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Trash Panda & Yung Kween Bad bitches with the dank memes Pop culture, music, art, events, the best of the internet and whatever else we found amusing during the week. JHB, South Africa.

Trash Panda & Yung Kween Bad bitches with the dank memes Pop culture, music, art, events, the best of the internet and whatever else we found amusing during the week. JHB, South Africa.


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Trash Panda & Yung Kween Bad bitches with the dank memes Pop culture, music, art, events, the best of the internet and whatever else we found amusing during the week. JHB, South Africa.






Ep 40 l Put My Thing Down Flip it and Reverse it

Is reverse racism real? We asked our Twitter followers and 70% of you said no. We’re exploring the topic as awkwardly as you’d expect from two white girls, and discussing which bumblefuck thought it was a good idea to basically segregate Emmarentia Rocking the Gardens and Ellis Park In The City. Link in bio, or find us on iTunes and Spotify. . . . . . #podcast #sapodcast #southafricanpodcast #allgirlpodcast #podcastdrop #popculturepodcast #popculture #inthenews #racism #reverseracism...


Ep 39 l We’re Back for Season 2

We’re back and we’re still trash... We’ve been on hiatus to travel and we’ve got more bitching, laughs and Big Dick Energy! Check out our Insta story to see what we’ve been up to and link to the latest episode in our bio 💕 . . . . . . #podcastdrop #honeycntza #newpodcast #newmusic #musicfestivals #inmusic2018 #amsterdam #croatia #bestkeptsecret2018 #travel #pinktax #bigdickenergy #tshegue #imaginedragons #music


Ep 38 l Support Your Local Gurl Gang

We’re talking to filmmaker and Girl Gaze ambassador @mortimer_olivia about everything from Childish Gambino thinkpieces to her thesis on the representation on mental illness in film. SoundCloud link in bio or find us on iTunes and Spotify at HONEYCNTZA.


Ep 37 l Schalk Buzuidenhout

We’re talking to comedian and notable jersey advocate @schalkiebez about Kanye West, tattoos and more. Link in bio or find us on iTunes, SoundCloud or Spotify. . . . . . #podcast #southafricanpodcast #schalkbezuidenhout #southafricancomedy #comedy #kanyewest #tattoos #downloads #music #newmusic #tameimpala #superdeluxe #dannybrown #cardib #chancetherapper


Ep 36 l This Week in Pop Culture

He’s back! We’re keeping up with our problematic fave, Kanye West 🌊 We’re also talking about Caster Semenya and playing new music from Yellow Days and Seinabo Sey... Link in bio or listen on iTunes, SoundCloud or Spotify. . . . . . . #kanyewest #donaldtrump #chancetherapper #castersemenya #iaaf #gender #podcastdrop #newpodcast #southafrica #southafricanpodcast #yellowdays #seinabosey #newmusic


EP 35 l I Can Be Your (Super)Hero Baby

We’re talking to writer/illustrator/comic creator @naswho about creating at Disney, the SA comic book scene and the Kardashians (can you tell which topics are his and which is ours?)


EP 34 | The Live One ft. Creative Mornings

Last week we were #blessed to be invited to Creative Mornings Johannesburg to speak about podcasting/podcast about speaking. We recorded a live episode, drank mimosas, got the audience involved and sounded slightly more awkward than usual. It was great.


EP 33 | Millennials: What Do They Know?

Millennials: What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out! We’re taking a dive into SpaceTM’s research into South African millennials, and investigating Pew Research’s official statement of Millennial cut-off years (finally).


EP32 l Kak Lekke Vibe

We’re talking to Peach van Pletzen about the new Van Pletzen album, nude beaches, and what constitutes a “kak lekker vibe”.


HC EP31 l Chatting to Amanda Fucking Palmer

Last week Amanda Palmer performed in JHB, and we got to interview her about children, peyote, drag queens and meeting your idols. Thanks to everyone who sent questions via voice note ❤


EP 30 | How to Live Alone Without Dying of Starvation

We’re talking about the do’s and don’ts of living alone, including sleeping with the neighbors, taking out the trash and basically staying alive. We’re also talking about the worlds worst mascots - Fergie and Waterwise.


EP 29 l So Long and Thanks for All the Memes

That chuckle. That middle finger. That state capture. How does one condense the myth, the man, the legend into one blurb? Sometimes, the simplest words say it best: JACOB ZUMA JOU POES.


EP 28 l Valentine’s Bae

Unless 90s Leo DiCaprio is jumping out of a cake for you, who cares about Valentine’s Day? We’re talking about our worst V-Day experiences. Also, Kylie Jenner gave birth and our sources (Kris) tell us the baby’s first words were “IT’S TODD CRANES”


EP 27 l The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

We’re talking about hashtag activism and war news coverage, plus Yeezy Season 6 and why South Africans are so salty about Chance the Rapper.


EP26 l Is 'Friends' the Worst Show Ever Made?

Remember how unwoke we used to be? ‘Friends’, sex scandals, creepy song lyrics... We’re exploring the worst of the past and gloating about how hashtag conscious we are now.


EP25 l Conspiracy Theories

Vloggers kidnapped by ISIS, Nigerian scammers, YouTube brainwashing and collective false memories... We’re touching on the Internet’s best conspiracy theories. Speaking of touching, we’re also talking about Aziz Ansari. Listen on our bitten-apple Polo neck channel! iTunes link in bio. Featuring music by Jack White and Kali Uchis, Tyler the Creator & Bootsy Collins.


EP24 | 2017 Roundup

2017 was like that time you accidentally saw your dad’s dick. We’re rounding up the best & worst of what proved to be an astoundingly uncomfortable year... - Our Top Albums of 2017 - Most Disappointing Albums of 2017 - Our Predictions for 2018 - Brands that fucked up Featuring music by Joel Culpepper, Kendrick Lamar and SZA.


EP23.5 | 25 Things to Try Before 25

Do you hate Buzzfeed lists as much as we do? That's why we made an anti-list. Feast your ears on our list of 25 Things to Try Before 25, including terrible life advice, tips on anal, drugs and making your bed. Featuring music by Superorganism and Bye Beneco.


EP22 | Drinks with a Drag Queen

What does it take to be as glam as a drag queen? We're talking to Shenay O'Brien about performing, gay rights and make up. We're also discussing Lena Dunham's latest faux pas and Lil Peep's overdose. Featuring music by Gus Dapperton, Jesse Rutherford and Kesha.


EP 23 | Let's Learn About Politics

Are you also bamboozled by South African politics? SAME. We're talking to an investigative journalist about the Guptas, the upcoming elections and everything else you didn't know and were too embarrassed to ask about.