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EP4: J.K. Rowling Over Minutes

We hitched the House of Fic to our tour bus and headed down south to Durham NC to visit our friend Doug for a special live in nature episode. Join us as we spend some time with The Boy Who Lived, as Harry Potter gets called upon to be a Power Ranger, and strengthens his romantic relationship through Pokemon Go. We also praise Mike Judge as we read a terrific misadventure of Beavis and Butthead


We're Sorry

Step inside the sauna this week on House of Fic, as Ryan and Devin get steamy, and entirely too sexy. James from Team Rocket blasts off again and Penny from Big Bang Theory sees something in Sheldon's room that she shouldn't have. Later, we explore Luigi's dark side, and we revisit Sonic the Hedgehog who shares a vape with comedy star Adam Sandler. The House of Fic has a curfew, what happens when the lights go out? House of Fic after dark!


EP2: The Corleone Moon

We're back, and we sound a lot better. Recorded on May the 4th, but impeccably timed for the release of Solo. This week, Qui-Gon Jinn makes an unlikely alliance, and former president Barack Obama has a visitor. Elsewhere, we get first person perspective from a condiment, and two friends experiment with each other, resulting in disaster


EP1: Tony the Hawk

On our inaugural episode, Sonic the Hedgehog places a bet, Elsa finds love and fear, and Mario wants some milk