they gone? Now only listen in the shadows and pretend you like socialism and taxes.


I Love It When You Call Me Big Papa - Episode 36

Ol' Papa John gets blasted by the PC brigade for dropping an N-BOMB in a meeting!!! Oh, the horror!! Papa John has been droppin' hot pizzas in hoods all over America for quite some time, maybe he's earned his n*gga card. But wait, there's more... He didn't really say it in malicious context...Tune in to find out what really happened and see why Papa still aight with us. Stock prices soared after he said it though...jus' sayin'


Hang In There, Female Privilege, and Bed, Bath & Basement - Episode 35

In the show's most morbid episode yet, the guys highlight some dark atrocities resulting from female privilege. Of course, we hate to play identity politics, but these two recent court cases and the sentencings will turn your stomach. If you get house arrest for hanging a baby, what's the punishment for tying up young boys in your basement? Dan's asking for a friend. ...bUt mUh pAtRiArChY...


Russian to Conclusions & Progressives' Hope for Nukes - Episode 34

Hey guys, nuclear war with Russia sounds so great as long as we get rid of Trump, right?!....right??! ...right...guys? No it doesn't. This is where the left has arrived after a couple short years of trump hysteria. Your favorite political punks discuss how confused they are regarding the left wanting nuclear war with Russia. An attempt at peaceful dialogue with world superpowers is just awful because it is Trump. Whoever hacked the DNC did the American people quite a solid favor by...


When did punk rock become so safe? - Episode 33

I usually try to say something cool here, but Dan literally referred to PUNK rock as "that screamy sh*t"...If there was ever a way to launch yourself into middle age status and a fast track to a mid-life crisis, that was it. By association, Chris must shred all his old punk t-shirts, buy life insurance, and a 401k. That would be more funny if he didn't already have those things since age 22. Anyways, punk rock becomes a safe space with NOFX now in the crosshairs of political correctness...


What kind of MAN are YOU? - Episode 32

Another dumb internet quiz to test our manliness and manspread all over your safe space. Wanna know what type of man Dan is? Let's just say he's the type that drives a white van with no license plate around your neighborhood snatchin' people up. You'll have to tune in to find out what kind of glorious specimen Chris is. Manliest podcast ever in the history of men's podcast during the history of men. *grunts*


BONUS: Billy Baccus 911 Call from #31

Them boys got a few of the 911 calls from Billy Baccus in the article featured in #31 By Associated Press June 27, 2018 (MARIETTA, Ga.) — Georgia police have issued an arrest warrant for a man who called police more than 100 times over the past three years for mostly non-emergency issues. WSB-TV reported Tuesday that 62-year-old William Baccus is charged with abuse of 911. Cobb County Fire Chief Randy Crider says Baccus has called to ask them to bring him milk, his cellphone and a TV...


Did NAZI that comin', Arrested for calling 911 & The Red Hen - Episode 31

Even on downers, Chris is more reasonable than modern "progressives". The Red Hen restaurant drowns in a big red wave after kicking out Sarah Sanders and confirming it is ok to...discriminate? baking a cake for gays is STILL RACIST! The guys top off the episode with the story of the lovely Billy Baccus and the warrant out for his arrest for calling 911. The man just needed some milk! ........we need diversity. Inclusion.


Big Richard Energy, Chris on drugs, and Big Beefy...nevermind - Episode 30

Big d*ck energy...who has it? is it a thing? what is it? who has it? why is Chris doped up? who has it? Them boys come at you again with another newsworthy article centered on the mysterious "Big D*ck Energy". Not to be confused with dragon energy, BDE is a gender neutral certified proof of doin' dope stuff. Ya boys may...or may not have decide. .....Chris probably does.


It's the Bestie Boyz!!! ...and everyone gets ran over in China - Episode 29

Chris often tries to kill Dan with whiskey, but one great thing from it, is Dan starts thinking he is a rapper. These were the best takes believe it or not. In other news, China is the first country to address the phone addiction plaguing the world. Apparently, they've had enough people wander into the street while texting and dying, so obviously they made texting lanes... Oh that wasn't it...I think it was because chinese drivers end up on the sidewalk a lot.


No more swimsuits? NO MORE SWIMSUITS!!!? - Episode 28

Take our eyes but not the SWIMSUITS!! Miss America Pagent...Pageant?...whatever...announces no more judging women on how they look nearly naked. I guess that's cool...good luck on your ratings though... Dan also opens the episode on a really personal note and if he keeps it up he'll be single any day now. It's a good two minutes at least...


Too Busy To Hide A Body...

Grown Up Stuff Show isn't just about politics and making fun of everything. We also like to tackle real issues adults are facing. That's why we take on the daunting fact that part of being a grown up is basically just being too busy for everything...always... Them boys hit too close to home in this bonus episode where Chris kills someone and is...too busy to hide the body...? sounded better in our get the idea...just check it out and be sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a...



How the *** did we get here?! Dan discovers that there was a game developed called Active Shooter and the guys make some jokes and discuss how, although tasteless, it is important to have free expression and let the market decide. Chris can't stop talking about sex robots and beating hookers. Dan fails to see the comparison, but there's something there. Hopefully. I dunno. We're starting to think Chris is actually a maniac.


DRUNK BIBLE STORY TIME Part 2 - Episode 25

The priests of parody touch on Jesus Christ all night...again. Them boys continue down the inspiring story of god killing everyone. Part 2 of a drunk bible story telling series where Dan, who is very knowledgeable on religion, retells the most insane story ever written, while Chris slams whiskey and makes fun of it. If you weren't atheist probably still aren't but we try. We try.


DRUNK BIBLE STORY TIME Part 1 - Episode 25

The priests of parody touch on Jesus Christ all night. This is the start of a drunk bible story telling series where Dan, who is very knowledgeable on religion, retells the most insane story ever written, while Chris slams whiskey and makes fun of it. If you weren't atheist probably still aren't but we try. We try.


Hoodrat kids, Hoodrat moms, Bad Tattoos - Episode 24

Hol' up...let us holla at ya for a minute. WTF is going in Florida?!? The jokes write themselves after the guys hear about a mom from Florida gets a tattoo of her kid's name but....*drum roll* ...the tattoo artist misspells it! Of course, cover ups are just way too much time, money and trouble so the reasonable course of action is to change the kid's entire identity! Oh wasn't Florida...we assumed it was Florida. It was actually Sweden. Shoulda stuck with Hans I guess.


IT'S YANNY!, Racist Cheesecake, and Chris channels inner Jewish mother - Episode 23

Dan has no short term memory left and apparently can't hear either. IT'S YANNY PEOPLE!! Anyway, onto more pressing matters like Cheesecake Factory workers intimidating black trump supporting customer. Anti-Trump is pretty much synonymous with KKK Chris does a Jewish impression. There's that. Inevitably, this led to the conclusion of the episode where we will analyze and go through the evolution of white girl booty. How do we tie this all together you might ask? Stay tuned with...


Gay Conversion Therapy, Atheism, & Muh Freedoms - Episode 22

The fellas tackle some gay conversion therapy and Dan is so triggered by Jesus. Seriously, I think Jesus owes him money or something. Dan gets a jolt of energy when you mention gay stuff. Weird. Chris, as usual, finds a way to tell everyone you would deserve cyanide and somehow it makes sense. In all seriousness, this episode, although sprinkled with humor, dives into an important discussion regarding religious freedoms, laws and the war of ideas. As always, please join the discussion on...


White House Circle Jerk Dinner, Michelle Wolf, Kanye West - Episode 21

Can someone please explain what the point is to the White House Correspondents Dinner??!! After years of slinging mud and fake stories, the press gets together and praises each other for all the hard work! Michelle Wolf did ok for an open mic, and Kanye West swallowed the MAGA pill. ...Can't tell him nothin'.