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Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels were published between 1956 and 2005. Paul, Morgan and Stephen explore them, the spin-offs and adaptations.

Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels were published between 1956 and 2005. Paul, Morgan and Stephen explore them, the spin-offs and adaptations.


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Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels were published between 1956 and 2005. Paul, Morgan and Stephen explore them, the spin-offs and adaptations.




Ed McBain's Ghosts - Book 34, Bonus: Maritime Calamities

Hark! It's a remote-recorded 87th Precinct Bonus Episode. Are you ready for the world's first ever round of remote-recorded book-huffing? Will Morgan's schnozz rise to the challenge? Will Paul manage to get through his intro without saying the word 'Ghoosts'? Will Stevo ever remember the name of that Roxy Music album? All these questions - and more - are answered in our bonus episode to our podcast about the book GHOSTS - McBain's exercise in spooky tale-telling from 1980. During the...


Ed McBain's Ghosts - Book 34: AWOL In The Bush

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast. This is the podcast all about 1980's spooktacular story, Ghosts. Has McBain gone mad or is he just showing off to Stephen King? Find out as we follow along as Carella hooks up with a Medium whilst investigating two deaths at an apartment block. Poor old Steve is about to have one of the weirdest Christmases ever. This is our first podcast recording done 'remotely' and we hope it sounds okay. Learned a few lessons whilst doing it, but at least we know we...


Ed McBain's Calypso - Book 33, Bonus: Schrödinger's Catchphrase

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast bonus episode! Firstly - sorry, this goes on a bit and it also gets quite silly and pretty self-indulgent. What, a podcast self indulgent? Who'd have thought it, eh? However, we do explore the covers of the UK/US original editions of the 1979 novel CALYPSO and Stevo achieves a new world-huffing-speed record. There's lots and lots of chat about 1979 in music, films and television. Then everything goes really weird for a bit, then we stop. Join us soon...


Ed McBain's Calypso - Book 33: Approved By Horse

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast. Book 33 in the sage takes up to the end of the 1970s. It's 1979 and Calypso singer King George Chadderton has been shot. So has his manager. And a wannabe singer. And a Locksmith. And things aren't looking too good for that dog either. Gulp. Carella and Meyer try to unravel this mystery across many precincts. In this episode we have a look around the world of 1979, explore mythological influences on the story and Paul becomes crippled by incredulity at...


Mini-Pod: A Selection of Pseudonyms for Sal Lombino

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast Mini-pod. To fill a gap in our main schedule, Paul presents this quick run-through of the various pseudonyms/name changes used by Evan Hunter throughout his life. This is based in part on some of the research currently being done for the proposed 87th Precinct book that's being worked on at the moment. Hope you find this little stop-gap interesting - let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email us at Hark87Podcast@gmail.com. Fare...


Ed McBain's Long Time No See - Book 32, Bonus: Dickens With Ferrets

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast bonus episode. This is our bonus episode for book 32 in the series, a tale of war-trauma, multiple slayings and a possibly rabid dog. As usual we begin with our look at the book covers of the original UK and US releases and our own editions, before getting stuck into some more charts and trivia from 1977. We're also looking at a new way to carry on our 'Fantasy Casting' for an 87th Precinct TV series, so keep watching FB/Instagram/Twitter for news on...


Ed McBain's Long Time No See - Book 32: Tubes Up To The Moon

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast. Welcome to 2020 everyone. Now that that's out of the way, let's go back to 1977 and the grim slayings of Blind people on the streets of Isola and beyond. It's a busy time for Carella as he looks after a seeing-eye dog, has to fend off flirtatious approaches and get to grips with Freudian interpretation of dreams as they relate to the Vietnam war. All in a days work, etc. We look at some contemporary reviews, explore a little of the world in 1977 and...


Side-pod: Find The Feathered Serpent - Reduckulous

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct side-pod! Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for joining us again in 2020. To kick things off, whilst the regular team are still off on holiday, here's a special episode 'completing the set' of the early Evan Hunter juvenile fiction novels for the Winston Science Fiction range. It's the first of those stories, 1952's Find The Feathered Serpent - a tale of time machines, vikings and the hunt for a Mayan god. Returning to discuss this book is author Garry Abbott...


Side-pod: Barney Miller, Christmas Story - Exotic Yoxall

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast bonus Christmas episode! Many festive greetings unto you and yours from us and ours. We've finally taken the plunge and delved into the world of Barney Miller, as so many of you suggested that it seems very much like McBain's 87th Precinct tales. And what better episode to watch than Series 3, Episode 10 - Christmas Story. Broadcast over the holidays in 1976, this was on TV between the last book we looked at (So Long As You Both Shall Live) and the next...


Side-pod: Appointment On Mars - The Phantom Of The Opera Duck

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast side-pod! Paul is joined in this episode by old friend and this podcast's first ever guest, illustrator Adam Paxman. They're looking at Appointment on Mars, the S.A.Lombino story for the television anthology series, Tales of Tomorrow in 1952. This was Lombino/Hunter/McBain's first credited piece of television and draws heavily on his skills as a writer of science-fiction short stories. Along the way we discuss the cast, the production, the high quality...


Ed McBain's So Long As You Both Shall Live - Book 31, Bonus: Drinking Tea In An Igloo

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Bonus Episode! This is the bonus episode for book 31, So Long As You Both Shall Live - Bert and Augusta are married. Happiness from hereon in then? Ah well. Never mind. At least we can relax and take our usual look at the book covers for the original and our editions of the story - including a book-huffing of an early UK edition which nearly takes the top of Stevo's head off. After that we plummet into 1976 trivia - music, movies and more and then onwards we...


Ed McBain's So Long As You Both Shall Live - Book 31: Famed For Chili Measurement

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast. It's 1976, it's Bert Kling and Augusta Blair's wedding day and nothing can surely trouble the boys of the eight-seven on such a happy occassion? Well, maybe a scalpel wielding kidnapper might. But, look on the bright side, at least Fat Ollie Weeks is here to help Carella and company find Mrs.Kling and restore her to the loving arms of Bertram. We take our usual looks at what else Evan Hunter was up to at the time, do a bit of a look at 1976 in broad...


Ed McBain's Blood Relatives - Book 30, Bonus: Mad As A Hairbrush

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast bonus episode. As per usual, we follow up our main episode discussion (all about Blood Relatives) with our examination of the covers of the various original editions and the obligatory book-huffing test for our copies, before delving into the media of 1975 to provide context for the time in which the book was written. This time, we get quite silly. Marvel at Morgan's Alice Cooper enthusiasms, Gasp at Paul's impression of Oliver Reed and be wowed by...


Ed McBain's Blood Relatives - Book 30: Binyon's Gulch

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast. It's a dark and tragic tale that Steve Carella finds himself investigating in 1975's Blood Relatives. This shocking story was adapted into the 1978 film Les Liens De Sang by Claude Chabrol, featuring Donald Sutherland in the Carella role. It's a scary and shocking tale. We round out our discussion of the book by taking our usual run-down of things-from-the-year-that-we've-noticed for context, look at some contemporary reviews and what else Evan...


Ed McBain's Bread - Book 29, Bonus: Mid-70s Derek Nimmo

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast bonus episode. We follow up our main episode's discussion of the 29th Book in the series, Bread, with our usual examination of the various editions of the original publication (and Paul does some Show & Tell for this!) and then delve deeper into the music, television and films of 1974, including some serious discussion on how the policy of OPEC might have affected the career of Perry Como. Lastly, we sift through examples of those folk who've portrayed...


Ed McBain's Bread - Book 29: Pronts

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast! After book 28, the satirical Nixon-baiting Hail To The Chief, we're back on firmer procedural ground with 1974's Bread - a complex tale of arson, fraud, smuggling, violence and deprivation. Roger Grimm's warehouse of little wooden animals has burned down, but what has that got to do with Diamondback Developments? Readers will meet the 83rd Precinct's Detective 'Fat' Ollie Weeks for the first time. Get used to him folks, there's lots more of Ollie to...


Ed McBain's Hail To The Chief - Book 28, Bonus: A Double Donald Scenario

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct bonus episode! We follow up our discussion about 1973's HAIL TO THE CHIEF with a bit of a quiz of the year in music and film, a look at the book covers of our and the original editions and then look at screen portrayals of Teddy Carella - with your fantastic suggestions for our Fantasy Casting under scrutiny. Paul also discovers that Stevo and Morgan have some strangely specific knowledge of fast food retail outlet origins in the UK. It has almost no relevance...


Ed McBain's Hail To The Chief - Episode 28: Grotbags?

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast! Here we are, still in 1973, but sat next to Ed McBain, examining his typewriter which surely took some beating as he punched out the text of his Nixon-hating Gang-Warfare Allegory, HAIL TO THE CHIEF. Join us as we spot the parallels (based on our rather limited knowledge of the politics of the US in the early 70s...) and discuss this most violent and unusual 87th Precinct novel. Also: we're over half-way through the series! If you'd like to get us a...


Ed McBain's Let's Hear It For The Deaf Man - Episode 27, Bonus: Little Jimmy The Croc

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct podcast bonus episode. Here we are, off the back of our review of the 27th book in the series, Let's Hear It For The Deaf Man, with our usual blend of book cover and design chat, the great quiz of '73 (first bit of the year) and most importantly - Fantasy Casting for THE DEAF MAN! Thanks so much for all your contributions. Apologies to Cary Elwes for my terrible pronunciation of his name! Next time you need to think about who you'd cast as our central civilian...


Ed McBain's Let's Hear It For The Deaf Man - Episode 27: Weeping For Dusty-Bin

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast! It's 1973 and The Deaf Man is back to taunt the cops of the 87th Precinct and to confirm his status as Steve Carella's nemesis. Join us for our discussion of this novel which takes in all three of the story threads, the relationship of the book to the film Fuzz, its place in Evan Hunter's work for the year and how it influences the lives of some of the characters to come. We explore some contemporary reviews of the book as well, with a mature and...