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#172 - Andrew Schulz: Setting Goals in Comedy, Joke Writing Tips, The Brilliant Idiots Podcast

Andrew Schulz is the co-host of The Brilliant Idiots podcast with Charlamagne tha God, has a comedy special called 4:4:1 - A Comedy Experience by Andrew Schulz along with several other YouTube productions like Flagrant 2, Dropping In, Views from the CIS and Inside Jokes. Andrew has paved his own path in comedy and shares the secret strategy that any comic can use to create their own success on their terms. Since this interview, he has appeared on shows like The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM...


#Tight5Podcast - Alton Walker Talks Being Funny vs. Being Interesting

Is it more important to be funny or interesting? This is a must hear discussion about the power of connecting with and audience and how to create memorable material that's more than just funny. Hear Alton's Full Hot Breathisode Here: []( === Get Hot Breath!...


#171 - Drew Thomas (2015): Local Comic MIstakes, Writing Universal Jokes, Comedy Segregation

This is a throwback to our first interview with Drew Thomas back in 2015\. His second interview received so much praise that we had to share this OG Hot Breathisode with all the raw comedy game you love. Enjoy and share. **Listeners Will Learn About:** * Drew's first road gig * Creating universal comedy * Local comic mistakes * ATL comedy history * Segregation in comedy * Life on the road * Making real money in comedy * Opening for Rodney Carrington * Comedy business breakdown == Join Joel's...


Hot Breathren Ronny Myers Called For Hosting Advice

Hot Breathren Ronny Myers called our host Joel to share his favorite lessons learned from our interview with Drew Thomas and to get game on how to approach a venue to start hosting a show. This is a raw and real behind the scenes look into the daily grind of being a comedian and podcaster. == Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the Hot Breath! Patreon:...


#RoadStories - Lessons Learned from Booking a Wedding

Our host Joel recently booked a gig to perform 15 minutes at a wedding. Here's the full story with all the lessons he learned along the way… Ronnie Jordan's Comedy Show: []( == Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the Hot Breath! Patreon:...


#170 - Drew Thomas: How to Sell Merch, The Levels of Money in Comedy, Life on the Road

Drew Thomas is a 15 year comedy veteran with most of his career spent hustling out on the road. He has his notable TV appearances, but his comedy wisdom learned the hard way is what we enjoy hearing about the most. After a late night road gig in South Carolina, we sit down with Drew to share some Waffle House and comedy game that every serious comic must here. We're honored that Drew trusted us to document this rare peak behind the curtain of life on the road and his authentic affection for...


#Tight5Podcast | Top Three Stage Techniques to Connect with Your Audience

Hot Sisteren Crystalle Ramey reached out on facebook about the best ways to connect with an audience. We thought this was such a good question that our host Joel Byars devoted an entire episode to his top three techniques on how to connect with an audience. Enjoy! === Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the Hot Breath! Patreon:...


#169 - Rodney Perry (2015): Commanding an Audience, Getting 7 Streams of Income, The Psychology of Comedy

Rodney Perry is an Atlanta mogul that discusses everything from Kevin Hart buying up all his friends to becoming the face of a surging television network. He also shares wisdom developed from over two decades on stage and around the camera. There is also a boo story you have to hear to believe. Enjoy! Listen to Rodney's second interview here:...


#Write10Podcast | Three Steps to Breaking Writer's Block

Everyone struggles with writer's block, but there are some simple steps you can take to break through! After almost 170 interviews, I've compiled my top three strategies to overcoming writer's block and getting you to write more new material faster. Enjoy and share! === Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the Hot Breath! Patreon:...


#168 - Rodney Perry: Creating a Winning Mindset, Getting Multiple Income Streams, Comedy Networking Tips

Rodney Perry returns to share all the comedy sauce with us here in the Hot Breathiverse. This is a comedy masterclass on how to build your comedy network and create your own opportunities. Comedy is a grind and Rodney has been on his over 20+ years and is willing to reveal all the struggles he conquered the hard way so you don't have to. Not only is he one of the funniest comedians alive today but he's also one of the most approachable. If you enjoy this interview, reach out to him and let...


#Tight5Podcast | How to Get Booked on More Shows

Our host, Joel Byars, was out hosting a local Atlanta open mic and noticed some common mistakes several comics were making. We hope this quick Breathisode helps you to be more mindful about how you prepare and conduct yourself. Overall, the goal is to treat your open mics like the workplace. Act professional and you will become a professional. === Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the Hot...


#167 - Brandon T Jackson: Comedy's Illuminati, Being Famous and Young, Working with Ben Stiller

Brandon T. Jackson calls this "the best interview he's ever done," and for good reason. We cover everything from being young, famous, and black "before it was cool" to why his Dad spoke at Donald Trump's inauguration. There is a lot to learn from Brandon not only from his experience in front of the camera but also behind the scenes into his creative process and mindset behind building his own global brand. Enjoy! Listeners Will Learn About: * **Getting famous young** * **Behind the Scenes of...


#Tight5Podcast | Q&A - My Strategy to Open Mics

Hot Breathren Eric Dowis asked me about my approach to open mics so thought I'd share my strategy with all of you to help you out while on the comedy grind. Enjoy and share with your fellow comedians! === Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the Hot Breath! Patreon: []( CLICK BELOW TO TAKE JOEL'S ONLINE PODCAST COURSE:...


#166 - Craig Shoemaker: Lovemaster Groupie Stories,Doing Comedy 40 Years, The Healing Science of Laughter

**Craig Shoemaker is a 40 year comedy veteran with the crazy stories and insightful advice to prove it. This is one of our most practical interviews yet with real life advice every comedian should be following. Most of the lessons taught in this interview are learned over decades of experience, but luckily we have Craig Shoemaker to share with us everything he's learned the hard way.** **Listeners will learn about:** * 40 years of comedy experience * Crazy groupie stories * Finding your true...


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#ComedyTheGameShow Round 2 Live at Laughing Skull (Sold-Out)

Part comedy show, part game show, and a whole lotta fun. This sold out event is not only the first of it's kind but also The Hot Breath! Comedy Network's first presentation of Comedy! The Game Show. We’re bringing back the classic game show for the modern comedy fan. Enjoy this battle royale of funny as three comics compete to see who is funniest and wins the bragging rights with a cash prize to boot. Enjoy! Get Your Tickets to the Next Game Show Here:...


#Write10Podcast | Joe Rogan's Secret Writing Ritual

What do Joe Rogan, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Gary Gulman have in common? They all listen to their sets after their shows. This episode will hopefully inspire you to do the same and reap the rewards that help you generate more material faster. Get to work! Join us on facebook: []( -- Email us: --- Get Hot Breath! Merch Here:...


#165 - Brandon Smiley: Being Rickey Smiley's Son, Meeting Steve Harvey, Building A Winning Team

Brandon Smiley is not only Rickey Smiley's son, but also a touring comedian trying to book gigs like the rest of us. Listeners will be surprised to learn that Brandon's comedy journey, starting at age 7, has not been easy despite having a superstar comedian for a father. Brandon breaks down his mentality overcoming stints in rehab and jail and also his strategy behind building his own team on the way to superstar comedy status. Enjoy! **In this episode listeners will learn about:** * Having...


#Write10Podcast | The Gary Gulman Comedy Masterclass

By popular demand, we're sharing some of our favorite comedy lessons learned from Gary Gulman's #GulmanTip series on twitter. Not only is Gary one of the funniest comedians working today, but also one of the most educational about his process. Click below to follow him on twitter AND tell him to be on Hot Breath! -- **Message Gary about Doing Hot Breath! Podcast here:** [](


#Tight5Podcast | Building Your Team and Getting Paid

It's taken us almost nine years of doing comedy to understand the value of collaborating. We hope this quick episode inspires you to start connecting with other comics and building your own network. This team may take time to build, but the sooner you start looking the sooner you will see them. * * * **Get Hot Breath! Merch Here:** []( **Support the Hot Breath! Patreon:**...