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The show that goes beyond the canon. Weekly readings of fan fiction by Devin Hogan, Ryan Hallas, and guests

The show that goes beyond the canon. Weekly readings of fan fiction by Devin Hogan, Ryan Hallas, and guests


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The show that goes beyond the canon. Weekly readings of fan fiction by Devin Hogan, Ryan Hallas, and guests




EP49: Big Foot, Micro Penis

This is not the Sonic episode, but instead your two favorite boys shoot the doo doo about some other stuff. We honor Steve Irwin, Logan and Gambit eat gumbo, and Foggy Nelson has sex with Bigfoot


EP48: Giovanni Ribisi (With Kara Sankus and Zak Krone)

Ryan is curiously absent, but it's okay because two very funny people who are frequent performers at Good Good Comedy Theater join me in his stead to read original works. A Kpop star pursues a love interest with a minion, the cast of Friends suffers a tragedy, and Frasier finds himself confronted with a troubled visitor


EP47: Star Wars Mockbuster Shootout

The boys finally cover the grand finale to the most recent Star Wars trilogy, and weigh it against some of the international interpretations that were inspired by the original trilogy Movies include: Brazillian Star Wars (os trapalhões na guerra dos planetas) Turkish Star Wars (Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam) Starcrash


EP46: The Return

After a long but much needed break, the Devin and Ryan are back and ready to talk shop. Two time travelers cross paths, and the Mandalorian drags himself across the desert


EP45: Exit Stage Shrek (Live at the Keystone Comic Con)

The House of Fic gets a pair of wheels and heads into Philadelphia to attend the Keystone Comic Con to shake hands and kiss babies. Interviews are conducted, products were purchased. Later, Devin reads a passage from another uncovered elementary school fiction


EP44: Bath Water Session Sour

There are some technical difficulties on this one, but between all the trouble you can hear Devin recount his adventure to France, and get excited for our upcoming trip to the Keystone Comic Con. Ryan races his phone battery to the end and manages to fire off a Blade story, and a Doctor Strange story. Devin reads an excerpt from a fan gift, and a Doctor Strange story of his own


EP43: Did It All For The Nukie

This week we take a respite from fan fiction and dip into similar territory by visiting the mockbuster E.T. ripoff Nukie. As a movie snack, we also enjoy some buffalo chicken wing and wasabi flavored Oreos


EP42: Insane Bard Posse (With Jesse Locke)

Musician and House of Fic Canadian ambassador Jesse Locke of the bands Chandra and Tough Age joins us to discuss the seminal Freaks and Geeks. We get an internal monologue of Lindsay Weir's decision making in the finale, Shrek responds to a dubstep incantation, and Morgoth consults Marie Kondo to decide if the Silmaril sparks joy


EP41: Samurai Rami

We took a week off and we are much better for it! The fan fiction is still here and golly is it interesting. We visit the Star Wars universe where a young padawan Spiderman tries to come up with an innovative use for his lightsaber crystal. Mickey Mouse also finds some incentive to slaughter his coworkers thanks to an offer from the king of the underworld, Hades.


EP40: Ape Apenapped

Your two hosts are once again guestless, but there is much to discuss. We've seen some prequels, and George Of The Jungle. We have a poetry reading that honors the King of the Monsters, Batman hunts down some menacing vampires, and Aladdin's carpet shows it's true affections


EP39: Rantlers

It's our one year anniversary! We reflect a bit on how the last year has come along, and what's up next. We also reflect on the controversial ending to Game of Thrones. For storytime, it's an anniversary of sorts for Luigi as he celebrates his birthday, and Captain James T. Kirk is jealous that the ship cat is getting more Spock lap time than he is.


EP38: Quivering Valve

Devin and Ryan are your only two hosts on this weeks episode, there is a lot to catch up on. What did Ryan think of Avengers End Game? Game of Thrones is still frustrating, and we recap our experience at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con. Our stories of the day are a tale in which Optimus Prime gives birth doggy style, and we continue Mario's pizza restaurant, with an end nearing


EP37: The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

Your friendly hosts took the trip of a lifetime to the Great Philadelphia Comic Con. We had the opportunity to speak with some great people, including Doctor Octopus, a bunch of spider people, and Jorgan Von Strangle.


EP36: The Wiz Wit of Destiny (With Patrick McCarthy)

We prepare for the biggest television event of the decade by finally tackling Game of Thrones. We misremember many details about the franchise as Sansa and Arya prepare for a house party, Tormund recalls Jon's reanimation, and the Night's King demonstrates resurrection to Bucky Barnes


EP35: Rest in Peace Manute Bol (With Cody Ryan)

Darling of Philadelphia Cody Ryan joins us on the show for a special back to back episode. Moltar gives Brak a bath, Manute Bol and Sasha Gray save a forest, and we check in on Mario's pizza shop


EP34: St. Patacular

We celebrate St. Patricks day with some appropriate fictions after our long hiatus. The Leprechaun from the movie franchise Leprechaun blackmails a pirate, and some Transformers pinch each other


EP33: Dawson's Rangers (With Michael Karstetter)

Show favorite Michael Karstetter joins us on the program once again to discuss this years Oscar nominees. In the spirit of the silver screen we tackle some films of our own. We watched a Power Rangers film starring James Vanderbeek entitled Power/Ranger, as well as an obscure E.T. sequel called E.ternally T.ogether


EP32: Robert Touchdowney Jr.

Join the House of Fic as we process all the excitement from the big game. Tom Brady finds a rude cereal, Spongebob eats a few things, and Hellboy wrestles The Undertaker


EP31: Spawn Ricola

This week the boys grab some snacks from the lobby and head to the silver screen. We watch Sonic by Blue Core Studios, and Spawn: Recall. Can Spawn redeem his poor 1997 effort? Does this Sonic film give us any hope for the 2019 feature release?


EP30: New Me Me New You You

The boys keep rolling in the new year by revisiting our old friend Mario at his failing pizza shop. Also Crash Bandicoot finds himself in a steamy affair, and the feuding hosts of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune realize they may not be enemies after all. We also have an announcement