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Desy Gato and her best friends sit to discuss interesting, controversial topics as well as interview influencers to get to know them on a deeper level than they show on social media. @HouseofDesyPodcast | @desygato

Desy Gato and her best friends sit to discuss interesting, controversial topics as well as interview influencers to get to know them on a deeper level than they show on social media. @HouseofDesyPodcast | @desygato


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Desy Gato and her best friends sit to discuss interesting, controversial topics as well as interview influencers to get to know them on a deeper level than they show on social media. @HouseofDesyPodcast | @desygato







Hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation that Stevi & Desy Gato had about entrepreneurship. Perfect for people who are confused on their direction.


Breast Implant Illness Post Surgery

We bring back Stephanie Fernandez in today's episode as a follow up from our last Breast Implant Illness episode to see how she's doing after her surgery. She guides us step by step on the entire process of the surgery as well as her recuperation.


Setting Goals & Staying Motivated

Hey y'all! I decided to film an episode where I share some insight on how I juggle everything I do & manage my time enough to still be able to relax and travel often!



Back at it again & providing my lady hustlers with more value than ever. This episode is a PART 2 of Advice on Only Fans. If you haven’t already, check out the first episode before watching this one! To sign up for my referral code, click here: This episode was sponsored by Podcorn. Visit them at to explore sponsorship opportunities or monetize your podcast! Looking for...


Pillow Talk with Steph & Vicky

The last episode of 2020 consisted of tons of girl talk. We follow up on our previous episode with Steph on her Breast Implant illness and then we get into the juicy stuff!!! We discuss bad sex, love languages, hoe phases and more!!!


Interview with Lardi

@thereallardib @lardib for all socials!


Breast Implant Illness Awareness with Stephanie Fernandez



No Nut November

Seriously, where did this originate from? Hear us talk about No Nut November among other topics including anti-rapping, fucking on the first date, only fans, twitch and more. You're really not going to want to miss me forcing Mike to use 3 words to explain my pussy. LMAO We also answered questions from the audience so if you submitted one, give it a listen :)


Freeze Your Anal Beads & Don't Masturbate After A Spray Tan

I think I'm liking the casual episodes.... back at it again with my cousin Vic to answer questions from the audience and talk about all things SEX. Lets gooooo!


A New Beginning

Y'all!!!! We got a new studio! Come hear Mystery & I talk about this new chapter of our lives. We talk manifestations, funny stories & we even did a segment of "Down in the Dms" where Mystery reads the messages I receive on all my social platforms. I've been getting asked about how to start your own podcast also, so I decided to give y'all some advice from my personal experiences! And ya know an episode cant go by without us talking about sex so come listen to us talk about the perfect dick,...


Let's Talk Disney Lifestyle

Listen to my conversation with Disney Expert & Pin TraderJoseph Arnaez. We talk about the evolution of Disney, pin trading & other current events happening right now in Orlando.


The Nguyen Sisters

So happy that we got to interview these beautiful sisters @LordLynda and @AmysMasterpiece ! Tune in to our conversation about their culture and other topics like twitch, only fans, fitness, preferences in men, piercings in places you would never believe, and more!!!!


After Hours, Let's Chill

This short spontaneous episode consists of my co-host and I chit chatting on a regular Friday night. She reads out my crazy dms and we covered topics like anal, divorce, dick ratings and what actually makes a "real man".


Inside a Polyamorous Relationship with Yoga Goddess & African Zaddy

I FINALLY got the inside scoop from a REAL genuine polyamorous couple! We learned how these two met, how they started introducing other people into their relationship and how they evolved to traveling the world and collaborating with other models to create only fans content. Other topics in our episode include - Advice to other influencers - threesomes - orgies - swingers clubs - bad experiences & more! @desygato @yogagoddess__ @africanzaddy


That Boosted Chick

Today's episode was freaking awesome! We got to interview @ThatBoostedChick and talk about how her career started, where she's headed and how she became the boss she is today. We talked about the modeling industry, discussed our unpopular opinions and of course, we talked about sex ;) Some of the topics we touched: 1. Traveling 2. Freedom 3. Sexuality 4. Modeling & Car industry 5. Tik Tok 6. The origin of Boosted Chick and more about her life 7. Upcoming projects 8. Social...


Everything You NEED to Know About Credit with Credit Karla

For the first time in House of Desy history, three capricorns sat at the table and it was FUCKING EPIC. I can't even begin to explain all the tea @creditKarla gave us! Come get enlightened on hospital bills, student debt, credit hacks, fixing it , making it even better when it's already great, and even some secrets about the industry. She's the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to the credit industry and it really showed! She blessed us with a history lesson and a better...


Mary Bellavita

We had your fave internet crush @MaryBellavita on our show! It was so great to get to get to know her and listen to her advice when it comes to social media and being an influencer. Listen to us chat about marriage, photoshoots, and we even answer questions from the audience!! :)


Disney For Adults with 3 Disney Experts

Disney Lovers!!!! This one is for you!!! Listen to all the reasons I am so fucking obsessed with Disney World aka why I am there every single weekend! Along with all the activities that I do while I'm there that are catered to adults. Lots of people don't really know everything Disney has to offer and they are under the impression that disney is for kids so get ready to be mind-blown and for some valuable trip advice from 3 Disney experts!!! We talk about certain private events, tours,...


Fetishes, Friend Zones and High Class Swingers?

Whats up gato gang! We are back at it again with Mystery, generic dude Jonnie and our guest, Jared! Listen to us discuss matters on sharing your partner, fetishes, friend zones and lots more. please leave us a 5 star review on apple! @houseofdesypodcast


Taking Pics and Talking Shits with Michelangelo Photography

This episode was so VALUABLE!!! We covered so many topics when it comes to photography so if you're a new photographer or a new model, this episode holds some pretty great advice for you! And of course you know I couldn't have an episode of house of desy without talking about sex so not only did we both spill the beans on how we ended up together but I also got Mike to talk about threesomes and his horrible anal experiences!!!