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Kix Cereal is Garbage

Hola Brew Crew! Episode 2 is here and it's a doozy! Wanna drink a long with us? We can help with that. In this episode we get down with some Ill Tempered Gnome from Oakshire Brewing. We also sip on some Dark Persuasion, a German Chocolate Ale from Icicle Brewing. Closing out our tasty beers, last but not least, Mac and Jack's own, Maxx Stout. Sorry about the quality last week guys, a lot of heavy breathing from us as we were trying something new. Don't worry though the issue is fixed and...


Welcome Back Brew Crew

Welcome back to the Here's To Brewcast! (Season 2) We know we have been gone a little bit, a lot of changes for Will and I over the past few months. The good news, we're back and ready to show you all some of the exciting stuff we have in store for the podcast. Don't mind us this episode, we are a little rusty, had the sensitivity of the mic up a little too loud this episode so apologies if we are breathing in your ear throughout the episode. For those of you who want to drink along, today...


Here's To Brew Is Back Baby!!

New Trailer for episode 1 of Season 2, comin' atcha Friday, November 23rd! #HeresToBrew Follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @herestobrew Untapped App - @herestobrew_ Become a supporter of this podcast:



On THIS episode of the Here's To Brewcast. Season Finale! Thats right, we have wrapped up Season 1 and Season 2 will be back August 8th with brand new episodes! Today we drink beers from one of our favorite places, Dexter's Brewhouse. The first beer we sip on is Merroir by Mollusk Brewing, an American Pale Ale with 5% ABV. The second beer is also from Mollusk Brewing and this is the Winter Warmer, 8% ABV, this stout has tastes of vanilla and some roasted Serrano's for a little bite. Both...


Paul McCartney is Dead

On this episode of the Here's To Brewcast. Welcome to Cider Week! This week we try two ciders and plan to feature ciders once a month. This week's ciders are, "Bad Granny's Hard Cider" from Chelan, WA and also Puyallup, Wa's own Cockrell. A raspberry and habanero flavored "Devil'N Cider". We also dive into conspiracy theories. Who really runs bitcoin? Was 9/11 an inside job? We share our opinions on these and a couple more. Want to win our first contest? First 3 people to leave us voice...


Beers, Brews and Babes

Welcome back brew crew, after a week off we are back and ready to please your ears. That's right, today we do a little Beer Tech Review of the Brümate Hopsulator. We also discuss some upcoming beer tech that we plan to review in the future. Ever wonder what the top 25 cartoon babes are? Well today we break it down for you and discuss. If you're drinking along with us, the first beer we drink is called It's Ake. A Japanese rice lager from Matchless Brewing. This brew left us completely...


The Miracle Berry Challenge

Welcome back Brew Crew! On this episode we take the Miracle Berry Challenge. Talk about insane, these things change your tastebuds and turns your sour foods to sweet ones. We try a plethora of sour foods from grapefruit, limes, lemons and a few others. The results will blow your mind! Ah the beer, great glorious beer and this week we tried some very interesting ones. The first beer we had was Slamarillo from Powerhouse Brewing in Puyallup, Washington. Our second beer has probably the most...


Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Will's soap obsession is discussed in this weeks episode of the Here's To Brewcast. Hey gang, check out our new Patreon page! Some really fun stuff coming up that is exclusive to Patreon Subscribers! If you would like to help support this podcast any donation is greatly appreciated! Oh, and don't forget about our social channels, like, share and subscribe! #HeresToBrew Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat @HeresToBrew Become a supporter of this podcast:...


Will's Car Exploded

Hola Brew Crew, This week, on the Here's To Brewcast. We are down 1 this week but we don't let that stop us. Will tells us about his terrible week with his car and we discuss other times we have had problems with vehicles. Kyle and Will discuss their current bucket lists and things they would like to do. If you are drinking with us, this week we had two tasty beers. The first beer we have was selected by my (Kyle) daughter. She liked the label and the ingredients and said we needed to drink...


UFO's, Ghosts and Sasquatch. Oh My!

Well hello there, Welcome back to fun town Brew Crew! On this episode we try a ton of snacks from Buffalo Bob's Jerky. Talk about some of our favorite things to do for the summer and Will asks the age old questions, are UFO's/Ghosts/Sasquatches real? We enjoyed all 3 beers this week BC. We started with a seasonal summer beer, Twilight from Deschutes Brewery out of Bend, Oregon. Our second beer was the always tasty Amber Adventure from one of our favorite breweries, Powerhouse Brewery from...



Here's a little "Taste" of this week's episode on this Hump Day. Bon Apétit! #HeresToBrew Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat @HeresToBrew Become a supporter of this podcast:


It's A Brewtiful Day In The Neighborhood

Hola Brew Crew, This episode is a doozy. The guys sit around and talk about what sucks about getting older. We enjoy beer from 3 different breweries and play the new game that is sweeping the nation, Bucket Of Doom! If you are drinking along with us, or just want to taste what we're tasting, check out the following beers and breweries. Kanacitra from Sound Brewery in Poulsbo, WA. Fremont brewing's Summer Ale from Seattle, WA and lastly, Maui Brewing Company's Pineapple Mana. Also, try the...


Broccoli Cheddar Hotpocket

On this week's episode of the Here's To Brewcast Mid week trailer for the Brew Crew. See you guys Friday! Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat @HeresToBrew Become a supporter of this podcast:


Just Brew It

Welcome back Brew Crew! It was a fun discussion on today's show as we talk about funny old fitness gimmicks from back in the day. We introduce the Brew Crew's very own drinking game and talk about adult cartoons and kids cereal. If you are drinking along with us, today we are enjoying Comatose from GoodLife Brewing Company in Bend, OR. We try out Wingman Brewer's Cuke from Tacoma, WA. After that we try out Ballast Point Brewing Company's Grapefruit Sculpin from San Diego, CA. Now, sit back...


Cinco De Mayo Episode Especiale

Happy Cinco De Mayo Brew Crew! Today we are back to enjoy some great Mexican style Craft Brews from some breweries from the Pacific Northwest. We also enjoy chips with various salsas as well. If you are following drinking along with us, today we are enjoying The Most Interesting Lager In The World from Ex Novo Brewing Company in Portland Oregon. We try out Ecliptic Brewing's Mexican-Style Lager Espacio also from Portland Oregon. After that we try out Peddler Brewing Company's Horchata Cream...


Brews Traveller

Welcome back all of you amazing Brew Crewers! Today the guys talk about places they would like to travel to , to drink beer and all of the hoopla that comes with traveling. Nic starts recruiting his own vigilante group and Will, well he's there too saying Will things. If you are listening to this at home and drinking with us, make sure you pick up Narrows Brewing's own Galloping Gertie. We also have Lagunta's Hop Stoopid Ale and Georgetown Brewing's Citrus Galaxy IPA. We hope you all enjoy...


Wish You Were Beer

Welcome back Brew Crew! On today's episode we discuss the breweries we checked out this week, including Odd Otter in Tacoma, Pacific Brewing, Dunagan Brewing Company and Wingman Brewers. We welcome back a certain person and his creative ensemble and Will talk's about his first snowboarding experience all while we try fancy chocolates. If you're drinking along with us, make sure you pick up No-Li's Big Juicy IPA, Pfriem Pilsner and Silver City Brewery's own Fat Scotch Ale. We hope you all...


Hoppy Birthday!

Brew Crew, welcome back to Episode 3 of the Here's To Brewcast! Wow what a great response we have had on the first two episodes, we are so thankful for the support we have had so far. So thank you again from Will and myself. We are happy to have you! On today's podcast we try out a few beers that were really quite tasty and interesting. If you are drinking along with us, our first beer comes from Backwoods Brewing Company, Big Cedar. An India Red Ale from Carson, Washington. The second beer...


I'd Tap That

Hellooo Brew Crew! Today we enjoy some great craft beers from Hopworks Urban Brewery from Portland Oregon, Gilgamesh Brewing in Salem Oregon and Odin Brewing Company in Tukwila Washington. Will may even of brought us a little bit of Ole Smokey Blackberry and Hunchy Punch Moon Shine! If you want to drink along with us, we are drinking Gear Up from Hopworks, DJ Jazzy Hef from Gilgamesh and Odin's Gift from Odin Brewing. Today's main topic is the crazy world of online dating. We discuss the...


Bottoms Up!

Welcome to Here's to Brewcast! The podcast where we talk all about anything and everything while we try craft beers from local breweries in the PNW. On today's episode we discuss some of our favorite breweries in Washington. We also discuss some of our favorite local music artists as well as a little bit of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Grab a beer, kick back, and have a few laughs with the crew of Here's to Brew as we learn to podcast-as-we-go. Check us out on social media -...