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HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!

HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!
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HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!






Patreon Sample - Sell Me A Comic - Doctor Strange

A sample of what Patreon supporters get every week! This week, Brayden tries to sell Ben a comic that he doesn't even like. Let's see how it goes. Patreon.com/HackTheDino HackTheDino.com YouTube.com/HackTheDino


Episode 58 - How to Hack the Playstation Classic, Game Awards Review, Fallout 76 Doxes everyone.

'Tis the season for retail workers to be rushed off their feet - so Dan is again working this episode while Brayden joins Ben once again for Hacking of Dinos! We give our thoughts on the Game Awards - the winners and the announcements, let you know how easy it is to hack the Playstation Classic and shake our heads at Bethesda's latest oops (and boy is it a big one). Subscribe to Twitch (Twitch.tv/HackTheDino) and YouTube (YouTube.com/HackTheDino) for video versions and more! Leaving a review...


Episode 57 - New Xbox One Console in 2019? Game Awards Predictions and Pokemon and Fallout Reviews!

Recorded live in the Hack The Dino Studio, Dan and Ben are back with their thoughts on Fallout 76 and Pokemon Let's Go, give their predictions for the Game Awards and talk about the rumoured NEW Xbox One console coming to store in 2019 - and could it mean the end of physical games? DAN vs THE WORLD also returns - can Dan catch up, or will the world blow him (snicker) further into the background in the music quiz game?


Episode 56 - Millennial's Thoughts on Classic Games, Who has Joined the 100 Million Game Club?

Dan is working, so our very own Millennial Falcon Brayden Dixon joins Ben at the desk for this weeks episode. What does Brayden think of the games Ben played growing up (and is very protective over)? Not only that, but a game has just hit the 100 million copies sold - a feat only accomplished by two other games! But which games are they?


PATREON SAMPLE - Sell Me A Comic - Old Man Logan

Patreon.com/HackTheDino Dan owns a comic shop. Each week, Dan tries to sell a very familiar sounding person a comic, with varying levels of success. For just $1 a month, each Patreon receives this, as well as access to our Patreon only Facebook groups. $10 a month supporters get a whole other LIVE podcast where they can interact with the Dino gang.


Episode 55 - Retro Hunting in Japan, Red Dead 2 Thoughts, Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks

Ben is back from Japan with a whole swag of retro goodies - both gaming and collectable toys! Brayden tells us his initial thoughts of Red Dead Redemption 2 and we reveal the leaked characters possibly coming to Smash Bros Ultimate. Oh, DAN VS THE WORLD is back - but with a slight change.....


Episode 54 - New Nintendo Switch! Game Boy Mini! Toy Fair Show and Tell

Filmed a week early (because as you read this Ben is in Japan) Dan and Ben have a quick run through the news of a new Switch upgraded console and a possible Game Boy Mini, share their scores from a local Toy Fair (As well as what and why they collect specific items) and answer some somewhat disturbing audience questions. Check out the show on YouTube: YouTube.com/HackTheDino HackTheDino.com


[Sample] Hack The DinoMore Thirteen - Our Venom Movie Pitches

[Sample] Hack The DinoMore Thirteen - Our Venom Movie Pitches by Hack The Dino


Episode 53 - Micro Transactions Discussions, Goodbye Telltale Games and New Sony Jobs!

It's the 53rd time we've done this, and you're still here. We love you! New Sony jobs for Australia, Nintendo coming good with their online, Devil May Cry 5 Micro Transactions and the demise of Telltale are just some of the things Dan and Ben chat about this episode, plus our most packed viewer question segment yet! Want more? Check out Patreon.com/Hack the Dino and HackTheDino.com for MORE!


Episode 52 - Nintendo Direct Impressions, Spider-Man Love and COMICS!

Ben, Dan and Brayden are back to force their impressions on to your ears about the latest Nintendo Direct, give their thoughts on Spider-Man for the Playstation and talk some comics. YouTube.com/HackTheDino for the video version. Patreon.com/HackTheDino for bonus content and to show your support.


Hack The DinoMore Twelve - [Sample] - Jelly Butts, Prime Minister Rolls and Crap Pizza

Here's a sample of our Patreon only show HACK THE DINOMORE, where we talk about everything apart from games and comics. In this episode, we talk about Australia's political environment (but it's funny, I promise), the horrible pizza that Brayden ordered and look discuss the quality of The Simpsons, Futurama and Disenchantment. If your ears like what our voices word, be sure to sign up for $3 a month over at Patreon.com/HackTheDino to get the full episode, access to our Patreon only Facebook...


Episode 51 - A Streaming Retro Game Service? Too Many Pixel Games and More Echo Characters

Ben and Dan revisit their picks for Smash Bros Ultimate characters, but this time guess who may be announced as an Echo Fighter. 8bit and 16bit games are awesome, but have we been saturated with them? And finally, what would a streaming Netflix-type service for Retro Games look like? Check out the video version on YouTube.com/HackTheDino


Episode 50 - 50th Episode Celebration! TimeSplitters is back, Game of the year and Red Dead 2

It's our 50th Episode! We record in front of a live audience for the first time ever, and have a heap of fun doing it. Dan and Ben look at the Game of the Year possibilities for this year, talk about Red Dead 2 and if they are looking forward to it after the first gameplay trailer and play the ULTIMATE decider in DAN VS THE WORLD where Dan take on THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE in the musical video game challenge.


Episode 49 - How to be a Twitch Streamer, Fortnite Tutors and RubeePlays!

The awesome RubeePlays (twitch.tv/rubeeplays) joins Ben and Dan this week to talk us through what Twitch is, how she became affiliated and how she was able to make Twitch her full time job! We look at why parents are hiring Fortnite tutors and the top selling financial console for the last financial year will surprise you. That, and much more clickbait!


[SAMPLE] Hack The DinoMore Eleven - Yes, I Have Quesh

Free half episode for everyone! YAY! We get asked what our favourite movies from the 80's are because we are old. Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Roger Rabbit Ghostbusters and the stain that is The Karate Kid. AND a new idea for a new segment for YouTube (YouTube.com/HackTheDino). Also, we answer how crap Digimon is. To hear the whole episode and a whole lot more, head over to Patreon.com/HackTheDino and sign up to the $3 a month to help us keep the lights on and Brayden kinda...


Episode 48 - LIVE AT AVCON 2018: Octopath Traveller Thoughts, Indie Game Devs and SDCC News

RECORDED LIVE AT AVCON 2018 - Australia's LARGEST anime and video game convention. Ben and Dan gush over the aweomeness of Octopath Traveller, interview some developers of some of the sweetest looking indie game titles to come out of Australia and talk about all that SDCC news that is coming out of the US.


Episode 47 - Sony Won't Play Nice, Fortnite Rumours and BUTTS!

We join the cause! Finally, a hashtag movement we can all get behind. Nintendo has ignored the cries of thousands for too long, and this episode we take up the fight! Also, Sony won't play with others and all the latest rumours for Season 5 of Fortnite - TIME TRAVEL!


[SAMPLE] Hack The DinoMore Ten

Here, have a small taste of what out Patreons get to eat with their ears every month - an hour long nonsense podcast with Ben, Dan and Braydon. If you like hearing about Deadpool 2 spoilers, Bend's disastrous dates from yers gone by or how Dan got into a fight in a mosh pit, then this is the podcast for you! Want to hear the whole thing? Head on over to Patreon.com/HackTheDino and pledge a lowly $3 a month to get it and soooooooomuch more. (and also subscribe to YouTube.com/HackTheDino)


Episode 46 - Ghosts of Tsushima Info, PUBG Backlash and X-Men Cancelled?

YouTube.com/HackTheDino for the video version and extra content. We're back! And front! They're both here! Band, Dan and Super Producer Brayden bring you another fortnight of gaming and comic news, straight from various seedy sources. PUBG faces fan backlash, more info about the stunning Ghosts of Tsushima and the X-Men are in trouble again are but some of the topics we banter about this week. Plus, the return of DAN VS THE WORLD!


Episode 45 - E3 2018 Review!

E3 closes its doors for another year, and while all the real video game people are party-ing it up, Ben and Dan are here to give you their thoughts on the trade show/video game convention. We dissect each of the main conferences, and give our thoughts on some of the announcements and tell a joke at some point.