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Episode 444 – Taterbone

This is a curse-heavy episode because Ashley. Our show is listener supported… tell EVERYONE about the wackiness! EVERYONE! Even your grandmother! She needs penis jokes too! If you really dig what we do, be sure to leave us a review on whatever podcast service you use. It helps us out a ton! iTunes: Stitcher: … Continue reading "Episode 444 – Taterbone"

Episode 443 – Hardcour Parkour

I am tired, my back still hurts, I WANT TO GO HOME and be able to do the show with Stephen…. After driving 4 hours tomorrow, I will be able to do a show for a few days, and then have to come back to WV again…. because I was a bad child and am … Continue reading "Episode 443 – Hardcour Parkour"

Episode 442 – The Adventures of Tater and DWayne in the Motherland

I need drugs or alcohol but whatever the version of those are that aren’t bad for you Our show is listener supported… tell EVERYONE about the wackiness! EVERYONE! Even your grandmother! She needs penis jokes too! If you really dig what we do, be sure to leave us a review on whatever podcast service you … Continue reading "Episode 442 – The Adventures of Tater and DWayne in the Motherland"

Episode 441 – Yelling About Things

It looks like my parents have sold my father’s optometric office… and I am dead happy! And also freaking the crap out. Do you have any idea how much stuff a family can store in 4000 square feet of office? A lot. They can store a lot. We now have three weekends in which to … Continue reading "Episode 441 – Yelling About Things"

Episode 440 – Hospital Wall Liquor

I don’t know if I like the new Tomb Raider game, guys. It is gorgeous. There is no taking away from that; however, it babies the crap out of you through the tombs. My favorite part of the TR games are the actual exploration and puzzles in the tombs. I feel like the series went … Continue reading "Episode 440 – Hospital Wall Liquor"

Episode 439 – Google Me Slowly

An ode to a Lava Lamp How glowie and orange. You light up the darkness, In blobs of viscous sunrise. The 70’s adored you, And Spencer’s too. Now you warm my cat-dragon, As you do. Our show is listener supported… tell EVERYONE about the wackiness! EVERYONE! Even your grandmother! She needs penis jokes too! If … Continue reading "Episode 439 – Google Me Slowly"

Episode 438 – Derp Fish

My daddy makes SO much food when he cooks. I’m talking food for seven people for DAYS. Combine that with my mother doing the same thing… and it looks like a thirty person picnic every time we go over to their house to eat. Also, I ate too much and I am about to die. … Continue reading "Episode 438 – Derp Fish"

Episode 437 – Stroking the Nerve

I cannot write political articles. Period. How does one even begin to write something political? It is considered a science… but everyone adds their own agenda or flair to it… creating less of a factual piece and more of a… mish-mash of facts and feelings? Yeah, I’m not good at that… I can either make … Continue reading "Episode 437 – Stroking the Nerve"

Episode 436 – 3-2-1 Wrong Button – A 2Dorks Story

Women are expected to change their last names after a marriage, but I think if more men had to go through all the lame steps that a woman must go through in order to change her name… they would be on board with women just keeping their given names. Please have 56 forms of ID, … Continue reading "Episode 436 – 3-2-1 Wrong Button – A 2Dorks Story"

Episode 435 – Noodlegate

When we were children, my sister used to eat butter… and I thought it was the weirdest thing a person could do. I now realize I just did not appreciate butter as a child. I was prepping some corn to go on the grill (grilled corn requires butter), and ended up licking the butter off my … Continue reading "Episode 435 – Noodlegate"

Episode 434 – Always Be Buffin

I am fairly convinced a colony of gnomes live in my refrigerator. Ping, bangs, knocks, and clinks are so often emanating from the fridge, that I — at one point — thought something was trapped inside. It’s been a year since we moved in, and the constant construction noises still bother me. What is happening … Continue reading "Episode 434 – Always Be Buffin"

Episode 433 – Hookers and Hot Pockets

My fingers smell like Kalamata olives because I dumped them into a greek salad earlier… which I would be super OK with, if only it didn’t make me want to bite my fingernails! Also, the salad is legit. Massive chunks of cucumber and feta tossed with julienned basil, Kalamata olives, and halved grape tomatoes. For … Continue reading "Episode 433 – Hookers and Hot Pockets"


Episode 432 – The Adventures of Penetron

I was in the grocery store last week and I saw this woman sneaking up and down every aisle, whispering to herself and pulling things out of her bag at certain shelves before setting them down in a haphazard way. It was such odd behavior that I followed her. When I got close enough, I … Continue reading "Episode 432 – The Adventures of Penetron"

Episode 431 – Defense Against the Dark Farts

If you have a habit of sleeping with someone, you’ve probably had a less than enjoyable night’s sleep caused by the tempest whirling around beside you. They get hot and fling the covers off, they cannot rest and so begins a night of crocodile death rolls, or they have a wild dream and end up … Continue reading "Episode 431 – Defense Against the Dark Farts"

Episode 430 – Health Lizard

Jacob’s company is doing this five week competition that can land people money for exercising… and it is glorious and going to kill me. My team is ranked 8th out of the entire fortune 100 company, and I am 2nd on my team. I also want to yell at some of the members on my … Continue reading "Episode 430 – Health Lizard"

Episode 429 – Drugs on a Goat

Today I beat the Trial of the Sword on BoTW and it was glorious! I didn’t realize that there were three stages (which was very helpful because of the dying). The first stage was the hardest… even though it was meant to be the baby stage to get your feet wet. It was awful. I … Continue reading "Episode 429 – Drugs on a Goat"

Episode 428 – Guilt Free Sex Bits

I just spilled water on my laptop… I panicked a bit… but everything seems to be ok. I’m also VERY tired and would like a nap, so I’m more concerned with getting a few Zzz’s than I am with my laptop exploding. Also, freaking waterproof mascara, man. Why. They should make small shots of waterproof … Continue reading "Episode 428 – Guilt Free Sex Bits"

Episode 427 – Better Outta Ewe Than In Ewe

GUYS! I did it! I have finally accomplished my mission! I HAVE RECEIVED A JUMP SUIT THAT WORKS! It’s tall enough through the legs and torso, doesn’t show my arms, or boobs, and is super light. I’m going to die. It’s like wearing footy PJ’s in public, but being totally accepted by everyone as fashionable … Continue reading "Episode 427 – Better Outta Ewe Than In Ewe"

Episode 426 – Anthropomorphized Sparkles

I’ve gotten my wardrobe pared down to things I actually wear (donated everything I did not wear!), so I decided to organize and clean up my closet a bit. I hanged everything in order, folded everything that needed folded, and moved winter things to areas that I could reach, but wouldn’t have to sort through … Continue reading "Episode 426 – Anthropomorphized Sparkles"

Episode 425 – I Am Not Clickbait

When in High School, I used to listen to Aerosmith a good deal… not entirely sure how I even found out about them, but it was essentially the only music I owned (Hah, remember when you used to buy music?). Since then, my tastes have evolved into a sort of hybrid of death metal, chainsaws, … Continue reading "Episode 425 – I Am Not Clickbait"