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Random One Off! Episode 3: Comedy at a Biker Bar, High School Relationship Failures and Drunken Escapades

Once again we take a break from the main show to bring you a random off-topic episode! Including a major announcement about the future of the show that is super exciting, aswell as Andrea telling the tale of the time she got booked to do stand up comedy at a Biker Bar, and Sam recounting his 21st birthday; among other things. Enjoy!


Episode 8: Dicks of the Trade

On the penultimate episode of Season 1 of Vh1's The Pick Up Artist, the show takes a diversion for a filler episode in which Mystery addresses the guys and the audience to teach them the "Tricks of the Trade" and answer viewer questions. This is a short and sweet episode gearing up for the grand finale!


Episode 7: Mystery's Science Theater

We're down to the final 3 episodes of Season 1! This episode we reveal something crazy that happened while we were on break, that we are hoping will be the first step towards us interviewing someone from the show! Who is it? You have to listen to find out!


Episode 6: Et Tu Pradeep?

We're down to the final three episodes of Season 1 of the Pick Up Artist! This episode finally gives us our fix of the trashy drama within the house amongst the contestants that we've been craving. We also received information from someone who was involved with the show! So listen to this one to see what secret they revealed to us....


Random One Off! #2: Childhood Stories/Catchphrase!

After all the positive feedback from our first Random One Off episode, we decided to do another! This will be a more recurring thing going forward (we promise we will get back to the main show reviewing Pick Up Artist soon!) In this episode, we discuss our craziest and funniest stories from childhood, of which we have many. Also Sam desperately tries and fails to figure out what his catchphrase should be. Tweet @HRpod what you think the best catchphrase is or if you have a better suggestion!


Episode 5: Naquito's Way

We're back! Sorry for the delay in getting this episode out, but hopefully the wait will have been worth it. This week we are reviewing our favorite episode to date. It's got everything, speedos, body positivity, buttcracks, and the introduction of our new favorite character on the show. We're almost half way done with Season 1, and things are getting INTENSE!


Episode 4: Sex Peach

The fourth episode in our review of The Pick Up Artist. This is a short but sweet one, sweet like sexy peach; you'll have to listen to the episode to figure out what the hell that means.


Random One Off! Episode #1: (Get to know us)

We're switching it up this episode and taking a break from Mystery and The Pick Up Artist. In this episode we talk a little bit about ourselves so that you guys can get to know us a little better. Things get real weird, real quick.


Episode 3: Elementary Incantations & Magic

This week we discuss episode 3 of the short lived Vh1 reality series The Pick Up Artist. In this episode we discuss the bizarre association between Mystery, his matador gang of "pickup artists" and magic. Also this episode delves into the more problematic elements of the show in general.


Episode 2: Hats All The Way Down

In Episode 2 we review the much anticipated makeover episode. We also reveal some new information we have discovered about the show and Mystery, stick around until the end for our biggest revelation.


Episode 1: The Pick Up Artist

The first episode of Helpless Romantics, to begin we will be reviewing The Pick Up Artist, a short lived VH1 reality show from the early 2000's about turning "dorks" into studs as they are taken under their wing by a "pick up artist" who's name is just "Mystery". The show will eventually showcase other such bad reality programs on a range of topics surrounding people getting bad dating advice, or just other "pick up artists" in general, as there appear to be hundreds more than just Mystery,...