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Bob Menery: The Man Behind The Voice

Episode 60 of He Said What features Bob Menery, R-Rated Sports Commentator and Comedian. On this episode, we discuss hitting rock bottom before his wild success, having no filter, building a brand, and so much more!


Privately Public with Morgan Willett

Episode 59 of He Said What features Morgan Willett who has been on Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, and this season of MTV’s The Challenge. On this episode, we discuss what life behind the scenes is really like, dating outside your comfort zone, understanding people's true intentions, being upfront, learning to be kind to yourself, and so much more!


Getting Wild With Syd Wilder

Episode 58 of He Said What features Syd Wilder who’s an Actress, Comedian, Model, and Host of Girl- Insta-rupted. She has been featured in Funny or Die, Huffington Post, Maxim, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated. On this episode, we discuss love bombing, developing confidence, not being afraid to f*** up, cheating, catcalling, sliding in the DM's, and so much more!


Almost 30 with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik

Episode 57 of He Said What features Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik the hosts of Almost 30 Podcast. On this episode, we discuss learning from your past experiences, trusting your intuition, working through insecurities, and so much more!


Playing It Cool with Matt Nagin

Episode 56 of He Said What features Matt Nagin, a writer, comedian, actor, and filmmaker. He has been featured in The Tribeca Film Festival, on CNN, The NY Post, Writer's Digest, The Wendy Williams Show, Lifetime, etc. On this episode we discuss dating someone with an age gap, how to get out of the friend zone, orbiting, commitment phobia, texting 101, and so much more!


A Little Something For Yourself with Stefany Gittleman

Episode 55 of He Said What features Stefany Gittleman, who is the epitome of a woman that can do it all. She is a serial entrepreneur who has worked at MTV, The New York Times, Rodan & Fields and has started her own company called the Gold Maze. On this episode we discuss how to have a healthy work-life balance, pursuing your passions, living life in your own lane, and so much more!


Adderall and Compliments with Annabelle DeSisto

Episode 54 of He Said What features Annabelle DeSisto the host of Adderall And Compliments, a show where she gives her uncensored opinions on everything between pop culture, dating, sex, candid stories, and wherever else her Adderall rants take her. On this episode, we discuss sexual confidence, knowing your value, raising your standards, and so much more!


Give 'em the Wave! with Mike Goldstein

Episode 53 of He Said What features Mike Goldstein, a private dating coach, public speaker, and author who has appeared on the Today Show, Reader's Digest, The Star-Ledger, Shape Magazine, etc. On this episode we answer all the questions my listeners submitted, how timing is everything, being on the same page when you are dating, playing games, and so much more!


51 First Dates with Kimmy Foskett and Liza Renzulli

Episode 52 of He Said What features Kimmy Foskett and Liza Renzulli the hosts of the podcast 51 First Dates. In this episode, we discuss the experiment that prompted the idea for their show, living life at your own pace, how to stop filling voids, how to figure out what you need, breaking patterns, and so much more!


92 Dates in 1 Year with Rachel Russo

Episode 51 of He Said What features Rachel Russo, a dating and relationship expert, matchmaker, author, and speaker. On this episode we discuss the pressure of first dates, not getting closure, managing expectations, learning to not date someone for their potential, ignoring red flags, and so much more!


Getting Real with Kenny Santucci

Episode 50 of He Said What features Kenny Santucci from MTV's The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. On this episode we discuss being on a reality TV show and the repercussions that come along with it, being a ladies man, sliding into DM's, Instagram fame, dating the wrong people, being insecure, and so much more!


Out With The Old And In With The New

Episode 49 of He Said What features Amber-Lee Lyons, the founder of The Chakra Girl Co. which is a spiritual platform inspiring women everywhere to be YOU and be zen. She also hosts Chakra Girl Radio. On this episode, we discuss Chakra, crystal energy healing, saying goodbye to old habits that keep you stuck and how to create new habits and opportunities to serve your highest purpose, realizing your true vision and purpose, and so much more!


It’s Not A Mans World

Episode 48 of He Said What features Joel Moore, a long time friend, style/lifestyle blogger, and creator of Moore His Style, which is a fashion and lifestyle blog which blurs the lines between menswear and womenswear. On this episode, we talk about Joel and his two siblings coming out when their mother is a Pastor, growing up in the south, being comfortable in your own skin, meeting his boyfriend on Grindr, knowing you’re with the right partner, double standards between men and women, and so...


Progress Not Perfection

Episode 47 of He Said What features Kassi Underwood Harvard’s first-ever Meditation Advisor, serving the entire student body in private sessions and group meditation experiences,.the author of May Cause Love, and founder of Spiritually Blonde, a program that teaches people how to feel peaceful and powerful, no matter what’s going on around them. Her work has been published The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly digital, The New York Daily News, Women’s Health, Best Self, and many more. On...


What We Have Learned in 2018

Episode 46 of He Said What recaps some of the major highlights and key takeaways from this past year. Some of the guests discussed on this episode include Dan Soder, Corinne Fisher, Kasia Urbaniak, Rubin Flores, Lauryn Evarts, Alix Straus, John Keegan, Ariana Margulies, and Melissa Ambrosini. If you haven't had time to listen to all these episodes this is a great way to


You Can't Have The Best If You Aren't The Best

Epsiode 45 of He Said What features Anna Morgenstern, a dating coach and matchmaker for Tawkify. On this we discuss breaking old patterns, how to figure out what you want and need in a partner, meeting people IRL, soul searching, projecting positive energy, and so much more!


The Past Is Not Your Future

Episode 44 of He Said What features Arianna Margulis, a NYC based Cartoonist and creator of the Instagram account @butlikemaybe. On this episode we discuss how she started her business post breakup, dealing with ex’s, trusting your gut, serial dating, and so much more!


Saying ‘I Do” With the NY Times

Episode 43 of He Said What features Alix Straus a four-time award winning author, a frequent contributor to the NY Times, and a columnist for their Vows section. On this episode we discuss Alix’s experiences writing the vows section for the NY Times, attending countless weddings, being set up by family members, finding inner strength to enjoy being alone, gaining your independence, and so much more!


You Are Your Worst Enemy!

Episode 42 of He Said What features Melissa Ambrosini, the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, host of 'The Melissa Ambrosini Show' podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. On this episode, we discuss how to master your inner mean girl/guy, being mindful and in control of your thoughts, mental health, how to truly love yourself, being honest with yourself, surrendering to things you cannot change, self-love, and so much more!

On Display With The Museum Of Sex

Episode 41 of He Said What features Stephanie Spicer, the Manager of the Museum of Sex. On this episode, we discuss sexual education, how sex toys are selected to be sold within the museum, how sexuality has evolved from the 1920's to 2018, how the museum stays innovated, the different exhibits within the museum. and so much more!