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Hey, It’s Jake is a show hosted by Jake Pearson. I interview content creators & tell their story.

Hey, It’s Jake is a show hosted by Jake Pearson. I interview content creators & tell their story.


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Hey, It’s Jake is a show hosted by Jake Pearson. I interview content creators & tell their story.








12. Sean Barry Parsons: Behind The Unfiltered TikTok Creator and Comedian

There are many way to listen. To find your preferred platform, click here. Sean Barry Parsons is known for his sketches involving his strong female characters on his TikTok. If you've heard of Helen Kummlicher, Loretta Barnett, and Camilla Moretti; then you have seen Sean's stuff. Sean Barry Parsons didn't set out the have a career in the entertainment industry, but life led him there. Before the pandemic he was doing stand-up comedy. Once in quarantine he found a creative outlet on TikTok...


11. DJ Hunts: From Amazon Employee To Full Time Creator

Comedic content creator DJ Hunts has found great success taking comedy bits from his favourite comedians and dramatizing them on TikTok. His goal is to make funny and clean humour filled videos for people to watch and take their minds off of real world problems. We also discuss what it is like to find so much success and for him to be able to quit his job as an Amazon delivery driver and go full time as a content creator. In this episode we also discuss his actual DJ-ing and him uniquely...


10. Real Life Ghost Stories with Content Creator Jake Pearson

There are many way to listen. To find your preferred platform, click here. This week I didn't have a guest for the show, so I decided instead of skipping it, I would do a solo episode. I mean, I am a content creator myself, so why not? I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but inspiration struck after binging Celina Spooky Boo's (it would be amazing to interview her, so if you have a connection, please help us connect) content. Why don't I do my own ghost stories? I've definitely had...


9. Chelsea Regina: TikTok Creator, Singer, Actress, and COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteer

Chelsea Regina is a Chattanooga, TN native, but now Atlanta-based singer, actress, and voiceover/jingle writer and singer. If you know of Chelsea, it is probably from TikTok. She is known for sharing her beautiful singing voice and her daily life on there under her @simply.regina account. While Chelsea has been doing more jingle and voiceover work, she has pivoted her focus to singing her own original material. She released her debut album called Still Here in 2019 and is getting ready to...


8. Robert E. Blackmon/@roberteblackmon: TikTok Creator, GIPHY Creator, Writer, and Fashion Designer

There are many way to listen. To find your preferred platform, click here. You probably know Robert E. Blackmon from TikTok as his hilarious character, Church Muva. He has grown his @roberteblackmon account with the comedy of Church Muva and his daily positive vibes videos. You more than likely have sent a GIF of him to someone you know. He has revealed he is a pretty big deal GIPHY creator. Growing up as an only child allowed Robert to explore his creativity. He was also always around...


7. TikTok Creator and Actress Akana Gregorious/@akana_official

Akana Gregorious/@akana_official There are many way to listen. To find your preferred platform, click here. There is much more to Akana than TikTok. In the interview we go into her acting education and career; her talents which includes singing in ten languages, ability to speak in three languages, how she can play many instruments. In the interview we talk about Akana's rise to popularity on TikTok with her @akana_official account. We also discuss how she came up with the characters she...


6. TikTok Creator Davis McIntire aka Dixie Jewell

Ep. 01.06 Right before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Davis McIntire posted his first Dixie Jewell video to the popular app TikTok. Now he has thousands of followers and a legion of fans that want nothing more than to see the antics of his alter ego, Dixie Jewell. In this interview we learn more about where the character Dixie Jewell came from and what the future is for Dixie and Davis himself. We also discussed the pandemic and how it affected his senior year, but allowed him to grow closer to...


5. An Interview With TikTok Creator: KChan_2020

It is exciting to have Kevin Gortman, aka KChan_2020, as my first interview on the show. He and I have actually known each other for ten years now. I didn't know everything about him though. Kevin is a creator on TikTok, but is content is different than most creators on the platform. He has taken his love of gaming and streaming to TikTok. I don't think I've personally seen many creators on TikTok that have adapted their gaming material to fit the TikTok format. I hope you enjoy the...


4. Going Bald: How To Deal With Hair Loss

Going bald and dealing with hair loss isn't an easy thing. It sucks. You are losing a part of your identity. Something that makes you uniquely you. The first step is coming to terms that your hair is thinning and you are losing hair. Eventually overtime you can start to overcome going bald and feeling okay about it. At the end of the day, it is just hair. I'm not a fan of the Trump Administration at all, but as someone who has an interest in landscaping and and knowledge of plants, I...


3. Homophobia: I Found A Homophobic Business

While I can't prove anything, I believe a place I applied for a job at didn't accept me because they are homophobic. The owners are known to be conservative and to display homophobic actions. It's really the only thing I can think of because I was otherwise qualified. Homophobia lives on... AMC says they plan to reopen a lot of their movie theatres across the United States. The first day the cinemas are open tickets will only cost you 15-cents a piece to celebrate their centennial, which is...


2. WAP: If It's Good For Men, It's Good For Women

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released their new song “WAP” and it has led to some discussions. It seems that people have taken issue with women singing about their genitals and sexual acts, while men have been able to do it for ages. We’ve seen this double standard before, but this song really brought out the haters. I don’t get how in 2020 this is still a thing and it is very sexist. I’m also not about the censorship that this song has been getting on radio. The edited version is the one...


1. OnlyFans... What's It All About

Ep. 01.01 While this episode does discuss the future of OnlyFans, it also serves as an introduction. You also find out why I decided to give podcasting another try. Many people are conflicted this election in the United States and it is starting to feel a little bit like 2016 all over again. We have to come together and vote towards what most represent the leader and country we want, rather than sit this election out and let another four years go dangerously by us. TikTok is an amazing...


0. Introduction

Hey, it’s Jake and welcome to my new podcast. I’m excited to get start and can’t wait for you guys to listen. LUiilJllc1VwFDhsmbeA --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app