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98- Nebraskan Firemen, Sympathy Cards, and Lots of Divorce with Peg and Shane

WARNING: This episode contains graphic description of domestic abuse, in case you may be sensitive to this topic. Also, we have included resources at the bottom of the episode description, as well as @BikeLaughHeal social media to assist if you, or if someone close to you is affected by domestic abuse. We do a little reminiscing this week— Mara recalls her balcony days and Andrew partied like a 24 year old, with a surprise twist. Mara tries to adjust to the kindness in the center of the...


97- iPhone Cables, American Airline Rap Star, and Mara's Big News with Mara and Andrew

Liar's gonna lie, but Mara's gonna ride her bike. Mara and Andrew catch up over FaceTime following their big Chicago show at the Under the Gun Theater at the Lincoln Lodge. Shout out to all the listeners who joined us to make the event even more fun and memorable. Catch this week’s episode and newest sponsor, but don’t forget to rate and review. Sponsor Promo Code Deets Our newest and featured sponsor- TalkSpace: Visit http://www.talkspace.com/Happy Ritual Promo Code:...


96- Hot Dogs with Ketchup, Cremation K-Cups, and Family History with Uncle Scott

Reunited… in Chicago! Mara and Andrew catch up on the 40th floor of the nicest apartment they’ve ever been permitted to enter. After catching up, Andrew’s uncle Scott joins the podcast! Not only is he Mr. Chicago, but he was responsible for throwing out a pair of Andrew’s favorite pair of underwear. Bike Laugh Heal Chicago Edition with Mara Marek and Andrew Collin TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 4th Under the Gun Theater, Chicago, IL 7:30PM UCT 16+ Show Tickets:...


95- FaceTime, Buckeyes and Finding Yourself (kinda) with Mara and Andrew

Mara is still on the road and Andrew is still in New York. Mara made it to Columbus, OH on her bicycle with her face covered in hydrocolloid bandaids. Meanwhile, Andrew is on his fourth Seamless order of the day. The hosts talk about Andrew’s FaceTime friend, Mara’s ride, her new blog, and reflections on her reflection. They finally realize that TalkSpace would be the perfect sponsor for the show. Ready to see them live? Tickets are now available for their Chicago show. Tickets from the...


94- DMs, Naked Hosts, and Bikes with Mara and Andrew

Bike Laugh Heal officially (and successfully!) kicked-off August 13 at Caroline's on Broadway, where both Mara and Andrew were joined by fellow comedians Jason Burke, Corinne Fisher, Tim Dillon, and Mike Yard, as well as singer-song writer Kelly Levesque. Proceeds from the evening went to a New York charity, Safe Horizons. This week Mara and Andrew talk about the days since the Caroline's on Broadway kick-off, as well as recapping Andrew's spike in DMs since being on the Guys We F****d...


93- The Bike Laugh Heal Tour Begins with Mara and Andrew

For nearly a year, Mara has been putting together a cross- country tour to erase abuse. This is our "last New York" episode before Mara jumped on her bike to head for 'Jersey on August 14. You can learn more about Bike Laugh Heal, the cities we're coming to and more by visiting www.bikelaughheal.org *FOLLOW THE BIKE LAUGH HEAL TOUR ON SOCIAL MEDIA* You can now follow @BikeLaughHeal on Instagram & Twitter Follow hashtag #BikeLaughHeal and #BLH18 for tour coverage, events, dates (more...


92- The Lost Episode with Mara and Andrew

Before our episode, "Third Time is A Charm." our hosts had a GREAT episode...with distorted audio. Luckily with the magic of technology we went back in time to this very moment to bring you: the lost episode. Andrew's show, "You Got Left" 8/8 at The Tank @ 36th Street, New York, NY Tickets: http://bit.ly/UGotLeft Bike Laugh Heal Kick Off Join us August 13 alongside comedians Jason Burke, Tim Dillon, and Mike Yard at Caroline's on Broadway. It's the official kick-off for the Bike Laugh...


91- Talking in Class, Headless Prom Dates, and Sitting in the Front Row with Mara and Andrew

Mara and Andrew are back again this week to talk about relationships from their school days. From being cute kids who get too much attention to the trials of running into poles in High School, our hosts talk about some of their early relationships, feeling different in school and more. Bike Laugh Heal Kick Off Join us August 13 alongside comedians Jason Burke, Tim Dillon, and Mike Yard at Caroline's on Broadway. It's the official kick-off for the Bike Laugh Heal tour! Tickets:...


90- Third Time is a Charm with Mara and Andrew

Last we recorded not once, but twice, and here we are for the third time with another hysterical episode of Mara and Andrew where you can hear both of them (maybe louder than you wish). If you enjoyed the episode, consider following us on social media, writing a review, attending a show, or sharing with a friend. *FOLLOW THE BIKE LAUGH HEAL TOUR ON SOCIAL MEDIA* You can now follow @BikeLaughHeal on Instagram & Twitter Follow hashtag #BikeLaughHeal and #BLH18 for tour coverage, events,...


89- A Bunch of Problems with “Rat Boy” Ian Fidance

Two guests, two hosts, one bed! We’ve got Cheyne Zeller and Ian Finance. First, we learn how to SAY our first guest’s name and how he became a trainer (he was dropped off at a 24-Hour Fitness and never looked back). Finally, we get straight to the punchline with comedian Ian Fidance! From an all-American childhood to throwing a tennis ball against a brick wall, Ian shares the story of how his family structure changed after a tragic accident during his childhood. Most importantly, he shares...


88- B.D.E., WWE Wrestling, Crystals and The Bike Laugh Heal Tour

Between guns’n’Funyuns, it’s a wonder how these two were able to record an episode this week! June 26 was the official kick-off of Mara’s Bike Laugh Heal tour. She and Andrew, who emcee’d the event, recap the big night, goals, and looking ahead to this incredible combo charity bike-ride and comedy tour taking place later this summer. Rate and review Happy Never After on iTunes. Hold onto your hats, because we’re also welcoming a new sponsor to the Happy Never After family— FABFITFUN-learn...


87- Moms, "Whorey Clothes", and Pussy Hair with Mara and Andrew

This week it’s a Mara and Andrew show. Mara meets "the family", Andrew deals with family and pussy hair is talked about a decent amount. It’s just them so it gets silly, some would say stupid. We’re dumb and whores. Support Mara and the Fight Against Attendthe Bike, Laugh, Heal Fundraiser in New York City on June 26, 2018 6-8PM at New York Health and Racquet Club (TICKETS ARE LIMITED; FEWER THAN 28 REMAIN; PRICES ARE $225, and are $300 at the door)Donate, support, and learn more about the...


86- "What's the Worst Thing You Have Ever Done to An Ex?" With Ashley Bez, Julia Solomon, Autumn, Leah Bonnema, and Casey James Salengo

Mara had 7 comedians (including Andrew) on top of her roof for a secret comedy show called, "F*ck, Marry, Kill" co-hosted with past HNA guest and comedian Kristin Manna (#72), and Ashley Bez. Ashley joins Mara and Andrew to answer the question, "What's the Worst Thing You Have Ever Done to An Ex?" Later in the episode, we're joined by Julia Solomon (#84), Autumn, Leah Bonnema, and Casey James Salengo (#18). It got pretty crowded on Mara's bed. Support Mara and the Fight Against Domestic...


85- Macro Micro and Marriage Encounter with "MiMi"

As it turns out, not all marriages can be wrapped up in a 4-month divorce. “Mimi”— yes, it’s a pseudonym— is Mara’s client, joins the podcast to share her story. As successful business woman and mother, Mimi’s story is compelling. Join us as she shares wisdom from her journey. Support Mara and the Fight Against Attendthe Bike, Laugh, Heal Fundraiser in New York City on June 26, 2018 6-8PM at New York Health and Racquet Club (TICKETS ARE LIMITED)Donate, support, and learn more about the...


84- Comedy Power Couple Julia Solomon and Anthony DeVito

“Excuse me is that your charger”— the opening line to nailing a successful relationship in comedy. This episode we talk to comedy power couple Julia Solomon and past HNA guest (#11), Anthony DeVito. We get to hear how the couple met, the ups and downs of their relationship, and the stipulations to having marriage (therapy), and kids (money). We get the chance to hear about how Julia spent her 3rd-grade summer—spoiler: her parents got divorced. Support Mara Attend the Bike, Laugh, Heal...


83- Scalpels Long Distance Relationships and Jumping off Bridges with Merrill Davis

Does anyone know what day it is? Us either, so instead we spent this episode talking turning molehills into mountains, breakups, the childhood monsters that come back and destroy intimate relationships with accomplished, bi-coastal comedian Merrill Davis. Learn more about Happy Never After's partnership with Bike, Laugh, Heal, the cross-country charity ride & comedy tour. Keep your eyes peeled-- more dates are being added! CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA...


82- Happy Endings with Just Mara and Andrew

Live from Mara’s bed, Mara and Andrew lament on their mutual need for a breather from New York. Mara and Andrew talk about their relationships—they’re very chill, but both want love, just while they’re sharing the same bed. To learn more about Bike, Laugh, Heal and support Mara. Visit: https://www.futureswithoutviolence.org/bike-laugh-heal/ CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS EmailHappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.comTwitter@HNAPodInstagram@HappyNeverAfterPodcastFacebook YouTube (Includes this...


81- Just the Two of Us w/ Mara and Andrew

This week it’s just Mara and Andrew. Not too many words can be said about this one, other than we think it’s our funniest one yet— Mara talks about insecurities and Andrew pretends to be ok with his. Have a listen. CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS EmailHappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.comTwitter@HNAPodInstagram@HappyNeverAfterPodcastFacebook YouTube (Includes this week’s episode and premium content and recorded video episodes) BROOKLINEN Brooklinen was built to deliver simple, beautiful home...


80- Ex-Engagement, Dream Jobs vs Grilled Cheese-Maker Jobs, and Taking Chances with Chase Mitchell

Chase Mitchell is a great comedic writer (and was even nominated for a Daytime Emmy). He has written for Comedy Central and The Tonight Show:his dream job. Chase was living the normal suburban life. Engaged, white fence on track for 2 and half kids. Then he took a chance: he moved to New York City. The engagement ended, but his career was taking off so he decided to move to LA. Now he is questioning it all. CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter:...


79- Dom/Sub, Sleeper/Snuggler, Speech/Toast with Mara and Andrew

Things are starting to look up for Andrew’s dating life— he not only survived his birthday with friends from college but lives to tell the tale. Meanwhile, Mara had successful submissive bridge-pose sex with a side of choking. Mara and Andrew discuss relationship dynamics— including those outside the bedroom (friendships after 30—gasp!). So have a listen, don’t make it about you, rate and review on iTunes. Thanks to Brooklinen and Tushy for sponsoring this episode (scroll down for the promo...