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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.




We DESTROY Ben Shapiro With FACTS & LOGIC - Leftovers #4

On this episode of Leftovers we're in Ben's walls- and he isn't happy about it. Also Ethan and Hasan continue their back and forth over what a socialist future might look like, and take a look at FlagTok- and examine the Civil War the hogs seem to be itching for.


Shane's Husband Confirms The Cat Story? - After Dark #54

It's Friday baby, & we've got a lot to talk about...we respond to some past comments from YouTuber Jamari, Bezos sent Captain Kirk to space, we put Ethan's marshmellow-catching skills to the test, &...Ryland Adams confirms the cat story?


Content Court: The NELK Boys

Hear ye, hear ye, court is back in SESSION. Put on your jury hats y'all because the Honorable Judge Klein is HERE for those rascal NELK Boys


Kim K Confronted Me In NY This Weekend - H3TV #11

Today we dig into wild chiropractor stories, testing Zach's ability to determine if a noise is a fart based purely on the waveform, and...Kim Kardashian confronted Ethan?!


Ben Shaprio Endorses Mass Murder - Leftovers #3

On this episode of Leftovers Ethan and Hasan get into the weeds of what seperates their outlook on how economics should work, The Quartering is big mad so Ethan introduces Hasan to "I just peed in my basement", and we examine the question "are there not enough Jews in hollywood?"


Shame Dawson IS BACK - H3 After Dark #53

It's Friday baybee! Today on After Dark we talk about the baby name controversy, YouTube's decision to end YouTube Rewind (AGHH *Will Smith voice*), and the return of SHAME DAWSON.


Squid Game IN REAL LIFE - Off The Rails #14

We dig into the best self-defense techniques, Demi Lovato's alien adventures, and the Squid Game phenomenon. Let's just j u m p r i g h t i n t o i t


Keemstar's Channel Is Dying & Couch Guy Controversy - H3TV #10

On this episode of H3TV the gang discuss if pizza is pie, the TikTok "Couch Guy" controversy, if someone can tell when you're high, and a whole lot more!


Steven Crowder Freaks Out Over Black James Bond - Leftovers #2

On this episode of LEFTOVERS, Ethan & Hasan discuss Crowder's big issue with a black James Bond, Tim Pool being a giant liar, fake masks, and a whole lot more!


Shane Dawson, Jason Nash, Britney Freed - H3 After Dark #52

We're talking the secret Shane Dawson track on Spotify, Jason Nash & Faze Blanks talking smack, & Britney FREED! Also, an unexpected baby update...


We Tried The Nastiest Food On Earth - Off The Rails #13

On this episode of H3 Off The Rails Ethan tries the Lil Huddy meal (aka Chase Hudson, the least famous person on TiKTok's meal), and bust Ethan's chops with some epic dunks from the subreddit. On this episode we decided not to include our main segment, the Silent Library, as there is really nothing of value to be gained from listening to the audio as it is a mainly visual segment. If you'd like to watch the silent library, it's available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/r3TZwHQMND8?t=2748


And The New Host Is... - Leftovers #1

Welcome to Leftovers! This is our new podcast with co-host Hasan Piker! Together he & Ethan will be goofing and gaffing every week on some of the dumbest, most vile scumbags in the world of American politics!


R. Kelly, Keemstar, My Mom Exposed - H3TV #9

On this fantastic Monday, we debate...did Ethan pass gas at a Denny's? We also discuss the R Kelly situation, Keemstar's latest hijinks, &...the H3 Podcast Movie?!


And The Gender Is... - H3 After Dark #51

Today we're talkin' the Mario movie, Drake vs Michael Jackson, can Ethan throw a perfect pitch? And of course....BABY GENDER REVEAL!


I Barely Made It Through This Episode - Off The Rails #12

Today is a tough episode of the H3 Podcast. It was a difficult decision to put this one out but...the show must go on.


Why We Disappeared For A Week - H3TV #8

We return after an unexpected break to play the hits - Kavanaugh, Keemstar, James Charles...the vibes are back baby! Jump right into it


We Need To Talk... - H3 After Dark #50

After Dark 50! We debate on whether Dan should get a Mad Max Fury Road car, we filmed our own version of the Matrix trailer, took a look at the wild world of alpha coaching, the insanity of mobile game ads, and much more! Plug into The H3trix.


Finally Releasing The DMs - Off The Rails #11

Today, we reveal some SPICY DMs from a certain individual that might shock you....We also do a review of Taco Bell's Chicken Sandwich Taco, is it cursed or delicious? And speaking of cursed, we play the Cursed Tik Tok Game. Let's just jump right into it!


Guess Who the D'Amelios Are Suing... - H3TV #7

Today we get a surprise caller regarding the latest D'Amelio scandal, dig into the shocking clickbait of the LaBrant Family, react to some Cut Channel cringe, and much much more!


Joe Rogan Is A Giant Hypocrite - H3 After Dark #49

Today we delve into the confusing mind of Toe Brogan, hash out the origin of the office fly problem, unveil a horrifying meat cake for Zach's anniversary, and give Ethan a haircut to commemorate the release of Drake's new album. Check it out!