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Excuse me, how many genders did you just say there were? - Episode 18

These cis male oppressors drunkenly skim through the comprehensive list of genders and crack jokes at how much of a prick you would have to be to force people to refer to you in such a way. I'm sure the list has grown quite a bit since recording last week though. This is exhausting.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO, Congressional Hearing - Special Episode

Mark Zuckerberg Congressional Hearing. The fine gentleman from Kentucky grills Mr. Zuckerberg on data protection and technical support. Mr. Zuckerberg gets DESTROYED in the congressional hotseat! We're pressed for time though...


YouTube Shooting, David Hogg, and Kentucky Accents - Episode 17

Join them boys again for a downward spiral into crossing the line and making light of world tragedy. David Hogg can't seem to avoid the news or Chris' jokes, but in all seriousness, the media should be ashamed of parading children around for political ratings. Stay tuned all the way through and you will hear Dan attempt his best country accent.


Would You Rather... - Episode 16

These weirdos discuss the important topics everyone is worried about like would you rather have a tennis ball head or a watermelon head, banging Dan's cousin, having multiple penises on your...well you get the picture. Also, Dan discovers he has neck rolls like his cousin and Chris body shames him again by pointing it out over and over and over and over. EVERYONE LOOK AT DAN'S NECK ROLLS!


BFF Newlywed Game

Yo, whom's mens are these?! The guys stumble across the BFF newlywed game while journeying through cyber space and decide to test their friendship. For two best friends about to celebrate their 13th anniversary...they really don't know each other much. Chris is definitely worried about what other dark side Dan is hiding, but also reveals his deepest guilty pleasure. Stay tuned for the entire episode and get to know the guys just a little more.


Orgies and Shanghai Puns - Episode 14

The guys get back on their shang-high horse and dive into...what were we talking about again? Oh, there was an orgy on an airline or something. I can't concentrate on this description...did you say airplane orgy?


Stephen Hawking Interview

The world suffered a great loss with Stephen Hawking's passing. The good thing is these boys work so hard they were able to track him down in the cloud after finding out from an anonymous source that Professor Hawking uploaded himself to cyberspace before leaving his mortal form. This is one you will not want to miss!


Money Magazine's Investing Gap (Wage Gap) and Dan's Mid-Life Crisis

Back it again with some of the classic he-man-woman-hatin' club. The male oppressors assault the Gender Investing Gap based on the Wage Gap that was spelled out in Money Magazine's March 2018 issue. Also, Dan had a birthday and is now having a mid-life crisis. Anyway, please don't watch this one, Mom. We love women.


Monica Lewinsky is PROBLEMATIC & the new DACA - Episode 12

Monica Lewinsky jumps onto the popular band wagon of saying her consent from 20 years ago was problematic. The guys discuss why Presidential mistresses are an important part of American politics. When presidential balls get too full, countries get bombed. Government issued mistresses are the secret to world peace. We solved world peace in 30 minutes. What have you people been doing??!!


Dan's Mom Gets Blasted, Trump Jokes About Melania Leaving - Episode 11

Hillary Clinton hates Catholics. Trump roasts everyone. Gilbert Gottfried stops by (not really). Dan mistakenly mentions fearing his mom hearing him on the internet and she gets blasted over and over. The internet explodes all over Dan's mom. @grownupstuffshow


Russian Collusion Scandal and Campaign Meddling - Special Episode

Grown Up Stuff News Network uncovered several meddling campaigns that were in circulation during the 2016 election. Them boys bring you the tough journalism and hard facts in this eye-opening segment that breaks open the pandora's box of Russian collusion on both pro-trump and anti-trump propaganda. The Grown Up Stuff Show is brought to you by hosts, Dan and Chris, who enjoy writing comedy, music and discussing a wide array of topics. We also enjoy making fun of everything. Our format...


Real Freedom News, Yamac*cks, Religion, Mental Health - Episode 10

The very first guest on Grown Up Stuff Podcast on Episode 10! AJ is a very thoughtful dude that runs a stellar page called Real Freedom News. Them freedom boys bring him on and discuss a variety of individual rights issues, role of police, religion, and the many layers of mental health. And read that right...somewhere in the episode Yamac*cks become a thing and Chris comes out.


Aziz Ansari, Drunken Pandering, Traffic Cams, Samantha Bee - Episode 9

The guys sit down to have a nice classy conversation. Chris only offers Jameson,Dan preferred Jack Daniels, so that means sexual misconduct. Chris drank the entire bottle of Jameson so buckle up amigos! Alex Jones impressions, red light traffic cams and a dog that gets dyed purple. Of course bottles of whiskey inevitably leads to cyberbullying Samantha Bee and Hillary can still win. This episode is a rabbit hole filled with whiskey and #metoo moments waiting to happen. Dan gets this look...


Adam Kokesh, DRUGS, Sh*thole California, and who the f**k is Mo'nique?! - Episode 8

Oh's us...them boys back at it with another episode of technical difficulties and the glory of sh*thole. The guys tackle some new California laws and society views drugs. They also get a good laugh watching Justice Democrats and the left start eating itself while hinting at running for office someday...but let's face it...they've probably triggered way too many people already to get any votes. Oh and by the way...does anyone know who the F*** Mo'nique is?!?


Liberty OR DEATH! The Political Compass - Episode 7 Part 2

Brassy aaaand sassy, your favorite surly gents of political commentary take the political compass test as a team and attempt to debate each topic to sway opinions using thoughtful, peaceful debate. They forewent the whiskey and suit jackets, and kept it turned up with tank tops, 40s and a MAGA hat. Fun fact, Chris doesn't know if Dan wears a Make America Great Again hat ironically or not, and is too afraid to ask.


OPRAH?!!, Dan's twitter ban, Celebrity Politics - Episode 7

OPRAH?! Really Oprah?! The saints of snideness tackle how alarming it is to be on a path of celebrity billionaires running the country from now on 'cause ya know...if anyone knows how to run a's Oprah and Seth Macfarlane (is it McFarlen? I dunno...the guy who wrote Family Guy). Also, Dan got banned from Twitter and is pretty triggered.


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