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EP27: Nu Stomp (With Patrick McCarthy)

Ambassador to the House of Fic Patrick McCarthy makes a record fourth appearance to discuss the recently released Smash Brothers Ultimate, and treat us to a story with Zero Suit Samus, and later, PewDiePie. We also read a short Minecraft story written by an 8 year old, and Wario is a dead beat dad


EP26: Bazooka Jughead

This week at the House of Fic, Jughead goes on a journey to find his true father, and Devin reads an original story written by himself from the third grade about the Headless Horseman. Later, Spongebob scares a viewer, and Jerry the Mouse eats a Gumball


EP25: No, Rick Springfield Is My Daddy

Your two hosts celebrate the hallowed festival of Cyber Monday but fighting off some Cyber-Men with the help of The Avengers. Spiderman also finds himself across the pond in another story, and eavesdrops on some scheming wizards. Two famous and talented musicians fight over the love of Skeletor


EP24: That Which The Flames Leave Behind (With Mark Macyk)

Accomplished author and funnyman Mark Macyk joins us this week on the show where we break a few rules. We navigate the complicated lovesick world of a post-grown up Rugrats, Pikachu is sick and needs an unconventional treatment, and Mario tries to get a break from his hit restaurant, with unintended results


EP23: Form of Bread L (With Greg Caliguri)

Friend of the show Greg Caliguri returns to the show for a special rock show pregame episode. We take you on a journey where the reader takes Joey Ramone home for Thanksgiving, Sonic finds himself in Nazi Germany, and we go multilingual with a translated reading of the lyrics of All Star by Smash Mouth


EP22: Femur Fever

We wrap up Frightscareberfest on a rare five episode month. We find out what it would be like to kiss Jack Skellington, some Real Monsters accidentally witness human intimacy, and we read an actual definitely Hocus Pocus story. The last night of terror is here, can you make it out of the House of Fic with your sanity intact?


EP21: Freaky Beasts (With Patrick McCarthy)

Pat stands in for Ryan this week to read a bit of fic. Scrappy Doo exacts revenge, Casper warms his ghostly heart, and two alleged interdimensional wanderers find love in each other. And, A House of Fic first, we wrap this episode up... with a rap!


EP20: Mean_Guy.txt (With Emma Bowers)

Frightscareberfest continues as Emma Bowers joins us on the show to share with us her expertise. Solid Snake of metal gear fame takes his name quite literally, Sonic and the gang have to protect Hyrule Castle from an unnamed assailant, and Bart Simpson finds himself in peril with an old foe


EP19: Ghost Bone

Ryan is back from his brief hiatus as the terrifying Frightscareberfest continues. We explore how Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor enjoys Halloween in his household, and a recently deceased man finds some post-mortem pleasure. We also read the long awaited fourth installment of Mario's Pizza. See what horrors lie in the House of Fic!


EP18: Tilde Swinton (Frightscareberfest begins With Babs Butcher and Greg Caliguri)

The House endures another week without Ryan. Helping us get through his absence is the extremely talented cosplayer Babs Butcher and terrific all around guy Greg Caliguri. We get Frightscareberfest underway with a story about Harry Dresden warding off some haunted horses, Ed Edd and Eddy meets Charmed, and a young Michael Myers meets Freddy Krueger. Put on a hot cup of spider cider, it's Halloween season folks


EP17: Boomerwang (With Malaurie Pilatte and Kyle Pruitt)

Ryan has the week off so Devin is joined by two terrific guests to try and fill his shoes. We have a bit of a fright as we try to prepare for the coming month of horror as Ned Flanders is haunted by Needles Kane, and Lightning Steve McQueen is lured into danger by Pennywise the clown. Doug Funnie finds himself going through puberty, with mixed results. We also have some sweetness this week as the Bluth boys from Arrested Development have a lovely camping getaway, and Jabba the Hutt falls in...


EP16: El Hopper

In honor of Spider-man's return to video game greatness, the boys read a story in which Spider-man is eaten by Thanos. We also hear wedding bells, as Donkey leaves Shrek's swamp to marry Hi-5 from the emoji movie. Weddings aren't for everyone however, as the cast from Stranger Things has a bit more trouble enjoying their own matrimony


EP15: Cream of Bee

It's time to revisit some old stories this week on the House of Fic. We have the thrilling conclusion to the Parks & Rec Hunger Games, as well as the third chapter of Mario's pizza restaurant. We also decide to bite the bullet and get crass, Hank Hill makes a return to the show and gets steamy on the USS Enterprise. Shrek gets two eerily similar visits to his swamp


EP14: Soupy Bed (With Evan Cross)

Evan Cross joins us on the show a bit late to capitalize on the recent WWE SummerSlam, but never too late to talk wrestling in general. We cover plenty of generations of wrestling as Bret "Hitman" Hart has a not so good day, The Hardy Boyz feud over some Skittles, and a cast of wrestling stars and others play a game of Dungeons & Dragons. We also cleanse the palette with as Dean Ambrose shares a moment of humanity with his fellow Shield members. DING DING DING


EP13: Ravioli Septum Piercing

The boys go guestless this week, but make up for it in two parters and cliff hangers. Sabrina The Teenage Witch sacrifices herself to save her beloved mother, and the odds are forever in favor of Pawnee as the beloved cast of Parks and Recreation takes part in the Hunger Games. We also have a heartwarming tale of Spyro and Mario discussing their futures, and what they want to be when they grow up.


EP12: Batmilk (With Michael Karstetter)

Michael Karstetter of twitter fame joins us on a very important episode of House of Fic where we revisit an old story. We check in on Mario's dubious pizza operation, and while we discuss food, we visit a world where a godlike Guy Fieri wages guerilla warfare against a megalomaniacal Bobby Flay. Mike tells a story in which Batman gets in touch with his maternal side to nurse a giant monster with the help of his rival Mr. Freeze


EP11: Hitler's Rock Hard Body (With Jeremy Hammond)

Our very special guest Jeremy Hammond from the podcast Ballin' Out Super joins us this week to talk mostly about the Dragon Ball franchise. There's tons of crossovers and twists and turns in this episode, as many of the Z fighters find new foes, and in one case, love. Also in sticking with the theme of Dragons, Hagrid has a request for Hogwarts


EP10: Hunkle Jungle (With Pat McCarthy)

From the house guest book, beloved guest Patrick returns to celebrate our tenth episode. We touch upon Rick & Morty, and John McClane from Die Hard finds himself on an inhospitable island. We also unpack the recent social media misadventures of Butch Hartman, and Zack Morris orders a destined pizza one lonely night


EP9: 45 Coin Mushroom Pizza

It's a pizza party this week at the House of Fic, as Mario tries poorly to run his own pizzeria. Curious George gets his revenge, and The Fonz himself is called upon to help fix the Stargate. In keeping with the theme of food available via delivery, we also visit the cast of Aqua Teen Hunger Force as they get violent. Come on in, the pizza is hot and we'll melt your heart like mozzarella cheese


EP8: Fist Bumpted

This week we're proud to have an excellent guest, our friend Jason. Please listen as we channel the spookiness of Friday the 13th by reading a story from Saw, in which Prime Day Jeff Bezos has a difficult decision to make. Also, Master Chief and Kirby become friends, Sonic hosts his own version of Double Dare, and Joey Tribbiani finds himself king. We wrap up with a heartwarming ficlet from Sherlock.