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Disney discussion, Comic Ads, Ghetto Boys, Sonic Highways, Marvel Movie Lineup till 2019 - Episode 34

If you think this episode sounds chock full of goodness, it is. Here's the low down: Remembering vintage comic ads, a dude from the UK puts his Star Wars send away in a CT scanner, Foo Fighters HBO documentary Sonic Highways, including a talk on episode two's "go go" music review. Finally Dave & Marty review Marvel's huge announcement about their future films till 2019. After an all new NERD RAGE the boys have a great discussion of Disney, the films, the parks, and its new acquisitions...


Sh*t You Need To Know, Special FX talk, & BATTLE ROYALE: McDonald Land VS. Hostess characters - Episode 31

The boys are back from their anniversary and are ready to discuss even more nonsense. After a brief discussion of PBS, Electric Company (and the odd Marvel marketing during the 1970s) Hero Sandwich reviews the latest nerd news in Shit You Need To Know. First off: Action Comics and its record breaking sale, selling comics on Ebay, and a debate on if Batman's first appearance could ever rival Superman's lofty price (SPOILER alert: Marty wins the argument, but in the oddest way possible)....


Nerd Mount Rushmore III !! - Star Wars figures, John Hughes characters - Episode 27

This week Dave & Marty go back to their favorite topic... MOUNT RUSHMORE! On the slate this month: Kenner Star Wars figures, John Hughes characters, LOST cast, and best all time music videos. In addition to that craziness: Marty talks about a bar he went to that has classic video game consoles, Dave sees Ecto 5, and the boys give their bizarre suggestions for the new NWA movie!? All that and some crazy stoopid Nerd Rages. Just listen... I have to go to bed.


The 2014 Summer Movie Preview!!! - Episode 24

The pod gets off and running quick as Dave talks sneaking out of the house early to snag a long box of cheap comics, that is, unless a couple Bob Marley playing, doughnut serving, pot heads don't swipe them first. Marty gets an unexpected review of Super Mario Kart 8, then talks of his adventure with the "pigment-ally challenged" Jeffrey. Spoiler alert: He ends up looking like an old woman. Star Wars 7 is discussed, the weight loss stipulation in Carrie Fisher's contract, Mark Hamill's...


Goldbergs Finale, Batman Arkham Knight & The Simpsons Lego discussion - Episode 23

Dave is back from Vegas, and sounds a bit worse for the wear, but the consummate professional, he makes it through. The Goldbergs season finale is discussed, and what seems to set that show apart from other "period" comedies. Later Marty anticipates Batman Arkham Knight due out this fall from Rocksteady for PS4 & XBOX ONE. Finally The Simpsons are discussed, the show, their introduction as Legos, and licensing in general for the popular toy. The segment ends with Dave & Marty going over...


The Star Wars Episode VII Cast Discussion Special

We love our listeners, and we know you want more content, so to hold you over till Episode 23 drops we have a supplemental special, the Star Wars Episode VII Casting Special. In this shorter supplemental episode Dave & Marty discuss the Star Wars Episode VII cast, both old and new. We always enjoy talking about this stuff, so we hope you enjoy listening! Thanks!


Marty called by a scammer

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