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TOW They're Still at the Beach

S03E25 - TO at the Beach Signature Beverage: Floopy Flower Margarita 00:03:00 - The mystery behind Chandler’s sudden affinity for Yoo-Hoo deepens 00:03:52 - We’re still fixated on the mold in and structural damage to this beach house 00:04:36 - We found a dress with the same print as Rachel’s island dress! 00:06:20 - Joey is a sandy mermaid! 00:09:02 - Elizabeth made “Good morning, nice breasts by the way” her computer greeting for years! 00:12:15 - We think Christine Taylor looks...


TOW Teri Garr, a Moldy Beach House, and Lots of Deleted Scenes (Part One)

00:01:12 - The Floopy Flower Margarita! 00:05:20 - Watching this episode in your 20s vs. watching this episode in your 30s 00:09:00 - Why doesn’t anyone know the term BFF? 00:12:11 - The return of Momica 00:14:21 - Save the gorillas! Donate to The Ellen Fund now! 00:19:10 - The joy of huge floppy beach hats 00:21:50 - OH, THE MOLD! THE MOLD!! 00:22:00 - Props Props: Water Line on Furniture! 00:23:56 - It’s Teri Garr!! Let’s all go watch Young Frankenstein! 00:29:24 - Elizabeth makes...


TOW Chandler is Sexually Harassed and Pete Doesn't Put in His 10,000 Hours

S03E24 - TOW the Ultimate Fighting Champion 00:01:00 - We introduce “Good Place” rules for swearing 00:04:41 - Signature Beverage: The Ultimate Fighting Champagne 00:09:38 - Robin Williams and Billy Crystal guest start in the cold open, promoting their new movie, Father’s Day 00:11:45 - Robin Williams is a heartbreaking example of how you never really know what someone’s going through 00:15:00 - What did Heather do with her leftover Yoo-Hoo from last week’s signature beverage? 00:18:13...


TOW Ross Has a Kundus and Phoebe Works the Field

S03 E23 - TOW Ross’s Thing Signature Beverage: Yoo-Hoo, There’s Something on My Glass 06:24 — Doesn’t everyone swear at their menus? 07:40 — We take turns being Leslie from Parks and Rec 10:22 — We love Carvel Cake! And we swear it’s food! 12:54 — Phoebe gives us our first Nubbin Alert of the week 15:00 — What’s up with all the Yoo-Hoo? 17:15 — Does “We need to talk” always indicate bad news? 20:35 — Fudgie the Whale referenced on The Office 23:02 — Richard Gant, one of those actors...


TOW Ross Misses Out on Being on TV Because Phoebe Puts a Suggestion in the Suggestion Box

S03E21 - TOW a Chick and a Duck Signature Beverage: Fluffy Duck and a Chick 07:47 — Did Phoebe orchestrate the entire Ross and Rachel moment because she knows they’re lobsters? 09:45 — Heather teaches Elizabeth the word “citron” 10:58 — Gunther expresses his love for Rachel with hot cocoa 12:47 — What is Joey watching? Quincy, M.E. 15:16 — The joy of watching geeky science stuff on TV NASA panel discussion when they discovered frozen water on Mars 16:15 — Burst drinks! Throwback to...


TOW Joey Gets Joeyed and a Dollhouse Gets Fired

Signature beverage: Tootsie Roll-OJ-Bev 80-pack of Tootsie Pops on Amazon 01:46 -- Elizabeth’s inadvertently sexy way of eating Tootsie Roll Pops and Hershey Kisses 09:22 -- Pete isn’t mentioned at all in this episode; did he and Monica break up last week or not? 11:46 -- Kraft Parmesan — apprehension about whether or not it’s actually cheese, and some fond memories of covering our pizza with it 12:48 -- Newman’s Own Mushroom Trio pizza 14:44 -- Why do we have to suddenly be sorry when...


TOW David Schwimmer Looks Super Buff in a Tiny T-Shirt

John Legend's Christmas albumJeni’s Darkest Chocolate ice creamShop the Show - Frankie Say Relax t-shirt Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @handbagmarinara Screen shots and recipes on our website! Save the gorillas! Donate to The Ellen Fund and tell them that Handbag Marinara sent you!


Bonus Bourbon Bonanza #2!

00:39 -- Ron Leibman (Dr. Green, Rachel’s dad) has passed away at age 82 01:50 -- Keeping a positive outlook, even though life is going to inevitably throw some negative stuff at you 03:23 -- Jennifer Aniston is one of People Magazine’s “People of the Year”! 05:23 -- The latest episode of The Morning Show was … oof! Intense/trigger warning, but we’re glad the conversation is being had 07:10 -- Courteney Cox playing piano (and other instruments)! Also, she likes dating rock...


Bonus Bourbon Bonanza -- Thanksgiving Week Round-Up!

Hello, Marinairheads! (That's what we're calling you, unless you tell us you hate it). We wanted to take a minute to mention some of the stuff you've been telling us on social media, as well as what our FRIENDS are posting on their accounts! So welcome to the very first Bonus Bourbon Bonanza! In this special episode: Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relishpersonal Instagram pageCinnaMind Eraser cocktailFRIENDS prop auction Dec 3 - 17FRIENDS edition of Cards Against Humanity


TOW Cringey Gender Stereotyping and Almost-Statutory Rape

It's TOW the Hypnosis Tape, and we're drinking CinnaMind Erasers! We dive into some deep topics, inspired by the not-so-benign content of this episode: that We draw from our own experiences, talk Jennifer Aniston's new AppleTV+ show, "The Morning Show," and more! More at: http://handbagmarinara.com/blog/s03-e18-tow-the-hypnosis-tape


TOW Triggered Chandler, Unsupported Phoebe, and PLEH

It's Season 3, Episode 17, TO Without the Ski Trip, and we're staying warm by spiking our hot chocolate with bourbon! Elizabeth recorded from a state park, which lends itself to the "gang is stranded and Ross has to come rescue them" vibe. We discuss: being triggered/regressing, Philosophy skin care (and smelling like food), using your nipples to get free cable, how a good cheese ball can make a party, how it's possible to stuff outside the bra, and ... we invent the "poinsweatah"! More...


TOW Waxine, Anchovy Pizza, and Joey's Take-Notice Walk

It's the episode we've been dreading: TO the Morning After. Ross and Rachel break up, and we're drowning our sorrows with Waxinis -- inspired by the at-home leg-waxing kit that Monica and Phoebe try out. Aside from the obvious "Were they on a break?" conversation, we also talk about TV infomercial purchases, whether or not monogamy is "too cruel a rule," and how hitting is NEVER okay -- no matter how much Ross pisses you off. More at:...


TOW Cursed Carbs and a Diplomatic Double Date

This week, we talk about TOW Ross and Rachel Take a Break, and Heather drinks a flavor-packed Fiery Shemptini in honor of Ross acting like a Shemp and setting fire to Rachel's work desk. While Ross and Rachel reach a literal breaking point, Monica and Phoebe date diplomats, and Chandler and Joey unsuccessfully try to land the hot Xerox girl, Chloe. We also discuss globe-shaped pencil sharpeners, and pitch a new segment: "What the Hell is Monica Wearing"? More at: ...


TOW a Wooden Leg, a Nubbinectomy, and a Jingle Bitch

We're back! After an unexpected hiatus (hello, Life), we're back to review TOW Phoebe's Ex-Partner, and we're drinking Ginger's Smoky Wooden Legs in honor of the woman Chandler (briefly) dates! Well, Heather's drinking it. Elizabeth's went terribly, terribly wrong... This week, Phoebe's ex-singing partner Leslie (aka Tommy Pickles) comes back into Phoebe's life, but will she be able to set aside her jingle-writing ways to be Phoebe's friend again? As we mentioned, Chandler dates Ginger, who...


TOW Freezer Books, Sock Quarters, and Lasagna with Benefits

It's S03E13, TOW Monica and Richard Are Friends! Monica runs into Richard and what starts off as an innocent burger turns into an innocent lasagna which turns into a whole lot of sex. We've put our spin on the Friends with Benefits cocktail to celebrate! In other plot lines, Phoebe dates a jock who's having a wardrobe malfunction, and Rachel and Joey exchange their favorite books: Little Women and The Shining. We also discuss seatbelt bags, whether dainty-girl points are anti-feminist,...


TOW Jerky Boyfriends and Jerky Dancing

It's S03E12 - TOW All the Jealousy, and to toast Joey's audition for "A Tale of Two Cities," we're drinking Cocktails of Two Cities! Ross is CRAZY jealous of Mark and inundates Rachel's work with stuffed animals, cards, and even a barbershop quartet. Monica dates Julio, a smarmy poet who thinks American women are "empty vases," and Joey's resume fibs (three years with Twyla Tharp?!) catch up to him. We also discuss: Dali museums, #Friends25 offers, and once again advocate mental health care...


TOW Green Jell-O and Red Clothing (and It Isn't Even Christmas)

It's TOW Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister! Chandler has one too many Jell-O shots (our signature "beverage", BTW) and messes around with one of Joey's sisters at Joey's birthday party, Rachel meets Mark and Ross becomes a toxic a**hole with jealousy, and Phoebe dates the noisy neighbor upstairs. We also discuss Ray Baris Pizza, Water Joe, Silver Spoon tiramisu, and wonder -- did the upstairs guy get carpeting again, or ... did everyone hear him have sex for the next seven years? More...


TOW Brown Birds, Brown Trees, and The Fear

It's TOW Rachel Quits, and we're drinking Hanukkah Menoreo Martinis, inspired by Brown Bird cookies! Ross breaks a little girl's leg and has to sell the cookies on her behalf, Monica's cookie addiction comes back to haunt her, Phoebe can't handle The (Dead Christmas Tree) Chipper, and Rachel can barely handle The (Quit Your Current Job to Motivate You to Get a New One) Fear. We also discuss Elizabeth's "I Swear to Do Better" Jar, 90s disco revival fashion, snow in a can, and cookies with...


TOW a Dutch Girl and a Troll Doll Nailed to a 2x4

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! It's TOW the Football, and the gang decides to play some 3 on 3 in between turkey bastings. The winner gets -- the Geller Cup! The Geller Cup is also the name of this week's signature beverage -- a Pimm's cup with a Thanksgiving twist! A Dutch girl vies for Joey and Chandler's attention, Monica and Ross get really competitive, and Rachel goes really long. We also talk: Whole30, sore losers, Heidi gone Goth, and a MEGA Not-on-Netflix moment!