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Sci-fi Audio Comedy/Adventure for Weirdos and Other Living Things

Sci-fi Audio Comedy/Adventure for Weirdos and Other Living Things
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Sci-fi Audio Comedy/Adventure for Weirdos and Other Living Things




Ep. 20 – “Missing Pieces” OR “But Knot For Me” - Hadron Gospel Hour

Here it is, Hadronauts! The pulses-pounding, giant-sized Hadron Gospel Hour Season 2 Finale! When the gang gets a distress call from an abandoned hyperfreighter, Mike, Oppenheimer, Cyrus, A.S.H. LE and Higgs_B come face to face with old friends — and a powerful new enemy! Could this be the end of … Continue reading


Hadron Gospel Hour’s Halloween Special 2016 - Hadron Gospel Hour

It’s a Hadron Halloween special! Mike, Oppenheimer and the gang visit a secluded campsite for a special night of weird tales and ̶t̶e̶a̶m̶b̶u̶i̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ! But will there be some real scares for our heroes? (Science fiction/Horror/Comedy. 1 hour 12 minutes) Written by Mike McQuilkin and Rich Wentworth Starring Rich Wentworth … Continue reading


Ep. 19 – “Funk OUT!” OR “The Offal Truth” - Hadron Gospel Hour

It's HGH Season Two's senses-shattering, diplomacy-and-pseudoscience-packed, king-sized penultimate episode! When Cyrus comes down with crystal poisoning, it's up to Mike and Oppenheimer to get his legs back from Crystallos -- but can our heroes survive another kerfuffle and stay alive long enough to make peace between the Crystallosians and Meatlanteans? And where is Commander Funk? (Science fiction/Comedy. 57 minutes) Written by Rich Wentworth and Mike McQuilkin Starring Rich Wentworth...


Ep. 18 – “The Henchmen Club” OR “Waiting For The Dough” - Hadron Gospel Hour

A group of henchmen are hired for a secret job, and are drawn into a series of flashbacks to times they've each crossed paths with Mike, Oppenheimer and the Hadron Gang-- but why? And who stands to benefit from these sinister recollections? (Science fiction/Comedy. 40 minutes) Written by Michael McQuilkin and Rich Wentworth Starring Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Ironically Handsome/Barry Starr Rich Wentworth as Dr. Francis "Oppenheimer" Valdini/Stranger/IG-86/Boss Lisa McQuilkin as...


BONUS TRACK! HGH Live at ITVFest 2015: “A Ghost in The The Machine” OR “The Copperpot Conundrum” - Hadron Gospel Hour

Rich and Mike introduce this special, vaguely spooky episode of the show, recorded LIVE on September 26, 2015 the Independent Television and Film Festival in West Dover, Vermont! When the gang in the Hadron Bunker trace the cause of Mike's insomnia to a seemingly haunted shortwave radio, Oppenheimer is determined to make contact with the spirit world -- but when the gang get more than they bargained for, will our heroes ever sleep again? (Science fiction/Comedy) 35 minutes Written by...


Ep. 17 – “This Particle, Doomed!” OR “The Incident At Universe 603-X” - Had

When Mike heads to a U.F.O. convention to track down his legendary childhood hero Googar-Zoozar, he gets more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Higgs_B cosplays as Bubo the owl and meets The Investikids — but will he survive the meeting? And will Oppenheimer get his Baywatch Nights memorabilia? (Science fiction/Comedy) … Continue reading


Ep. 16 – “The Ballad of Freddie Plastic” OR “You Say to Hero, I say Tomorro

SUPER HERO? OR SUPER MENACE? When a clueless security guard is caught in a nuclear meltdown at the plastics factory, Mike and Oppenheimer witness the birth of a powerful new superhuman — but will mild-mannered Freddie Plasington choose to be a hero …or villain? And just who is pulling Freddie’s … Continue reading


Ep. 14 – “Legs In The Business” OR “A Tale of Two Cyruses”

Mike, Oppenheimer and Commander Funk must travel to the Mining World* to find Cyrus after a bungled experiment leaves him in C-Monet’s body on the eve of ProductCorp’s Interdimensional Superstar competition. But will they manage to avoid the evil science wizard Barry Starr? Meanwhile, Higgs_B and A.S.H.LE must entertain a … Continue reading


Ep. 13 – “Product® Placement” OR “How To Secede in Business By Really Tryin

When a rogue sales professional breaks ranks with ProductCorp® and drops in on Mike and Oppenheimer, it’s up to the gang in the Hadron Bunker to help him find a new job — or face the wrath of the ProductCorp® Armada! But can Cyrus, ASHLE and Higgs_B get the hang … Continue reading


Ep. 12 “The Sinister Secret of StarNasty” (OR: “A Mike in the Mechanics”)

When Mike moves into an old dead storage room in the Hadron Bunker, he discovers a mysterious videogame. Two agents from the Transdimensional Trig stake out the Lab. Mike and Oppenheimer debate pronunciation of videogame titles and a comic book artist. Mike fights for the Users. New information is learned, … Continue reading


Ep. 11 – “Fragment Runner” (OR “Do Robot Runners Dream of Electric Blades?”

Mike and Oppenheimer visit a near-future timeline with an abundance of Esmerelda fragments — and Artificial Intelligences. A.S.H. LE wrestles with her feelings about free will. Oppenheimer learns about biomechanoid-first language. Cyrus talks about his family. Higgs_B is pleased. (Science fiction/Comedy. 34 minutes) Written by Michael McQuilkin and Richard … Continue reading


Ep.10 – “HGH Season One Sketch-tacular!”

Join Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth as they host a king-sized retrospective look at their favorite sketches and previously unreleased music from Season One of Hadron Gospel Hour! Written by Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth Starring Richard Wentworth Michael McQuilkin Lisa McQuilkin Michael Atkinson Kevin Harrington Wendy MacLean Vera Schrankung … Continue reading


Ep.09 – “The Phenomenon of Bi-Location” OR “Quantum Entanglement”

When Mike and Oppenheimer become too enmeshed in solitary obsessions, A.S.H. LE, Cyrus, Higgs_B and Commander Funk decide to liven things up and play quantum matchmaker. But is there such thing as too perfect a match? SEASON FINALE Written by Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth Starring Richard Wentworth as Dr. … Continue reading


Ep.08 – “HeadHatz and Horror Hosts”

When Mike buys a trendy new HeadHatz unit, Oppenheimer is characteristically skeptical. But when Oppenheimer’s away at Horror Host Continuing Ed classes, Mike’s strange behavior might just lead to the end of the Lab as we know it… and the enslavement of all sentient life in the multiverse at the … Continue reading


Ep. 07 – “A.S.H. LE Crackz Up”

Ep.07 – “A.S.H. LE Crackz Up” Frustrated by the software limitations in A.S.H. LE’s light edition, Mike attempts to use an illicit crack to upgrade to the deluxe edition. But when A.S.H. LE gets infected by a nasty virus that wants to exterminate all organic life, can the boys get … Continue reading


Ep. 06 – “Hadron Nights OR The Arm Is Afoot”

Ep.06 – “Hadron Nights OR The Arm Is Afoot” Oppenheimer has been watching far too much “Baywatch Nights”, and when a valuable item is stolen from the lab, Oppenheimer tries to cajole Mike and A.S.H. LE into starting their own after-hours detective agency. But when the case leads into the … Continue reading


Ep. 05 – “Hadron Holiday Special!”

Ep.05 – “Hadron Holiday Special!” It’s Christmas Eve in the Lab, but Mike and Oppenheimer just can’t get into the holiday spirit. Can some special visitors help the gang in the Hadron Bunker discover the true meaning of the holiday season? And also Bitcoin mining? And Intellectual Property? (Comedy, Science … Continue reading


Ep.04 – “Parallel Pioneers”

Ep.04 – “Parallel Pioneers” When the peace and quiet of the Hadron Lab is shattered by a group of disembodied Dungeons and Dragons players, Mike and Oppenheimer must roll for initiative and get to the bottom of this 20-sided dilemma! 32 minutes. Audio adventure/comedy Written by Michael McQuilkin and Richard … Continue reading


Ep.03 – “Pen Pals”

Ep.03 – “Pen Pals” When Oppenheimer’s pen pal Sla’arg comes to stay at the Hadron Bunker, Mike isn’t sure that hosting the former interdimensional ultracriminal is such a good idea. And when Mike learns more about the scope of Sl’aaarg’s crimes — and his interest in the Hadron Weapon — … Continue reading


Ep.02 – “Fright N’ Roll NightRock”

Ep.02 – “Fright N’ Roll NightRock” When a horrifying interdimensional creature from the Hadron Rift invades the lab on Halloween night, Mike and Oppenheimer must call upon a higher power for help… but can they Accept The Challenge? With special guest star Jon Mikl Thor (“Rock n’ Roll Nightmare”). 45 … Continue reading