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IPAs & Pit-Bulls

Kevin and Foley are back with a wild episode! Kevin has an encounter with a pit-bull. He also gets screwed by the MTA which leads to his credit card getting declined at the supermarket. After a night of shows, Foley gets a little too boozed up and takes an unexpected trip to Brooklyn. The two also have some hard feelings towards each other that get aired out! Rate & Review! Follow on Instagram & twitter @hardfeelingspod Email us your Hard Feelings at: TheHardFeelingsPod@gmail.com


Fake Moon Landing

Foley tells the story of being on set and shooting a big primetime network television show. He also poops his pants. No joke. Kippy watches too many documentaries and becomes convinced that NASA faked the moon landing. They also talk about the proper etiquette to snub someone when you see them in public and what to do when your food order gets messed up. Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod on Twitter And Instagram and like us on Facebook Email us your stories at...


EP - 39 The Sleepover

This week the guys have an impromptu slumber party after a night of boozing. Kevin has had it with NYC after a nightmare of a time coming home from a comedy show in Brooklyn. Foley ate so much food this week that he claims it has changed his life forever. 790019 Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod on Twitter And Instagram and like us on Facebook Email us your stories at thehardfeelingspod@gmail.com


Episode 38 - The Heat Is On

HOT one this week with Kevin and Foley rant about struggles with NYC apartments and a scam to pay the rent late. Kevin has a knock on the door and a potential home invasion while Foley shares a pube problem. PLUS More hard feelings from listener emails! Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod on…


Ep 37 - Born in the USA

Kippy is back from his trip to Germany with a bunch of stories including an altercation in a German dive bar. Foley diversifies his portfolio by getting paid in stock options and does a weekend getaway with his girl. Email us your stories at thehardfeelingspod@gmail.com Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod on Twitter And…


Episode 36- Dirty Laundry

This week on the podcast Kevin is astounded by Foley's fatness for making homemade desserts. Kevin has a run-in with some locals in Washington Heights at his laundry mat and also tries to get real slick and double down on his Airbnb hustle. All that and more this week on Hard Feelings.


Episode 35- Not Invited

This week on the podcast Kevin has a major customer service issue with not one but two Dunkin' Donuts on the same day. Meanwhile , Foley has major hard feelings about not being invited to Sunday dinner at his brother's and misses out on a perfect job opportunity. All that and more this week on…


Episode 34 - My Cousin Kippy

The boys discover they might be related! It’s all linked back to Kevin working at Macys while in college. Foley has trouble understanding the passport process and give tips on how to get out of conversations you don’t want to have.


Episode 33 - Drop The Baby

This week on the podcast Kevin goes home to Philadelphia to settle some unfinished business at the DMV and catch lunch with his mom to trash other family members. Foley relives a painful childhood memory. Also, Kevin tries to sweeten the pot to get Foley to lend him his car for road work with a…


Episode 32 - Fighting In D.C.

This week on the podcast Kevin has a nightmare trip to comedy shows in Harrisburg. Foley tries to class it up for the weekend in the nations capital, Washington D.C. Where he steals soap from the hotel, gets into an argument with his girlfriend at The Vietnam Memorial and can't get a decent chicken Parmesan…


Episode 31 - Uber Pool Blackout

The heat is finally getting to Foley causing him to be paranoid. The two also have a booze filled night at a comedy club party - which leads to an incident in an Uber pool with Kevin. Plus Kippy has a close cal with a guy shadow boxing on the subway. Plus more hard feelings…


Episode 30 - Phone Sex Finger

This week Foley has a run in with a wild drugged up couple while on a date with his lady. As the situation gets physical he contemplates jumping into action. Kevin has a booze filled night that ends in a college bar with some questionable characters and a beer pong dispute. Also an update on…


Episode 29 - Hipster Skank

This week Kevin is back from a weekend in the woods filled with panic, cold beers, a knife in his under wear, and attitude from a "farm to table" waitress. Meanwhile, Foley gets stuck behind a trash bag of a person buying lottery tickets at a deli. Also, a sticky situation for our Grudge Of…


Episode 28 - Pigeon Party

This week on the podcast we have some serious hard feelings with a major home invasion in Kevin's apartment. Foley is driving around New York with the NYPD closing in on him, and the dog ran away!!!


Episode 27 - How To Not Quit Your Job

This week is one big HARD FEELING! Kevin finally gets the guts to quit his day job after he is reprimanded for poor performance. All the while Foley tries to understand how offices work.


Mini Mondays - Return Of An Ex

This week we get an email from "Shelia in Rhode Island" who's ex boyfriend moves home and tries to rekindle his friendship with her husband, and boy is she is not having it!


Episode 26 - Drinking Alone

Oh baby! The boys are back with a hot one! Foley has some major hard feelings with the industry and a big audition that didn't go his way. After a wild weekend, Kevin finds solace at the bottom of a glass drinking ALONE in Washington Heights. We also have an angry Grudge Of The Week…


Episode 25 - Uber Crazy

This week Uncle Hank and Aunt Kippy are worn out by the NYC summer. Foley fights the heat on his commute to an audition in Brooklyn. Kevin tells why Lyft is better than Uber after a bad Uber Pool ride. Plus a Grudge Of the Week the boys can't figure out!! It's a loose wacky…


Mini Mondays - The Dry Spell

This week we get an email from a wife who no matter what she does cant get her husband in the sack. she's tried dressing up, role playing and even "more" toys! Look out for a new Mini Monday every week!


Episode 24 - Going Postal

Foley and Kevin discuss Kevin landing his first movie roll. A painful interaction with an audience member leads the two wanting all small talk to stop. Plus Kevin spends two hours of hell in a bus terminal in Philly. And one of the HARDEST Grudges Of The Week email with a listener trying to get…