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HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!

HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!
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HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!






Episode 54 - New Nintendo Switch! Game Boy Mini! Toy Fair Show and Tell

Filmed a week early (because as you read this Ben is in Japan) Dan and Ben have a quick run through the news of a new Switch upgraded console and a possible Game Boy Mini, share their scores from a local Toy Fair (As well as what and why they collect specific items) and answer some somewhat disturbing audience questions. Check out the show on YouTube: YouTube.com/HackTheDino HackTheDino.com


[Sample] Hack The DinoMore Thirteen - Our Venom Movie Pitches

[Sample] Hack The DinoMore Thirteen - Our Venom Movie Pitches by Hack The Dino


Episode 53 - Micro Transactions Discussions, Goodbye Telltale Games and New Sony Jobs!

It's the 53rd time we've done this, and you're still here. We love you! New Sony jobs for Australia, Nintendo coming good with their online, Devil May Cry 5 Micro Transactions and the demise of Telltale are just some of the things Dan and Ben chat about this episode, plus our most packed viewer question segment yet! Want more? Check out Patreon.com/Hack the Dino and HackTheDino.com for MORE!


Episode 52 - Nintendo Direct Impressions, Spider-Man Love and COMICS!

Ben, Dan and Brayden are back to force their impressions on to your ears about the latest Nintendo Direct, give their thoughts on Spider-Man for the Playstation and talk some comics. YouTube.com/HackTheDino for the video version. Patreon.com/HackTheDino for bonus content and to show your support.


Hack The DinoMore Twelve - [Sample] - Jelly Butts, Prime Minister Rolls and Crap Pizza

Here's a sample of our Patreon only show HACK THE DINOMORE, where we talk about everything apart from games and comics. In this episode, we talk about Australia's political environment (but it's funny, I promise), the horrible pizza that Brayden ordered and look discuss the quality of The Simpsons, Futurama and Disenchantment. If your ears like what our voices word, be sure to sign up for $3 a month over at Patreon.com/HackTheDino to get the full episode, access to our Patreon only Facebook...


Episode 51 - A Streaming Retro Game Service? Too Many Pixel Games and More Echo Characters

Ben and Dan revisit their picks for Smash Bros Ultimate characters, but this time guess who may be announced as an Echo Fighter. 8bit and 16bit games are awesome, but have we been saturated with them? And finally, what would a streaming Netflix-type service for Retro Games look like? Check out the video version on YouTube.com/HackTheDino


Episode 45 - E3 2018 Review!

E3 closes its doors for another year, and while all the real video game people are party-ing it up, Ben and Dan are here to give you their thoughts on the trade show/video game convention. We dissect each of the main conferences, and give our thoughts on some of the announcements and tell a joke at some point.


Episode 44 - E3 2018 Predictions! Wolverines New Power and more Leaks.

With E3 just a few hours away Ben and Dan give their top 5 predictions for what we may see at this years E3. The also discuss a few new rumours that have sprung in the lead-up to the biggest gaming show of the year and talk about Wolverines new, and possibly une=necessary new power. All that, plus more things!


Patreon Sample - Hack The DinoMore Nine

Hey, you with the face! Want a sample of the brand new Patreon exclusive podcast we are doing? Well, have I got an offer for you - Here's a FREE SAMPLE! And just like addictive drugs, the first hit is on us. If your ears like what they hear, please head on over to Patreon.com/HackTheDino and subscribe to that $3 a month tier. Not only will you have the satisfaction in knowing that you are helping three boys (Well, two old men and a boy...ew), but you get access to monthly movie commentaries,...


Episode 43 - Pokemon Let's Go Confirmed? Crab. Battle. Simulator

*We recorded this episode a week early on the 19th of May, so forgive us if what we say is redundant* Another HUGE video game news week (This close to E3? Who wouldda thunk it?) Pokemon Let's GO confirmed? Is Fortnite finally coming to Switch? Who wants a GOLD Famicom Mini and we discuss possibly the greatest game in the history of ever - Fight Crab.


BONUS! Hack The DinoMore Eight - An Important Message FOR YOU!

We're changing some things up, and DinoMore is about to get bigger and SO MUCH better. Hav a listen to find out what lays ahead for the all new HACK THE DINOMORE!


Episode 42 - Nintendos E3 Presentation LEAKED! Walmart LEAKS Games! Comic After Credit Scenes

Hope you guys have a bucket, because with these many leaks you may be headed to the bottom of the briny sea. If you're a boat. If not, should be ok. Dan and Ben discuss the recent leaks for the week, including everything Nintendo supposedly has to offer at this years E3, Walmart leaking unannounced games and Marvel cashing in on the 'Post Credit' craze.


Spoilercast - Avengers: Infinity War

Ben, Dan and Super Producer Brayden sit down and discuss their thoughts, theories and predictions for Avengers Infinity War, AND BEYOND! Warning, contains spoilers. Duh.


Episode 41 - New SEGA Console, E3 Rumours and Infinity War Thoughts (no spoilers)

In what can only be described as a mess of words and unruliness, Ben and Dan somehow work through the news of the past fortnight, talk about rumours of a Dreamcast 2 form SEGA and wax lyrical (that's still a saying, right?) about some of the things we may see at this years E3 show. That, and Ben talks about Onslaught for some reason.


Movie Commentary - Street Fighter (1994) Sample

It here! A sample of our monthly Patreon Movie Commentaries is finally here! the 1994 'hit' (as in I want to hit myself in the groin over and over again rather than watch it) is our first flick, with Ben, Dan and Super Producer Brayden ruining your film experience with their inane banter. For only $2 a month you can get access to our movie commentaries, pre and post shows, comic reviews and a hell of a lot more. For $2 a month! That's 50 cents a week! Patreon.com/HackTheDino


Episode 40 - Pokemon GO Pro, PlayStation 5 Rumours and God of War RULES!

40 Episodes! We did it...40 times! We have YouTuber ProPlanty on the show this week talking games, Pokemon GO, Playstation 5 rumours AND drool over God of War!


Episode 39 - LIVE FROM JAPAN! Sea of Thieves Gives Us a Sad, How to Save Comic Cons.

LIVE IN JAPAN! This week Ben, Dan and Brayden are in the land of Nintendo talking about Sea of Thieves and other non Japan stuff. They also tackle the hard hitting question of why Cons are dying and what can YOU do to save them. All that and more JAPAN in our live from JAPAN special. JAPAN!


Episode 38 - New Smash Bros. Switch Characters, Everyone Scared of Red Dead and Listener Questions!

It's Episode 38 of HACK THE DINO, which means it's time for another Ben and Dan solo show! Who will be in the newly announced Super Smash Bros for the Switch? We have a few thoughts. We also give our thoughts on the big bad who is making all AAA devs get their games out before November, and answer the hard hitting questions from you!


Episode 37 - Metal Gear Survive, Smash Bros for Switch and JLA Cancelled.

Dan isn't here for Episode 37, but fear not - we have two loud screaming girls in the background to replace him - oh and Chad Habel and Lyndon Patrick Cullen (I'm serious about the girls, but it's dealt with quickly - hang in there). Ben talks with his TWO guests about Googles ambitions to enter the console market, the cancelling of some beloved DC comics and...sorry, you really have to watch the YouTube show for all that background noise to make sense.


Episode 36 - How good is Florence? Ren and Stimpy Animator and What's New With Nintendo Labo

On the very first Episode 36 of Hack The Dino, Ben and Dan are joined by artist, animator and Canadian Greg Holfeld! Find out what it takes to animate a Ren and Stimpy cartoon and hear what it is like to be a pro artist and animation King! Florence, the new game by Monument Valley's creative director Ken Wong is out, and Ben is a little bit in love with it - so much so, he may marry it. And in DAN vs THE WORLD can Dan come from behind and regain the lead, or will Greg be able to further the...