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Welcome to Hayseed Junction; the pride of Slackjaw County!! Burt Boone will be your guide to the most beautifully odd little town in the country.

Welcome to Hayseed Junction; the pride of Slackjaw County!! Burt Boone will be your guide to the most beautifully odd little town in the country.


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Welcome to Hayseed Junction; the pride of Slackjaw County!! Burt Boone will be your guide to the most beautifully odd little town in the country.




Hayseed Junction Radio - 02/02/2020

Burt is back!! Hayseed Junction hasn't been the same with out him and he is ready to talk about his vacation and why his cousin Earl didn't host the show a few weeks back. He's got the local news to go over and then a message from Fred Titch from Slackjaw County about the war with the Hill People. Finally, Burt talks to Rollie Evans about Say The Word Security and a classified ad solves a years old mystery involving a roller coaster car.


Hayseed Junction Radio - 01/25/2020 - Dad Ruins Christmas

It's been a few weeks since anyone has heard anything from Burt and the boys. It has a lot to do with scheduling and the life of show creator, John Haskell. Me. I decided that instead of making up some elaborate story about the show's absence, I would just have a quick show about the origins of Hayseed Junction and why I decided to so the show in the first place.


Hayseed Junction History - 01/06/2020

This week features the first installation of Hayseed Junction History. Listen to the story of Buster Skeets; one of Hayseed Junction's most storied historical characters. Hayseed Junction Radio will be back to regular programming next week with guest host Earl Putnam.


Hayseed Junction Radio 12/23/2019

Christmas is knocking on the door in Hayseed Junction and Burt is happy to be bringing you the last show of 2019. Aside from the local news, we hear from Sheriff Walt Combs and have a few holiday greetings to send out. Also, we hear about a new show coming next year for you folks. Finally, Jordan needs a little encouragement when the commercial break doesn't go so well.


Hayseed Junction Radio - 12/16/2019

We're one week closer to Christmas in Hayseed Junction and Burt is so excited that the whole town is in the proper spirit. Aside from the local news, Burt has a conversation with Heide Fontaine about Christmas related relationship advice and we hear from the head coach of the Hayseed Junction Shiners. Finally, Burt has a message for the audience of Hayseed Junction for the Christmas season.


Hayseed Junction Radio - 12/09/2019

Hayseed Junction Radio is back and everyone is excited it grows closer to Christmas. Burt has a history lesson of how Hayseed Junction became a town before he gets into the local news. Tim Lynn, the lifeguard of the Hayseed Junction swimming pool has a message for the people in town and Burt talks to Buck Harvin from Harvin's Lumber and Carpet Emporium.


Hayseed Junction Radio - 12/02/2019

It's that time again. Thanksgiving is over and the boys talk about their holidays and a trip to Roger Herrmann's. Burt brings you the local news, we hear a message from Steve Johnson of Capital Punishment Gun Shop and we have a conversation with Hayseed Junction's newly elected Mayor. Finally, Burt has a birthday message for a close friend.


Hayseed Junction Radio - 11/25/2019

Burt has to start the show off with a little bit of bad news, but then he gets into the local news of what's happening around town. Then, we hear from the Fish and Wildlife Department about what Slackjaw County residents should hunt next. Burt and Roger Herrmann talk about the new menu items at Herrmann's On the Cliff and then Terry V checks in from the Slackjaw County water tower.


Hayseed Junction Radio 11/18/2019

November is half over and Hayseed Junction is just about ready for Thanksgiving. Burt lets you in on a little Thanksgiving tradition in Hayseed and we get to talk to the commission of Antiquities of Hayseed Junction; plus a word from the Department of Health from Slackjaw County.


Hayseed Junction Radio 09/23/2019

Hayseed Junction Radio is back, folks. It's been a while so the boys are a little rusty, but, Burt is gonna get you caught up on why you haven't heard from them in so long. Burt goes over the local news, has a conversation with Bob Doland from Dignified Front Charity and gets a weather report from Terry V up in the SlackJaw County water tower.


Hayseed Junction Radio

The second installment of Hayseed Junction Radio brings back your old faves, Burt Boone, Engineer Jimmy and Jordan Sinclair. There are some new folks on this time around in Chuck George with a sports report and a rumor breaker, Dr. Heide Fontaine handing out relationship advice and an in studio interview with Bob Nills before his big fight with Leonis Keller. Tensions rise when Jordan uncovers something personal and Burt does his best to make it right.


Episode I - 02/05/2019

The first episode introducing you to the fine people of Hayseed Junction. Host Burt Boone is your guide for a peak into the lives and times of the world's most beautifully odd little town. You'l get your local news, a message from the Sheriff of Slackjaw County and an interview with Larry Willis. Plus, Terry V checking in from the Slackjaw County Water Tower.