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Ep 181: Getting Drunk to Fuck with Marshy

The latest episode is with Marshall and Mara! We go through the adventures that are the new network, talk about getting caught lying, and getting all boozed up so you are comfortable getting booed up. This episode has so many updates...get, to, it!


Ep 180: Not Dead to Me with Lexz Alvarez

Lexz Alvarez, former co worker, joins Mara for this week's episode. They talk about working together, Mara getting fired and Lexz losing her one true love in a tragic car accident. They also talk about her parent's divorce and how Lex has been jumping from one commitment-less relationship to the next, but hoping to one day settle down.


EP 179 Boudoir and Breakdowns with Sarah Hartshorne and Wendi Starling

WHAT. A. ROLLERCOASTER. Sarah Hartshorne, Comedian and America's Next Top Model Contender joins us to talk about self-confidence behind the camera, her open marriage, body dysmorphia and more. Wendi also joins as we were about to take her photo for her new podcast and we wanted a pro on the assist! We then talk about getting over mental blocks that don't allow for socializing or really getting to even a baseline of believing in yourself. This was emotional and I love these two ladies more...



Christina Galston and Mara Marek record an extra long, extra special podcast and sprinkle a little on Happy Never after and really blow it out on Wasted Wisdom. Make sure to listen to both...I share a horrific story about a tale ending, but also some dermatology tips on getting back your glow up after a bout of butthole acne. So...not so fresh to death....Listen to this episode first and then run over to Wasted Wisdom to get the rest! Its werrth it....


EP 178 Jack Mormon Making It In The Big City with Reagan Baker

My soul sister and twin, (emotionally, not physically...she. is. adorable) Reagan Baker joins us for today's episode! We talk about marrying young, leaving the mormon church and being a single mom to a spicy Piper! Her marriage story unravels like a lifetime movie...and she's incredible for how far she has come! Tune in! and follow her @reaganbaker.hair


Ep 177 Robber of Hearts with Shayne Smith

Shayne Smith, not the Billionaire, but the comedian, who is a much better guest, joins Mara to chat about being a romantic from an early age. He also may have been engaged as many times as Mara. Follow his podcast...the Cowboy Boys or him directly on instagram @shaydozer


EP 176 Romantic with Commitment Issues with Carl Radke

The hunk himself, Carl Radke, from BravoTv's Summer House comes on as today's guest. We cover the full gamut, from butt plugs to failing to commit...we talk about dealing with your parent's divorcing when you're an adult and really wanting to find love and not just a quick fuck. although, no one is opposed!!!


EP 175: Party Pills and Sugar Babies with Dylan Farella

Mara invites Dylan Farella, instagram and twitter sensation on the podcast. We talk about being an adult child when you're parents divorce and still being a romantic. We also talk party pills, how to become a fuck boy and what characteristics make him a target for ladies who just want to lunch!


EP 174 3 Dogs One Room With Christina Galston and Lauren Lograsso

Lauren Lograsso, Singer, Host, and Podcaster from Los Angeles is in Detroit over the holidays so we jump on the chance to record! We recap the year, talk about a devastating break up and learn that my dumbest dog Bina does NOT know how to read a room. Great end to a great year! Love this ep!!!


Ep 173 Bucket o Buttholes With Christina Galston

We are on tour in Michigan....ON PURPOSE! just doing a little recap of what its like for us monsters on the road. Enjoy? Also...PLEASE SHARE! and also review if you haven't yet! LOVE YOU ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Ep 172: No One Wants A Closet In Queens With Joe Alfano

Joe Alfano, host of Chariot Of Fire, comes on and talks about long game break-ups, his special-ed gym time, and dating off the apps. Such a fun ep!!! We learned nothing, but we laughed a lot!!!


EP 171 From Sheet Metal To Shock Jock Alimony with Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia, everyone's favorite shock jock, radio personality, and ex-construction worker comes in to share his relationship past and future. We talk threesomes with good 'ol Cin, the challenges of staying monogomoous and fetching tumblahs of grand marnier! Such a fun episode!


Ep 170: Apologies and Accountability with Brendan Sagalow

Brendan Sagalow, comedian and host of Garbage Days Podcast joins me today! He first crushes all of my dreams, but then we get into the good relationship guts. We talk apologizing and being accountable when you need to be. THERE WILL BE A PART TWO!!! Make sure to follow him at @brendansagalow on IG and Twitter and give his pod a follow! Love you all!


EP 169 Loud Lovers and Detailed Delusions with Bill Dawes

Ex neighbor and curator of loud lovers, Bill Dawes, who I am sure has more credits than this, joins us for today's podcast. We talk his break-up that landed him in Apt 1, below Mara. We also cover trafficking, converting to judaism, and getting that dick wet! Mostly we talk crazy bitches. Love Bill. Catch his pod, follow him on insta, and make sure to rate and review!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Ep 168 All the best asses in Comedy with Kerryn Feehan and Derek Humphrey

My workout buddies Kerryn Feehan and Derek Humphrey came in to Sound Lounge to record today's episode. We talk about insecurities in relationships, communication, and how Kerryn isn't cheating anymore...but thinks he is. Great ep with these two!!!


EP 167 Avoidant Attachment Drain With Dylan Palladino

Dylan Palladino, host of We're All Psychos, joins Mara to talk NOT being able to make a commitment. Reconnecting with ex's over...and over...and over again and the new disorder we decided he has! We also go over proper Kegel technique and some ways to get out of fucking for too long when you have things to do! Follow Dylan on all of his projects and socials at dylanpalladino.com


EP 166: Be A Better Friend with Christina Galston

Mara and Christina are back together to talk fucking your friends, resentment and handling toxic relationships. But like...in their own way


Ep 165 Building Shelves, Not a Relationship with Thomas Dale

Thomas Dale from Comedy Central's, This is Not Happening, comes on to talk with Mara about loving too much, losing, then having a non traditional relationship. Finding what works for him in life and new projects he is working on. He also is a clairvoyant and gives Mara a reading. Such an amazing episode. make sure to follow him at @thomasdale5 on instagram and twitter. And check out his episode of This is Not happening:...


EP 164 Smelly Cat with Wendi Starling!

Wendi is BAAAAACK by very popular demand. We talk drunkenly protecting vaginas, not being a feminist and new projects! Always great when Wendi is in the studio!


Ep 163-II Christina Galston Part DEAUX

This is the second part we have all been waiting for. Christina Galston comes back and we couldn't breath we were laughing so hard. I don't even know how to describe this ep...just follow her at @freakinjewrican